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Yeah, no, most VCs still don’t really care about your path to profitability

Despite many VCs saying they were going to focus on startups with good underlying business fundamentals, they still favor growth.

Why a Memphis VC is betting $52M on startups selling to complex orgs

Ridgeline is a new VC firm that invests in B2B companies with a specific goal in mind: helping its portfolio companies sell to complex organizations that are hard to crack, but can be great customers

Form Bio says now is the time to launch — despite cooling software sales

Form Bio was incubated within Colossal Biosciences and now is hoping to bring its workflow systems to other computational biology companies.

It’s unclear what will happen in VC in Q4, but it definitely won’t be boring

After six months of a market slowdown, venture is seeing deals pick up and eye-popping acquisitions. What does it all mean for Q4?

We’re all just a Hop, Skip and a Drive away from a better Hustle

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Before we get into this week’s show notes, some programm

Venture deal pace is starting to ramp back up as Q4 looms

After months of declining venture deal activity, investors are starting to get active again, especially at the early stages.

How a pivot helped HopSkipDrive emerge successful in a sector where many failed

Joanna McFarland got the idea for HopSkipDrive in 2014 because she needed a solution to a problem that many working parents like herself face: How do you consistently get your kids where they need to

Q1 performance data shows maturing VC fund vintages aren’t doomed

New data shows that venture performance was down in the first quarter but not nearly as much as the stock market.

Network isn’t a dirty word

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single to

Amid volatile markets, VCs and startups must embrace transparency

With venture coming off an incredible bull run right into a downturn, it's especially hard to keep up with what's fact and what's hype because the data hasn't matched the discourse.

Emerging managers should take advantage of the slower fundraising market by courting LPs

LPs may not have as much cash on hand as before but they may have something more important — time.

Launch House’s community reacts to misconduct and harassment allegations

Launch House, a community-oriented startup that has built a brand around launching ideas out loud, is in the middle of a controversy after a Vox investigation surfaced multiple sexual assualt and hara

4 views on unpaid venture internships

The unpaid element kicked off commentary on the ethics of unpaid work more generally, an issue that felt all the more glaring in an investment group able to raise millions in external capital.

VC fundraising gets weird as autumn nears

The first half of 2022 broke fundraising records at VC firms, but everyone we spoke to expected fundraising to slow by the end of the year. While it is slowing down, it's also getting weird.

Countdown Capital raises $15 million to back the next industrial revolution

In a time when most VCs are acting more cautiously and placing focus on companies with a quick path to profitability, Countdown Capital is instead going all in on hard-to-build, capital-intensive bets

Have you marked down your portfolio yet? You are running out of time to hide

To mark down your portfolio or not mark down your portfolio? That is a question many venture capitalists are grappling with right now.

Some institutional LPs have started pulling back from VC, but most won’t

Even if things get much worse before they get better, LPs have more reasons than not to stay the course.

Kli Capital transitions from family office to institutional VC for $50 million Fund III

When Elias Davis joined Kli Capital in 2018 it was your average family office headed up by a former tech entrepreneur looking to opportunistically back a new fleet of founders. Kli, launched by dot-co

Email will be with us until the universe dies, so these startups are working to make it better

Email is a necessary evil. Startups have taken note. We're looking at two of them, Gated and EtherMail.

Canada’s seed market set a record in Q2. Why is the US starting to retract?

Canada's seed market is heading up and to the right, which is not something that can be said about the U.S.
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