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Virtual physical therapist Hinge Health lays off 10% of its workforce

The 9-year-old Hinge Health offers a digital solution to treat chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and was last valued at $6.2 billion in October 2021.

Neurotech startup Neurovalens gets FDA clearance for noninvasive anxiety treatment

A 2019 rule change by the U.S. medical devices regulator aimed at encouraging innovations targeting insomnia and anxiety is bearing fruit: Neurovalens, a Belfast-based startup that for over a decade h

Deal Dive: EarliTec Diagnostics raises $21.5M to help diagnose autism earlier

EarliTec's FDA-authorized device helps clinicians diagnose children showing signs of autism as young as 16 months old.

Varda Space’s orbital drug factory success fuels $90M in new funding

Varda Space Industries has closed a massive tranche of funding just weeks after its first drug manufacturing capsule returned from orbit. The company’s $90 million Series B round marks an inflection

HD raises $5.6M to build a Sierra AI for healthcare in Southeast Asia

Chatbots have come a long way. For years, they were limited to responding with predetermined replies that followed a simple logic structure. But customers can have complex problems, and no tree-diagra

Pitch Deck Teardown: Plantee Innovations’ $1.4M seed deck

It’s rare that I come across a pitch deck that ticks almost all the boxes. It’s so good, in fact, that I fed Plantee’s deck into an AI tool I built, and it determined there was a 97.

YC-backed Pelago, a virtual clinic for addiction treatment, raises $58M Series C

Pelago,  Y Combinator-backed telehealth company that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help treat people with tobacco, alcohol and opioid addictions, said Thursday it had raised a $58 millio

Food-as-medicine startup Chiyo helps postpartum moms with nutrition after raising $3 million

Unlike other meal service providers that want you to be customers for life, Chiyo’s goal is to get you off of its program.

Metyos is building a biowearable to monitor chronic kidney disease

Alexandre Boulanger is better known for building self-balancing exoskeletons at Wandercraft. For his next trick, the Paris-based robotics entrepreneur is fronting work on a far lighter kind of wearabl

Profluent, spurred by Salesforce research and backed by Jeff Dean, uses AI to discover medicines

Last year, Salesforce, the company best known for its cloud sales support software (and Slack), spearheaded a project called ProGen to design proteins using generative AI. A research moonshot, ProGen

Calmara suggests it can detect STIs with photos of genitals — a dangerous idea

You’ve gone home with a Tinder date, and things are escalating. You don’t really know or trust this guy, and you don’t want to contract an STI, so… what now? A company called Calmara wants you

Smart ring maker Ultrahuman has its eye on Oura’s crown

India’s Ultrahuman is prepping for a growth year. Today it’s announcing the close of $35 million in Series B* funding, a mix of equity ($25 million) and debt. The smart ring startup is a l

PocketHealth eases doctor-patient communications with easy image exchange

Have you ever needed a copy of your medical imaging to take to your doctor or another healthcare provider and been handed a CD? You’re not alone. Many radiologists still use CDs and similar anti

Cure51 raises a €15M seed round aiming to crack the code on cancer survival

Rather than grimly assembling data about cancer deaths to predict outcomes in treatment, the founders of Cure51 had another idea.

The CareVoice raises $10M Series B, bucking the funding slowdown in health tech

The field of insurance technology has had a rough time. About 7 years ago, early insurtech companies promised to disrupt the insurance industry with new tech, but today, most of those companies have e

Want to see an NHS doctor? Prepare to cough up your data first.

To get a doctor’s appointment in the U.K. these days, you have to entrust more of your data to private companies — and there’s not a great deal you can do about it. In part due to gr

Microbiome startups respond as industry is accused of ‘questionable practices’

The biotech sector has embraced the microbiome in recent years, a green field market powered by cheap genome sequencing and venture dollars, promising bespoke treatments for everything from gut troubl

With cycle tracking, Withings considers taking half of the population seriously

Whenever I talk to people working in the quantified self — fitness and health trackers — there’s a murmuring about how little attention is given to literally half the population. For

Tierra Biosciences nabs $11M to create new AI-guided proteins

By using cell-free technology, Tierra is able to cut down protein manufacturing from months to weeks and enable customers to order proteins online. 

Pitch Deck Teardown: Astek Diagnostics’s $2M seed deck

Astek Diagnostics closed a $2 million round for its urine diagnostics system, despite the fact that raising money for medtech isn’t for the faint of heart. The company’s deck has some good
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