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Slingshot Aerospace closes Series A-2 to grow space situational awareness platform

Space is packed with human-made objects, and will likely only get more crowded with the continued growth of the space industry. Spacecraft operators have surprisingly little real-time data about where

Max Q: Building on the moon and Mars

In this issue: ICON's in-space construction tech ambitions; Astra's management switch-up; news from ispace, Metaspectral and more

Astra star hire Benjamin Lyon resigns, management team restructured

Space company Astra’s management team is undergoing another shake-up. The company said Friday that chief engineer Benjamin Lyon has resigned after just short of two years in the role. Rather than se

Austin-based ICON awarded $57.2 million NASA contract for lunar construction tech

ICON, a construction tech company that’s raised more than $400 million in funding, has landed a new contract from NASA to develop new systems to build on the moon and Mars. The $57.2 million contrac

Max Q: Thank you

Before we get to the news, I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to all Max Q subscribers.

Here’s what NASA’s Orion spacecraft is doing over Thanksgiving weekend

Since taking off aboard the Space Launch System rocket last Wednesday, NASA’s Orion spacecraft has had a remarkably smooth journey. But it’s far from over. While millions of Americans prepare for

NASA selects Rocket Lab to launch TROPICS satellites

NASA has found a new launch provider for its extreme weather observation satellites. The agency announced Wednesday that it has selected Rocket Lab to launch its Time-Resolved Observations of Precipit

Quantum Space, US Space Force talk commercial ops in orbit at TC Sessions: Space

Gone are the days when outer space was the exclusive purview of government and defense. Now, we’re in a period often called “New Space,” in which commercial ventures are leading the way in carvi

Max Q: We are going

In this issue: Artemis I takes flight; Gravitics is building "Space Utility Vehicles" for space stations; News from ispace, Metaspectral and more

Gravitics raises $20M to make the essential units for living and working in space

The space industry is on the cusp of a revolution. The cost of launch, which has dramatically decreased over the past five years, will continue to drop as heavy-lift rockets like SpaceX’s Starship a

NASA’s Space Launch System makes inaugural journey in historic launch

After years of preparation and two false starts, NASA’s heavy-lift Space Launch System has finally taken off and entered orbit. It’s a big win for the space agency — even as it assigns t

NASA taps SpaceX for second crewed Starship demonstration mission to the moon

NASA tapped SpaceX to provide a second crewed demonstration landing on the moon as part of its Artemis lunar exploration program, a huge win for SpaceX and a possible gesture at improving the relative

Third time’s the charm? NASA will attempt to launch its mega moon rocket early tomorrow morning

NASA is set to launch the Artemis I mission on November 16, with agency officials saying they were prepared to accept the risks from minor damage the launch system incurred from Hurricane Nicole last

Max Q: Join us!

In this issue: Layoffs come to Astra; News from NASA, Starlink and more

SpaceX, Relativity and others urge FCC to stay in its lane

Major space companies, including SpaceX and Relativity, are urging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stick to its purview — spectrum usage — as it looks to potentially up

Astra lays off 16% after nearly tripling workforce in the last year

Astra, a rocket startup that went public last year, told investors Tuesday it laid off 16% of its workforce as part of a wider strategy to increase shrinking financial runway and decrease expenses. Th

Skyroot wants to kickstart private spaceflight in India with first rocket launch next week

Spaceflight startup Skyroot wants to make history by launching India’s first privately developed rocket, and it’s aiming to do so as early as next week. The company said Tuesday that the first lau

Max Q: Ocean splashdown

Rocket Lab's helicopter catch attempt ends in ocean splashdown; ispace wants to stake its claim to the moon; news from the FCC, Constellr and more

Watch Rocket Lab attempt a mid-air Electron rocket booster recovery live

Update: After a nominal launch and payload deployment, Rocket Lab was unable to attempt a mid-air catch with the helicopter. Instead, the company will recover the booster from the ocean when it splas

Rocket Lab will attempt to catch an Electron rocket booster with a helicopter again

Rocket Lab is gearing up for a second attempt to catch a rocket booster mid-air using a helicopter, a technique the company is hoping to perfect after a partially successful recovery earlier this year
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