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Devin Coldewey

Writer & Photographer

Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

His personal website is

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AIs serve up ‘garbage’ to questions about voting and elections

A number of major AI services performed poorly in a test of their ability to address questions and concerns about voting and elections. The study found that no model can be completely trusted, but it

This Week in AI: Addressing racism in AI image generators

Keeping up with an industry as fast-moving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, here’s a handy roundup of recent stories in the world of machine learning, along with notable re

‘Embarrassing and wrong’: Google admits it lost control of image-generating AI

Google has apologized (or come very close to apologizing) for another embarrassing AI blunder this week, an image-generating model that injected diversity into pictures with a farcical disregard for h

Stable Diffusion 3 arrives to solidify early lead in AI imagery against Sora and Gemini

Stability AI has announced Stable Diffusion 3, the latest and most powerful version of the company’s image-generating AI model. While details are scant, it’s clearly an attempt to fend off

Hundreds of AI luminaries sign letter calling for anti-deepfake legislation

Hundreds in the artificial intelligence community have signed an open letter calling for strict regulation of AI-generated impersonations, or deepfakes. While this is unlikely to spur real legislation

House punts on AI with directionless new task force

The House of Representatives has founded a Task Force on artificial intelligence that will “ensure America continues leading in this strategic area,” as Speaker Mike Johnson put it. But th

No ‘GPT’ trademark for OpenAI

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has denied OpenAI’s attempt to trademark “GPT,” ruling that the term is “merely descriptive” and therefore unable to be registered. I

Largest text-to-speech AI model yet shows ’emergent abilities’

Researchers at Amazon have trained the largest ever text-to-speech model yet, which they claim exhibits “emergent” qualities improving its ability to speak even complex sentences naturally

SpaceX will de-orbit 100 Starlink satellites with unidentified flaw

SpaceX announced today that it will be sending some 100 Starlink satellites to an early retirement after a flaw was identified that could make them a worry later on. Don’t expect a fiery light s

US Patent Office: AI is all well and good, but only humans can patent things

The question of where AI sits in the legal personhood stack isn’t as simple as it may seem (i.e. “nowhere”) — but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today declared that, as with

Meet Goody-2, the AI too ethical to discuss literally anything

Every company or organization putting out an AI model has to make a decision on what, if any, boundaries to set on what it will and won’t discuss. Goody-2 takes this quest for ethics to an extre

FCC officially declares AI-voiced robocalls illegal

The FCC’s war on robocalls has gained a new weapon in its arsenal with the declaration of AI-generated voices as “artificial” and therefore definitely against the law when used in au

Glass supercharges smartphone cameras with AI — minus the hallucinations

Your phone’s camera is as much software as it is hardware, and Glass is hoping to improve both. But while its wild anamorphic lens creeps to market, the company (running on $9.3 million in new m

AI-generated Biden calls came through shady telecom and Texan front ‘Life Corporation’

Voters in New Hampshire were treated in January to a call purporting to be from President Biden telling them not to vote in the primary. After a brief but intense investigation, the perpetrator has be

Spice up your desktop with these unusual keyboards from Keychron, HHKB, Cloud Nine and others

Mechanical keyboards are everywhere these days, and there’s a larger variety now than ever before. If you’re looking to pick one up but want to look beyond the most common layouts and type

FCC moves to outlaw AI-generated robocalls

No one likes robocalls to begin with, but using AI-generated voices of people like President Biden makes them even worse. As such the FCC is proposing that using voice cloning tech in robocalls be rul

Justice hits eBay for $59M for selling obviously illegal pill-counterfeiting gear

You don’t need to resort to the dark web to find your illicit pill counterfeiting presses and molds. Just go to eBay and you can get one like new for a great price! Or at least you could until r

Cerulean empowers ocean pollution watchdogs with orbital observation

The vastness of the ocean allows polluters to evade detection in all but the most egregious violations. SkyTruth aims to change that with Cerulean, an orbital monitoring platform for coastal waters th

Drone couriers and virtual faces among Alchemist Accelerator’s demo day highlights

Today is demo day at Alchemist Accelerator, which focuses on very early stage startups from technical founders. Fifteen companies are presenting in this batch, but here are several we thought worth a’s radar satellites use machine learning to punch well above their weight

Those of us lucky enough to be sitting by a window can predict the weather just by looking outside, but for the less privileged, weather forecasting and analysis is getting better and better. Tomorrow
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