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Before he joined TechCrunch in 2012, he founded SiliconFilter and wrote for ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). Frederic covers enterprise, cloud, developer tools, Google, Microsoft, gadgets, transportation and anything else he finds interesting. He owns just over a 50th of a bitcoin.

The Latest from Frederic Lardinois

Google announces Axion, its first custom Arm-based data center processor

Google says its Axion instances offer 30% better performance than other Arm-based instances from competitors.

Chrome Enterprise goes Premium with new security and management features

With Chrome Enterprise, IT departments get the ability to manage employees' browser settings, the extensions they install and web apps they use.

Google Workspace users will soon get voice prompting in Gmail and tabs in Docs

Google is also launching a new feature in Gmail for Workspace that can instantly turn rough email drafts into a more polished email.

Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell platform will come to Google Cloud in early 2025

In addition to the new custom Arm-based Axion chips, most of this year's announcements are about AI accelerators, whether built by Google or Nvidia.

Google launches Code Assist, its latest challenger to GitHub’s Copilot

Code Assist will be available through plug-ins for popular editors like VS Code and JetBrains.

Google bets on partners to run their own sovereign Google Clouds

Google is renewing its focus on data sovereignty. For the time being, though, it looks like its emphasis is on partnerships, not building its own sovereign clouds.

Magnets are switching up the keyboard game

The next big thing in mechanical keyboards is magnetic switches. Mechanical keyboards quickly went from a niche product to mainstream during the pandemic, as everybody was looking to upgrade their hom

OpenStack improves support for AI workloads

OpenStack allows enterprises to manage their own AWS-like private clouds on-premises. Even after 29 releases, it’s still among the most active open source projects in the world and this week, th

DataStax acquires the startup behind low-code AI builder Langflow

DataStax made a name for itself by commercializing the open source Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, but these days, the company’s focus is squarely on using its database chops to build a “

Aerospike raises $109M for its real-time database platform to capitalize on the AI boom

NoSQL database Aerospike today announced that it has raised a $109 million Series E round led by Sumeru Equity Partners. Existing investor Alsop Louie Partners also participated in this round. In 2009

Zip is trying to modernize enterprise procurement

Zip describes itself as the “leading Intake and Procurement Orchestration platform and Intake-to-Pay suite.” That doesn’t sound like the most exciting space to be in as a startup, bu

Microsoft and Quantinuum say they’ve ushered in the next era of quantum computing

Microsoft and Quantinuum today announced a major breakthrough in quantum error correction. Using Quantinuum’s ion-trap hardware and Microsoft’s new qubit-virtualization system, the team wa

OctoAI wants to make private AI model deployments easier with OctoStack

OctoAI (formerly known as OctoML), announced the launch of OctoStack, its new end-to-end solution for deploying generative AI models in a company’s private cloud, be that on-premises or in a vir

Why AWS, Google and Oracle are backing the Valkey Redis fork

AWS and Google Cloud rarely back an open source fork together.

Adobe’s Firefly Services makes over 20 new generative and creative APIs available to developers

Adobe today announced Firefly Services, a set of more than 20 new generative and creative APIs, tools and services. Firefly Services makes some of the company’s AI-powered features from its Crea

Adobe’s GenStudio brings brand-safe generative AI to marketers

Brands want to use generative AI to personalize their marketing efforts — but they are also deathly afraid of AI going off message and ruining their brand. At its annual Summit conference in Las

Microsoft really wants to talk about Copilot

Microsoft announced two new Surface devices and a slew of new accessories at a virtual event today, but the first part of the presentation focused squarely on how its AI Copilot is getting integrated

Redis switches licenses, acquires Speedb to go beyond its core in-memory database

Redis, the popular in-memory data store, is switching away from the open source three-clause BSD license. Instead, in a move that is clearly aimed to prevent the large cloud providers from offering fr

Mermaid Chart, a Markdown-like tool for creating diagrams, raises $7.5M

Mermaid, the open source diagramming and charting tool, has long been popular with developers for its ability to create diagrams using a Markdown-like language. As is often the case, Mermaid founder K

GitHub’s latest AI tool can automatically fix code vulnerabilities

It’s a bad day for bugs. Earlier today, Sentry announced its AI Autofix feature for debugging production code and now, a few hours later, GitHub is launching the first beta of its code-scanning
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