The Dell Adamo XPS has been discontinued along with our hopes and dreams

So long, Adamo XPS. It was wonderful knowing you while we did. We can’t help feeling like you had too short of a life though. You were only available for sale since December and Dell probably spent an untold fortune developing your 9.9mm thin body. It’s kind of weird, actually.

The Adamo XPS launched with much fanfare last October. People were amazed that Dell could produce such an amazing piece of computing goods, complete with a robotic keyboard as John Biggs calls it. It took a couple of months to get the notebook to the retail market, but then in December Dell started to sell it. Best Buy picked it up a few weeks later. But that doesn’t matter anymore. The Adamo XPS is now just a footnote on Dell’s Wikipedia page. It’s no longer listed with the other Adamo models on and according to a Dell Chat Rep, it has been discontinued.

Hopefully Dell isn’t done with the line and we’ll see version 2.0 shortly. Maybe at SXSW. That’s where Dell showed off the Adamo line for the first time one year ago next week.