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Parallelz brings a new approach to seamlessly convert native mobile apps to websites

Over the last few years, developers and authorities have questioned Apple and Google’s power over app distribution on mobile operating systems. If you have an Android app, there’s a chance

Netflix lays off 300 more people — almost 3% of its staff

Video streaming company Netflix said it has laid off 300 people — which represents 3% of its workforce — because of slowing growth and the economic downturn. This is the firm’s second layoff

Instagram tests a new feature to quickly share notes with friends

Instagram is experimenting with another new feature that would allow users to post disappearing content. The feature, called Notes, allows users to post quick notes, like announcements, to their &#822

Instagram tests new age verification tools, including video selfies

Instagram has been tinkering for years looking for better ways to manage and engage with younger and older users — not just to be more compliant with regulations, but to better target age-approp

Apple is finally getting serious about removing junk messages

Apple has just rolled out the second developer beta for iOS 16, and the first thing that’s caught our eye is revamped message filtering. With this update, the company has signaled that it’

Nothing US fans waiting for the company’s first phone will get nothing

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s new company Nothing will not be bringing its first phone — the Phone (1) — to the U.S. The firm said that at the moment “a limited number of our private c

Google News launches a new desktop design with topic customization

Google News is refreshing its desktop site with a new design that allows you to track global and local news on one screen. The redesign puts Your Briefing, Local news and Top Picks section on a single

Twitter asks shareholders to approve the $44 billion Elon Musk takeover

Twitter’s board wants the $44 billion Elon Musk takeover completed, which is why it’s asking its shareholders to approve the deal, according to a new regulatory filing. The board states in

Apple is introducing new tech in iOS 16 to let you skip CAPTCHAs

It’s pretty annoying to go through CAPTCHA verification where you have to identify weird squiggly letters or click on images of the boat till there are none left — just to prove that you&#8217

Bybit crypto exchange joins the the list of companies cutting staff

Singapore-based crypto exchange Bybit has joined a long list of companies that have laid off some of their employees. As the cryptocurrency market is facing tremulous times, firms are finding new ways

Snap tests Snapchat Plus, a paid tier for special features and experiments

Snapchat is testing a paid subscription tier for its social network called Snapchat Plus (or Snapchat+), which would give users early access to experimental features like pinning certain conversations

A new study suggests 33% of US Twitter users post about politics

A new study from the Pew Research Center noted that out of 25% of adult Americans using Twitter, 33% tweet about politics, up from 13% in 2019. The report highlighted that while only 24% of American T

Google Maps has a new Android widget to show live traffic around you

Google Maps is introducing a new widget for Android that will be another use for the functionality that helped make a name for Waze, the other driving and mapping app that Google acquired nearly a dec

Amazon Prime Day lands on July 12-13

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual event where it and sellers on the platform discount a huge number of items for a burst of sales activity, is coming to a screen near you. Today, the e-commerce giant a

Apple’s image cutout feature in iOS 16 is the most fun thing to come out of WWDC 2022

Out of all features Apple announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last week, a new addition to Apple’s Visual Lookup system — a feature where you can “pick up” an ob

Twitter now allows local businesses to display location, hours and contact info on their profiles

Twitter’s expanding its suite of offerings for businesses with a new feature called Location Spotlight for professional accounts, the company announced on Tuesday. Now, local stores can display

Sleep Reset, a new app from Simple Habit’s founder, aims to help you sleep better

Meditation app Simple Habit’s founder, Yunha Kim, is launching a new app today called Sleep Reset to help you improve your sleep. The app aims to bring users the same treatment they would otherw

Coinbase CEO says it is laying off 18% of its workers

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said today that the company will reduce its workforce by 18% — nearly 1,100 people — to “stay healthy during this economic downturn.” The crypto exchange,

Google Maps will now show you info about toll pricing on your route

Google Maps will now help you plan your trip better with a new feature that’ll add up toll amounts on your route, so you can choose the option that’s cheaper or has no tolls. The feature i

After Rogan COVID-19 controversy, Spotify forms a safety council to rethink its content moderation policies

After finding itself embroiled in a lengthy saga over how its star podcaster Joe Rogan spread COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation on his show earlier this year, Spotify has announced a new initiat
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