Romain Dillet

Romain Dillet

Senior Reporter

Romain Dillet is a Senior Writer at TechCrunch.

He has written over 2,500 articles on technology and tech startups and has established himself as an influential voice on the European tech scene. He has a deep background in startups, privacy, blockchain, security, fintech, mobile, social and media.

With eight years of experience at TechCrunch, he’s one of the familiar faces of the tech publication that obsessively covers Silicon Valley and the tech industry. In fact, his career started at TechCrunch when he was 21. Based in Paris, many people in the tech ecosystem consider him as the most knowledgeable tech journalist in town.

Romain likes to spot important startups before anyone else. He was the first person to cover N26, Revolut and DigitalOcean. He has written scoops on large acquisitions from Apple, Microsoft and Snap.

When he’s not writing, Romain is also a developer — he understands how the tech behind the tech works. He also has a deep historical knowledge of the computer industry for the past 50 years. He knows how to connect the dots between innovations and the effect on the fabric of our society.

Romain graduated from Emlyon Business School, a leading French business school specialized in entrepreneurship. He has helped several non-profit organizations, such as StartHer, an organization that promotes education and empowerment of women in technology, and Techfugees, an organization that empowers displaced people with technology.

Disclosure: Romain owns small amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

The Latest from Romain Dillet

Playruo lets you try game demos from your web browser

It’s still unclear whether cloud gaming will ever become the next big thing. The appeal is clear: The game you’re playing runs in a data center near you, and the video output is directly streamed

With Easel, ex-Snap researchers are building the next-generation Bitmoji thanks to AI

Easel is a new startup that sits at the intersection of the generative AI and social trends, founded by two former employees at Snap. The company has been working on an app that lets you create images

Retro, an actually good photo-sharing app for BFFs, launches collaborative journals

As big social apps are optimizing for maximum engagement using algorithmic feeds and personalized content recommendations, Retro wants to go in the opposite direction: The company is launching a new f

Business planning startup Pigment raises $145M in rare French tech mega-round

Paris-based startup Pigment has raised a $145 million funding round just five years after its inception. The enterprise software company offers a business planning platform for large companies to visu

After reaching profitability, carpooling platform BlaBlaCar secures $108M debt line

BlaBlaCar is an iconic name in the French startup ecosystem. The carpooling and bus ticketing company has been around for so long that it’s hard to consider it a startup anymore. Still, BlaBlaCar is

This startup believes mobile apps for businesses should work more like consumer apps

Have you noticed the massive gap between consumer and business apps on your phone? While consumer apps are both beautifully designed and easy to use, business apps are simply painful to use. A Europea sells waterless personal care products and lets you add tap water at home

Here’s the harsh truth behind personal care products: You’re mostly buying water and plastic. The main ingredient in a bottle of shampoo or shower gel is water, which is then mixed with a bunch of

DOJ claims green bubbles are an issue in iPhone monopoly suit

The United States Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple earlier today. The suit touches on several (allegedly) anticompetitive practices. But one category in particular caught

Silence is an early-stage climate tech VC fund with $35M

Silence wants to shake things up when it comes to climate tech investment. This new angel-style VC firm has already raised $35 million and plans to make dozens of small investments in climate startups

Pelikan Mobility is building a software-enabled commercial EV leasing solution

Chances are you may have noticed that many commercial vehicles are now electric vehicles — think delivery vans, telecom minivans, utility maintenance trucks, and so on. But there are still many dies

Google hit with $270M fine in France as authority finds news publishers’ data was used for Gemini

In a never-ending saga between Google and France’s competition authority over copyright protections for news snippets, the Autorité de la Concurrence announced a €250 million fine against the tec

Cowboy launches all-road electric bike to attract riders beyond European city centers

Cowboy is better known for its sleek electric bikes that you can see in many major cities across Europe. And if you look at the persons riding those Cowboy bikes, most of the time, you’ll see a youn

Spotify adds music videos in some countries

Spotify is adding music videos to its mobile and desktop apps in some markets. They are tightly integrated with the company’s music library as the streaming giant lets you seamlessly switch between

Kolet makes travel eSIM cards easier to navigate

Kolet is a new French startup created by four experienced co-founders in the French tech ecosystem who want to make it easier to stay connected when you travel. The company has crafted an interesting

Flush with cash, French fintech unicorn Qonto acquires Regate

While many entrepreneurs are currently facing the harsh reality of a VC funding crunch, Qonto isn’t one of them. The Paris-based business banking startup still has hundreds of millions of cash on ha

Monzo, the UK challenger bank with 9 million customers, raises $430 million

London-based fintech company Monzo raised a late-stage funding round of $430 million (£340 million), confirming a report from the Financial Times from a few weeks ago. Following this round, the compa

Catalog is building the B2B commerce platform for small companies

When you think about commerce platforms, chances are the first names that come to mind are big names like Adobe Commerce or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Large companies processing millions of orders alr

Vibe helps small companies buy video ads on streaming services

As streaming apps and services are gradually showing more ads to viewers, adtech startup Vibe plans to help small businesses take advantage of that trend by letting them access that ad inventory with

OpenCTI maker Filigran raises $16M for its cybersecurity threat management suite

Paris-based cybersecurity startup Filigran is capitalizing on the success of OpenCTI to build a suite of open source threat management products. That’s why the company recently raised €15 million

Microsoft made a $16M investment in Mistral AI

Yesterday, Mistral AI, a Paris-based AI startup working on foundational models, announced a new large language model that could rival OpenAI’s GPT-4, a chat assistant and a distribution partnership
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