Ingrid Lunden

Ingrid Lunden

Managing Editor, Global

Ingrid is a writer and editor for TechCrunch, joining February 2012, based out of London.

Before TechCrunch, Ingrid worked at, where she was a staff writer, and has in the past also written freelance regularly for other publications such as the Financial Times. Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect.

When it comes to work, she feels most comfortable speaking in English but can also speak Russian, Spanish and French (in descending order of competence).

The Latest from Ingrid Lunden

NomuPay, formed out of Wirecard’s ashes, acquires Total Processing for tooling and customer service

NomuPay — the payments startup that was formed out of some of the healthier pieces of the dramatically failed fintech Wirecard — has made an acquisition as it continues on its trajectory o

Squint peers at $13M led by Sequoia for AR aimed at B2B to interact with physical objects

Apple’s and Google’s move into smart augmented reality several years ago, creating ways for people to use their smartphone cameras to identify everyday objects to interact with them, put t

Dataminr, the $4B big data startup, is laying off 20% of staff today, or 150 people, as it preps to double down on AI

It’s a tough day for Dataminr, the New York-based big data unicorn last valued at $4.1 billion. TechCrunch has learned that the company — which uses AI and big data algorithms to provide p

European startup funding halved to $45B in 2023, says Atomico

The downturn in the technology sector — dragged by inflation, higher interest rates and geopolitical events — continues to persist, and one of the most acutely impacted areas has been VC f

PhysicsX emerges from stealth with $32M for AI to power engineering simulations

A lot of the buzz these days in artificial intelligence is around generative AI and how AI is being used to accelerate software and products for consumers. Today, an AI startup called PhysicsX —

Black Friday online buying hits a record $9.8B in the US, $70.9B globally

A rush of deep discounts and the growth of flexible payment options were the drivers behind $9.8 billion in online sales in the U.S. on Black Friday — a record figure for the day. According to A

Adobe: Thanksgiving US online sales nudge up to $5.6B; Salesforce: $31.7B spent globally

Thanksgiving Thursday, when stores in the U.S. are closed and many are spending time off work, has become the de facto start of the holiday shopping season both for those looking to get bargains onlin

Emmett Shear, the ex-Twitch CEO tasked with stabilizing OpenAI, has some spicy social history

Emmett Shear, the interim CEO of OpenAI, may be out of a job by the end of the hour, day or week given how fast and unexpectedly things are moving at the world’s hottest hot mess artificial inte

DeepMind and YouTube release Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes

Back in January, Google made some waves — soundwaves, that is — when it quietly released some research on AI-based music creation software that built tunes based on word prompts. Today, it

X says 325K posts and 375K accounts ‘actioned’ over Israel-Hamas war violations

X, the social platform formerly known as Twitter, has been facing waves of criticism over how it has, under owner Elon Musk, grappled with issues of trust and safety, and specifically how well it hand

More consolidation in grocery delivery: Getir acquires FreshDirect to beef up in the US

Getir, the Turkish instant grocery delivery startup, has made an acquisition to expand its presence in the U.S. and to further its strategy as a consolidator in its category. The company has scooped u

Volante raises $66M for payments tech for banks and other legacy financial businesses

“Digital transformation” among enterprises hasn’t happened with quite the gusto that people predicted it would a few years ago. But today, a startup building fintech technology &#821

Confirmed: Palo Alto has acquired Talon Cyber Security, sources say for $625M

Palo Alto Networks has just confirmed one more major piece of security startup M&A out of Israel: It has acquired Talon Cyber Security, a specialist in building enterprise browsers for securing di

At Bletchley, Rishi Sunak confirms AI Safety Institute but delays regulations for another day

A Frontier AI taskforce established by the U.K. back in June to prepare for the AI Safety Summit held this week is on course to be a permanent fixture, as the U.K. bids to take a leadership role on AI

LinkedIn, now at 1B users, turns on OpenAI-powered reading and writing tools

It was only a couple of weeks ago that LinkedIn was having a moment as a social platform, with business types gravitating to it as a stable and safer alternative to the unpredictability of the newly n

Politicians commit to collaborate to tackle AI safety, US launches safety institute

The world is locked in a race, and competition, over dominance in AI, but today, a few of them appeared to come together to say that they would prefer to collaborate when it comes to mitigating risk.

Who’s going (and who’s not) to the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park?

Ahead of the AI Safety Summit starting tomorrow morning taking place outside of London in Bletchley Park, today, the U.K. government has confirmed more details about who is actually going to be attend

Wirepas nabs $22M to expand IoT business based on distributed, mesh technology

Wirepas, a startup out of Finland that is building out an Internet of Things business based on a novel approach — using mesh networking, rather than cellular or Wi-Fi to connect thousands of obj

Confirmed: Palo Alto Networks buys Dig Security, sources say for $400M

We reported in September that Palo Alto was getting ready to make yet more security acquisitions out of Israel, specifically of Dig Security and Talon. Today, some confirmation of one of those has arr

SkyCell raises $57M at a $600M valuation to build smart containers for pharmaceutical transport

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on how critical the development and distribution medicine can really be. Vaccines for the coronavirus typically needed to be kept at very specific temperature con
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