How United Airlines uses AI to make flying the friendly skies a bit easier

"I think the travel industry has so many different examples of where AI can be used both for the customer and for the employees," said the company's CIO.

Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks

Vector databases are all the rage, judging by the number of startups entering the space and the investors ponying up for a piece of the pie. The proliferation of large language models (LLMs) and the g

Wall Street doesn’t seem too keen on a potential Salesforce-Informatica pairing

Amid rumors that Salesforce is interested in buying Informatica, investors aren't taking kindly to the potential pairing.

Webflow acquires Intellimize to add AI-powered webpage personalization

Webflow, a web design and hosting platform that’s raised over $330 million at a $4 billion valuation, is expanding into a new sector: marketing optimization. Today, Webflow announced that it acq

Langdock raises $3M with General Catalyst to help companies avoid vendor lock-in with LLMs

Plenty of large corporations want to join the AI revolution, but many feel it’s too early to be locked into one foundational model. That means there’s a market for a layer between companies an

For Dataplor’s data intelligence tool, it’s all about location, location, location

Dataplor’s “secret sauce” combines technology and public domain data with a human factor, employing over 100,000 people, called Explorers, to validate all the data via computer.

Google fires 28 employees after sit-in protest over controversial Project Nimbus contract with Israel

Google has terminated the employment of 28 staff following a prolonged sit-in protest at the company’s Sunnyvale and New York offices. The employees were protesting against Project Nimbus, a $1.

LinkedIn testing Premium Company Page subscription with AI-assisted content creation

LinkedIn — the social platform that targets the working world — has quietly started testing another way to boost its revenues, this time with a new service for small and medium businesses.

Palo Alto Networks’ firewall bug under attack brings fresh havoc to thousands of companies

Organizations are urged to patch their Palo Alto firewalls after researchers discover evidence of malicious exploitation dating back to late March.

NeuBird is building a generative AI solution for complex cloud-native environments

NeuBird founders Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman came from Portworx, a cloud-native storage solution they eventually sold to PureStorage in 2019 for $370 million. It was their third successful exit. 

Diagon puts ex-Tesla supply chain muscle to work for small businesses

Companies can identify qualified suppliers from Diagon’s network of equipment suppliers, system integrators and service providers. Then leverage a toolkit to manage those complex projects.

BigPanda launches generative AI tool designed specifically for ITOps

IT operations personnel have a lot going on, and when an incident occurs that brings down a key system, time is always going to be against them. Over the years, companies have looked for an edge in ge

Intel and others commit to building open generative AI tools for the enterprise

Intel and other tech heavyweights say they'll work together to build open generative AI tools for businesses, as part of a new Linux Foundation organization.

Loft Labs brings power of virtualization to Kubernetes clusters

It may seem like a paradox to have virtualized Kubernetes clusters. They are, after all, an abstraction in themselves of virtual machines made popular by VMware in the early 2000s. Loft Labs saw a sim

Overture Maps Foundation releases the first beta of its open map dataset

The Overture Maps Foundation today launched the first beta of its global open map dataset. With this, the foundation, which is backed by the likes of Amazon, Esri, Meta, Microsoft and TomTom, is getti

Apple lawsuit behind it, chip startup Rivos plots its next moves

The long-term goal with Rivos is to build chips primarily for servers that can handle intensive data analytics and AI workloads, including generative AI workloads.

PVML combines an AI-centric data access and analysis platform with differential privacy

The Tel Aviv-based company recently announced that it has raised an $8 million seed round led by NFX, with participation from FJ Labs and Gefen Capital.

Investors are growing increasingly weary of AI

A new report from Stanford's Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) found that global investment in AI fell for the second year in a row in 2023.

Draftboard lets companies list referral bonuses for anyone

Companies that offer role referral bonuses do so with the assumption that their employees know their work culture — and a role’s requirements — best. But what if companies were to op

OpenAI opens Tokyo hub, adds GPT-4 model optimized for Japanese

OpenAI is expanding to Japan, with the opening of a new Tokyo office and plans for a GPT-4 model optimized specifically for the Japanese language. The move is significant for a few reasons. It undersc
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