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Startup valuations are declining — but not consistently

Some startups saw their valuations decline in 2021's bull market, some were in line with the public market, and some haven't declined at all.

Move over, operators — consultants are the new nontraditional VC

A growing number of startup consultants are raising funds to back their clients because their clients want them on the cap table.

Female Invest acquires sustainability-focused investment platform Gaia Investments

When Female Invest launched in 2019, it did so with the goal of creating a community where women who wanted to invest in the stock market, but weren’t sure where to start, could gain the knowled

A wave of late-stage startups quietly marked down their valuations in Q3

More than 150 startups received a lower 409A valuation in Q3, which prompted them to re-price their employee stock grants.

A love letter to micro funds, the backbone and future of venture capital

Micro funds offer an opportunity for LPs and startups in niche categories, small markets or emerging geographies.

Fund of funds Sweetwood Ventures bets big on VC’s smallest funds

Despite legacy venture capital firms continuing to raise bigger and bigger funds, LPs may have more luck focusing on the small stuff. Amit Kurz, a general partner at Israel-based fund of funds Sweetwo

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut sales and marketing were better off this year

New data from Capchase found that startups that cut sales and marketing were in worse financial shape in 2022 than those that didn't.

Global venture funding plateaued in October, with valuations likely to blame

September made it seem like venture capital deal activity was starting to ramp up again, but October's numbers showed there is still a long way to go.

Nearly 80% of venture funds raised in just two states as US LPs retreat to the coasts

Most U.S. venture funds outside of the two largest startup hubs — San Francisco and New York — are feeling the frost from potential LPs.

Amid record dry powder, VCs are determined to fund anything but you

Many VCs have said they are sitting out this year. They aren't -- they're funding their friends and committing funds to companies that don't exist.

It’s not a rug pull if it’s an accident

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. We thought that last week was a lot. It was, but this week was

Colorado-based SpringTime Ventures pivots its focus for new $25 million fund

Denver-based SpringTime announced a $25 million second fund to cut checks ranging from $400,000 to $600,000 into U.S.-based seed-stage software companies.

Peloton co-founder John Foley is a rug guy now

Peloton co-founder John Foley's newest startup secured $25 million on the claim that the rug market requires innovation. Good luck with that.

3 founders discuss how to navigate the nuances of early-stage fundraising

The founders of Fiveable, Alloy Automation, and Parthean detailed their first fundraises at TechCrunch Disrupt.

3 VCs explain how founders can stand out when pitching

For investors Annie Case, Sheel Mohnot and Jomayra Herrera, the founders who manage to capture their attention are the ones who come to the pitch process prepared.

Why Q3’s median valuations actually make perfect sense

Valuations have been top of mind this year as VCs navigate their overvalued portfolios and founders scramble to conserve cash and grow into lofty valuations.

Operator Collective was early to bring on operators as LPs. Now it’s doubling down

When Operator Collective started in 2018, its idea of cultivating a community of operators as LPs to serve as a resource to its portfolio companies was unique. Now, it’s de rigueur as many firms

CVCs maintain stake in one-quarter of deals despite overall venture pullback

While other nontraditional investors have slowed their pace in 2022, CVCs have been in the largest percentage of deals yet.

Q3 data reminds us that venture debt is not a Hail Mary

Despite many thinking that venture debt would grow amid this year's equity pullback, that has not been the case.

6 investors share where they draw the line when it comes to ethical issues

Investors are paying more attention to founder and startup behavior and many won't invest in startups that could compromise their ethics.
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