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Orbital Sidekick raises $10M to bring hyperspectral imaging to oil and gas pipeline monitoring

Historically, oil and gas companies have monitored pipeline leaks using inefficient, expensive methods: workers equipped with handheld optical gas imaging cameras, for example. Or, as Orbital Sidekick

Capella Space launches defense-focused subsidiary as demand for satellite imagery soars

Satellite imagery startup Capella Space is establishing a subsidiary aimed at serving U.S. government customers, as it seeks to fulfill growing demand from intelligence and defense organizations for i

Max Q: A very Virginia affair

In this issue: Rocket Lab enters a new era with Virginia launch; SpaceX moves closer to Starship's first orbital flight test; news from Quindar, AstroForge and more

Asteroid mining startup AstroForge will test its metal refinery tech in space this year

Asteroid mining startup AstroForge will head to space twice this year, as it attempts to do what no other company has been able to before: unlock the potentially limitless value of precious minerals i

Watch Rocket Lab launch Electron from US soil for the first time

After multiple delays due to inclement weather and high winds, Rocket Lab is poised to launch its first mission from Virginia today, with a two-hour launch window opening at 6 p.m. EST. The mission is

Six ex-OneWeb engineers raise $2.5M for Quindar to revolutionize satellite mission management

It’s never been cheaper to send a spacecraft to orbit, but many companies are hamstrung by the complex and expensive demands of satellite mission management. Quindar wants to change that. The compan

Max Q: Things are tough out there

Hello and welcome back to Max Q! In this issue: A startup tackling the "unsexy" parts ordering workflows; space tech predictions from Seraphim Spacel; news from Varda, ClearSpace and more

With Starship testing, SpaceX moves one step closer to making science fiction a reality

SpaceX is poised to conduct a wet dress rehearsal of the Starship launch system from its Starbase site in southeastern Texas, a major milestone in CEO Elon Musk’s quest to turn long-haul interplanet

Private investment in space dropped 58% last year, even with SpaceX, Anduril monster raises

Private investment in the space economy dropped by 58% in 2022 compared to the year prior, with macroeconomic headwinds battering private and public markets, according to new analysis from New York-ba

Stell wants to modernize the ‘unsexy’ workflows slowing down America’s industrial base

There is very little room for error in aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing. For companies that build products like missiles, rocket boosters and avionics, each part must not deviate more tha

Max Q: Anomalous

Last week wasn't the most successful for spaceflight missions. We'll get into that.

Stratospheric balloon company World View to go public in $350M SPAC deal

World View, a company developing stratospheric balloons for Earth observation and tourism, is heading to the public markets. The company announced Friday that it would merge with special purpose acqui

Virgin Orbit says issue with rocket’s second stage led to mission failure

Virgin Orbit, the unconventional rocket company founded by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, said its mission failure earlier this week was due to an anomaly with the rocket’s second stage. Although

ABL Space Systems’ rocket experiences simultaneous engine shutdown shortly after lift-off

Launch startup ABL Space Systems’ first orbital launch attempt ended in failure Tuesday after all nine engines on the RS1 rocket’s first stage shut down simultaneously. The rocket subsequently

Virgin Orbit’s botched launch highlights shaky financial future

Virgin Orbit’s much-hyped launch from Cornwall, U.K. on Monday ended in failure, with the company announcing that the mission experienced an “anomaly” that prevented the rocket from reaching orb

Max Q: Hitting the ground running

We're hitting the ground running at TC HQ, and it seems the space industry is, too — there was a lot of news, which means a lot to get to in this issue!

Impulse Space will hitch a ride on SpaceX’s Transporter-9 for first mission later this year

In-space transportation startup Impulse Space will head to orbit aboard a SpaceX ride-share mission later this year, as it seeks to prove out its orbital maneuvering and servicing technology for the f

Startups set to go to space for the first time on SpaceX’s Transporter-6 mission

SpaceX is poised to launch 114 payloads to orbit on a Falcon 9 tomorrow morning, the sixth mission of its small-sat ride-share program. But while the rocket company is now an old hand at launches —

Max Q: 2022 was big. 2023 will be even bigger.

I hope everyone had a restful holiday season and a celebratory New Year. Thanks again to all Max Q readers, whether you've been with me for many issues or you're a recent subscriber.

It was a big year for the space industry. 2023 will be even bigger

Another blockbuster year for the space industry draws to a close. In fact, 2022 may have been the most blockbuster year for space in recent memory — since 1969, at least. The historic cadence of Spa
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