Romain Dillet

Romain Dillet

Senior Reporter

Romain Dillet is a Senior Writer at TechCrunch.

He has written over 2,500 articles on technology and tech startups and has established himself as an influential voice on the European tech scene. He has a deep background in startups, privacy, blockchain, security, fintech, mobile, social and media.

With eight years of experience at TechCrunch, he’s one of the familiar faces of the tech publication that obsessively covers Silicon Valley and the tech industry. In fact, his career started at TechCrunch when he was 21. Based in Paris, many people in the tech ecosystem consider him as the most knowledgeable tech journalist in town.

Romain likes to spot important startups before anyone else. He was the first person to cover N26, Revolut and DigitalOcean. He has written scoops on large acquisitions from Apple, Microsoft and Snap.

When he’s not writing, Romain is also a developer — he understands how the tech behind the tech works. He also has a deep historical knowledge of the computer industry for the past 50 years. He knows how to connect the dots between innovations and the effect on the fabric of our society.

Romain graduated from Emlyon Business School, a leading French business school specialized in entrepreneurship. He has helped several non-profit organizations, such as StartHer, an organization that promotes education and empowerment of women in technology, and Techfugees, an organization that empowers displaced people with technology.

Disclosure: Romain owns small amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

The Latest from Romain Dillet

Binance launches proof-of-reserves system for BTC holdings

Cryptocurrency exchange company Binance has released a new site that explains its proof-of-reserves system. The company is starting with BTC reserves. Right now, Binance has a reserve ratio of 101%. I

Netflix is working on ‘brand-new AAA PC game’, according to job listings

Netflix has put up more than a dozen job listings on its website for Netflix Games Studio’s Los Angeles office, as spotted by These listings give us a few hints about the company’

Shadow launches cloud storage service Shadow Drive

Shadow is now officially a tech company with two different products. In addition to its cloud computing service that works particularly well for games, the company is launching Shadow Drive, a cloud s

Bitpanda obtains German crypto license as crypto platforms want to prove they are legit

All eyes are currently on the collapse of FTX in the crypto industry. That’s why today’s news from Bitpanda is an important signal for the Austrian unicorn company. Bitpanda has received a crypto

Fairmat raises $35M to recycle carbon fiber composite into a new material

French startup Fairmat closed a $35 million Series A funding round (€34 million) last month. It wants to turn carbon fiber composite that is no longer in use into a new material that can be used in

The FTX implosion is an opportunity to learn

At TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto 2022, Chainalysis CPO Pratima Arora, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman and Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier talked about security in the crypto industry. A good chunk of the

Binance’s CZ on FTX: ‘We were the last straw that broke the camel’s back’

Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, commented on the collapse of FTX at TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto 2022. He played down his personal role in the series of events that ultimat

Virgil helps you buy bigger apartments in exchange for home equity stakes

French startup Virgil has raised a $15.6 million funding round (€15 million). The company invests in apartments alongside home buyers before they even get the keys for their new home. This way, futu

Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync, raises $200 million to scale Ethereum

Matter Labs has raised a $200 million Series C funding round co-led by Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly. Matter Labs is better known for its work on zkSync, an Ethereum scaling solution that drastical

How OVHcloud’s Octave Klaba is building a different cloud computing company

When people think about the cloud computing industry, three names come to mind — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. And yet, smaller cloud companies are still doing well. OVHclou

Plain is a new customer support tool with a focus on API integrations

Meet Plain, a new startup that wants to reinvent support tools. While the customer support space is a competitive industry with big tech companies like Intercom and Zendesk, Plain believes it has a di

Former Tink employees launch Atlar, a payment automation startup

Stockholm-based startup Atlar raised a $5 million (€5 million) seed round led by Index Ventures. The company has been working on an application programming interface (API) that facilitates bank-to-b

Devialet launches a high-end portable speaker

When you say portable speakers, most people think about cheap Bluetooth speakers that you can easily put in your backpack when you’re going to the park. But Devialet has something different in mind

After 40 million app downloads, PhotoRoom raises $19 million

French startup PhotoRoom has raised a $19 million Series A funding round. The company develops a popular photo editing app for e-commerce vendors and small businesses. In particular, it helps you remo

Surfe brings your CRM data to LinkedIn — and vice versa

Surfe, the startup that was originally named Leadjet, is an interesting browser extension if you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and are tired of switching between your CRM and the professional social

Spend management startup Pleo lays off 15% of its workforce

Danish startup Pleo has announced that it plans to lay off around 15% of the company’s workforce. As the company currently has nearly 1,000 employees, it could affect up to 150 people. Pleo develops

Fintecture wants to replace paper checks or manual transfers for B2B payments

Meet Fintecture, a French startup that wants to upgrade B2B payments. While many payment companies have focused on B2C payments with Stripe leading the way, B2B payments haven’t changed much over th

Bump builds a central hub for all your APIs

Meet Bump, a French software-as-a-service startup that wants to help you maintain and use APIs across your organization. The company automatically generates documentation for your APIs so that other t

Neoplants bioengineers houseplants to use them as air purifiers

Meet Neoplants, a French startup that is designing genetically modified houseplants so that they can absorb air pollutants. The startup’s first plant, the Neo P1, works hand in hand with the company

Evy wants to offer product protection insurance everywhere

Meet Evy, a French startup that is working on extended warranties and product protection insurance. The company raised a $6.5 million seed round (€6.5 million) from Sequoia, La Famiglia VC, Global F
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