adamo xps

  • The Dell Adamo XPS really is discontinued even though it's still available for purchase

    Let me catch you up. We received a tip back on Monday indicating that the Adamo XPS had disappeared from This of course caught our attention as the super-thin Dell was just announced back in late October and only available for purchase since December. We of course checked it out and found that the XPS model wasn’t found on the Adamo microsite (www.AdamoByDell.Com), which just… Read More

  • The Dell Adamo XPS has been discontinued along with our hopes and dreams

    So long, Adamo XPS. It was wonderful knowing you while we did. We can’t help feeling like you had too short of a life though. You were only available for sale since December and Dell probably spent an untold fortune developing your 9.9mm thin body. It’s kind of weird, actually. Read More

  • Dell Adamo XPS specs leak

    More details today on the Dell Adamo XPS. Nothing official of course, but leaks happen and we’re finally getting to see exactly what’s hiding under that very flashy exterior. Read More

  • Dell shows off the Adamo XPS

    Dell is finally letting some folks play with the previously super secret Adamo XPS. Hardware specifics are still a mystery although we now know it’s powered by an Atom CPU. Apparently everyone digs the previously-mentioned capacitive strip that opens the lid all sexy-like. Head over to LaptopMag to peek a few pics until we can post our hands-on. Read More

  • The Dell Adamo XPS's pricing has been revealed, the usual questions remain

    Dell has been playing the media with the Adamo XPS with tid-bits of info here and there. First there was a teaser site, followed by a lackluster press conference, and then two more product shots. At least the price has been finally released by a Business Week article, which states the halo computer will carry a $2,000 price tag. But other than that expect price tag and a little gimmick… Read More

  • The Dell Adamo XPS gets pictured

    First, a rant: Dell is really taking advantage of the media with the new Adamo XPS notebook. It’s classic. First they put up a teaser website a month ago that shows nothing but the incredibly thin dimensions and a side picture. Then they call a press conference where all they do is wave around the notebook for 3.5 seconds and then put it away. Now, there is a press release that… Read More

  • Dell shows off the new ultra-thin Adamo XPS notebook

    Breaking: Dell is finally showing off the Adamo XPS in person. There has been a teaser page up for about a month now, but John is live at a NYC press event to spend some quality time with the 9.99 mm thin notebook. That’s thinner than the iPhone, kiddies. Stay put, more’s coming soon. Read More