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SpaceX’s Starship hits another milestone with booster static fire test

SpaceX just got one step closer to the first orbital test flight of its launch system Starship with the successful static fire test of a prototype Super Heavy booster late Tuesday afternoon. That boos

Max Q: Refresh

Welcome back to Max Q. Happy belated 10th birthday to the Mars Curiosity rover!

The first flight of India’s small satellite vehicle results in loss of payload

The maiden flight of India’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) ended in failure when the rocket failed to insert its payloads into the target orbit. India Space Research Organization (ISRO), the

Astra changes strategy and ditches current rocket in the wake of launch debacles

Astra CEO Chris Kemp told investors Thursday that the company will be no longer launch payloads with its current lightweight vehicle, Rocket 3, and will instead re-manifest all launches on a considera

Zenno Astronautics wants to move spacecraft around using electromagnets, not fuel

It’s easy to think about satellites as a bunch of mini-moons, orbiting the Earth seamlessly and without any (noticeable) movement. But that’s not quite right: satellites and other spacecraft often

Max Q: Off the bench

In this issue of Max Q: A profile of one of the foremost experts of space propulsion; deep dive into the history of NASA's Landsat; news from Masten Space

NASA lunar payload service provider Masten Space Systems begins bankruptcy process

Masten Space Systems began the process of filing for bankruptcy on Thursday, telling a Delaware court that it owed millions in liabilities to companies including SpaceX, Astrobotic, NuSpace and others

The Exploration Company is developing a brand new reusable orbital spacecraft

The European space scene is about five to 10 years behind America’s, Hélène Huby explained in a recent interview. She’s certainly qualified to make such an assessment: Huby spent much of her car

SpaceX’s CTO of propulsion retired. Now he wants to go to Mars.

Tom Mueller is a self-described race car guy. Upon retiring from his role as CTO of Propulsion at SpaceX in November 2020, he “mostly wanted to go racing and ride dirt bikes and travel,” he sa

NASA’s mega moon rocket could see its first launch this summer

NASA announced Wednesday that it is targeting as soon as late August for the first flight of the massive Space Launch System rocket, though agency officials stressed that the dates are tentative and d

NASA’s water-hunting rover launch delayed by one year, pushed to 2024

NASA’s big mission to hunt for water on the moon has slipped by another year, to 2024, due to the agency requesting further testing of the lander that will deliver the payload to the lunar surface.

Relativity and Impulse want to go to Mars as early as 2024

Relativity Space, a 3D-printed rocket startup that’s planning its first orbital test launch this year, said Tuesday that it is planning to send a Mars lander and rover vehicle made by Impulse Space

Max Q: Jaw-dropping Wondrous Spectacular Telescope

Welcome back to Max Q. In this issue: The first images from James Webb Space Telescope are here; Lunar Outpost eyes up moon markets; News from ABL Space Systems, Skyrora and more

United Arab Emirates launches $820M fund to boost domestic space economy

The United Arab Emirates will pour more than $800 million into space initiatives through a massive new fund, with the first investment going toward the establishment of a remote sensing satellite cons

Watch SpaceX launch more than 5,800 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station

After a little over a month of delays, NASA and SpaceX are ready to launch a resupply mission to the International Space Station, which includes more than 5,800 pounds of supplies, equipment and scien

Lunar Outpost eyes up first-mover advantage for moon markets

“This is going to be the largest market in human history.” Justin Cyrus, co-founder and CEO of Lunar Outpost, is referring to the space economy: The slew of activities that could take place around

What the James Webb Space Telescope’s first images tell us about the universe

NASA unveiled full-color images from the $11 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) on Tuesday, marking the first of what is sure to be many releases from the super powerful optical instrument. But

Watch Rocket Lab launch the first of two missions for the National Reconnaissance Office

Rocket Lab is attempting to demonstrate its speediest launch cadence yet, with two back-to-back missions for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) scheduled to fly 10 days apart. The first mis

Max Q: Grounded

Welcome to Max Q. By the time you read this, we'll be less than 24 hours away from the release of the first images captured by James Webb Space Telescope.

Nanoracks and Gitai team up for second space robotics demo aboard the ISS

Nanoracks and Tokyo-based space startup Gitai are teaming up for a second technology demonstration on the International Space Station, a mission that could bring the Japanese startup one step closer t
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