Romain Dillet

Romain Dillet

Senior Reporter

Romain Dillet is a Senior Writer at TechCrunch.

He has written over 2,500 articles on technology and tech startups and has established himself as an influential voice on the European tech scene. He has a deep background in startups, privacy, blockchain, security, fintech, mobile, social and media.

With eight years of experience at TechCrunch, he’s one of the familiar faces of the tech publication that obsessively covers Silicon Valley and the tech industry. In fact, his career started at TechCrunch when he was 21. Based in Paris, many people in the tech ecosystem consider him as the most knowledgeable tech journalist in town.

Romain likes to spot important startups before anyone else. He was the first person to cover N26, Revolut and DigitalOcean. He has written scoops on large acquisitions from Apple, Microsoft and Snap.

When he’s not writing, Romain is also a developer — he understands how the tech behind the tech works. He also has a deep historical knowledge of the computer industry for the past 50 years. He knows how to connect the dots between innovations and the effect on the fabric of our society.

Romain graduated from Emlyon Business School, a leading French business school specialized in entrepreneurship. He has helped several non-profit organizations, such as StartHer, an organization that promotes education and empowerment of women in technology, and Techfugees, an organization that empowers displaced people with technology.

Disclosure: Romain owns small amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

The Latest from Romain Dillet

Consolidation continues in micromobility as Cooltra snaps up Cityscoot

Paris’ commercial court has accepted Cooltra’s offer to acquire Cityscoot. These two companies provide shared electric mopeds that you can unlock and ride to go from one place to another. Cityscoo

Bioptimus raises $35 million seed round to develop AI foundational model focused on biology

There’s a new generative AI startup based in Paris. But what makes Bioptimus interesting is that it plans to apply everything we’ve collectively learned about AI models over the past few years wit

Planity raises $48 million because even hair salons need their own SaaS product

If you’ve ever traveled in rural areas in France, you may have realized a French peculiarity. Even in the seemingly less-populated towns, there’s a hair salon. French startup Planity has been taki

Google’s new AI hub in Paris proves that Google feels insecure about AI

This morning, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai inaugurated a new hub in Paris dedicated to artificial intelligence. This hub is located in a newly renovated building near Google’s main office in Paris.

How a French health insurance unicorn plans to leverage AI to reach profitability

Alan’s meteoric rise in the French tech ecosystem has been both figurative and literal. A few years ago, the startup’s office was limited to one floor in a nondescript office building near the Can

Memorizer is a movie and book tracking app that also helps you find inspiration

There are quite a few apps that let you log the movies, TV shows and books that you have watched and read. Some of them are indie apps that take advantage of various online databases. Some of them, li

Accounting software startup Pennylane becomes France’s latest unicorn

Just like clockwork, Pennylane is raising another €40 million ($43 million at today’s exchange rate). This new funding round comes after the accounting startup raised €4 million in 2020, €15 m

Varsity is a new early-stage VC fund based in Paris

It’s not every day that a new VC firm comes out of stealth. This time, Varsity is announcing its first fund. Founded by a former Société Générale executive and two VC investors who worked at Ser

Todoist adds team workspaces to its task manager

Given that Todoist now has more than 30 million users, chances are there are quite a few people in your friends, family and colleagues using Todoist to track their personal and professional tasks. And

Guided Energy helps EV fleet managers optimize battery charging

Imagine you work for a car rental agency or a package delivery company and you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles. If you’re switching to EV vehicles, it becomes more complex to manage your vehic

Naboo provides an Airbnb-like experience for company seminars

Naboo, a French company that was created just a couple of years ago, is trying to create a modern online experience for company seminar planning. The startup recently raised an $8 million funding roun

Probabl is a new AI company built around popular library scikit-learn

Probabl isn’t your average AI startup, as this new French company is an Inria spin-off company that revolves around an open source data science library called scikit-learn — Inria is a well-known

Twin Labs automates repetitive tasks by letting AI take over your mouse cursor

Meet Twin Labs, a Paris-based startup that wants to build an automation product for repetitive tasks, such as onboarding new employees to all your internal services, reordering items when you’re run

BlueLayer is building the operating system for carbon project developers

Meet BlueLayer, a new European startup that is building a software platform specifically designed for carbon project developers. In particular, BlueLayer wants to help these companies manage their car

Startup studio Hexa hires former Doctolib exec to launch its health vertical

Hexa, the Paris-based startup studio that recently raised $22 million, is launching a new vertical focused on improving the healthcare system. Julien Méraud, a senior team member of the French unicor

Amie brings your email inbox to its calendar app

There’s a reason why some people are die-hard Microsoft Outlook fans. It brings together your emails, your calendar events and your contacts in a single app. But . . . it’s Outlook. And some p

Kittl raises another $36M for its browser-based design tool

Just a year after raising $11.6 million, Kittl raised another $36 million in a Series B round led by IVP with some existing investors participating once again. The Berlin-based startup has been workin

iPhone users should turn on Apple’s stolen device protection feature

Apple released a new version of iOS yesterday with a handful of new features, such as collaborative playlists in Apple Music and a new Unity wallpaper for Black History Month. Another interesting new

French regulator fines Amazon $35M over its surveillance system of warehouse workers

France’s data privacy watchdog, the CNIL, has fined Amazon’s logistics subsidiary in France €32 million, or $35 million at today’s exchange rate. The CNIL says that Amazon France Logistique ha

Staking technology provider Kiln raises $17M in rare crypto funding round

Last year wasn’t the best year for crypto companies. According to PitchBook data, VC investments in crypto companies are down by 68% in 2023 compared to 2022. To be fair, crypto companies still
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