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Apple reveals new details about Spotify’s business as possible EU fine nears

With the European Commission set to rule on Spotify’s complaint focused on competition in the streaming music market, there are hints that the ruling will not be in Apple’s favor. This wee

Spotify follows Meta, YouTube and others by offering AUX, a service to connect brands and creators

Facebook, Instagram, Snap, YouTube and other social networking companies offer programs to connect creators with brands, and now Spotify is doing the same. The company announced the launch of AUX, its

YouTube rolls out new channel pages for creators on its TV app

YouTube is changing the design for creators’ channels on the big screen, the company announced today. The changes include more accessible action buttons, like “Subscribe,” a more mod

YouTube dominates TV streaming in US, per Nielsen’s latest report

Nielsen today released its January report on viewing usage across linear TV and streaming, which revealed that YouTube is once again the overall top streaming service in the U.S., with 8.6% of viewing

Family tragedy for former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Earlier this week, the 19-year-old son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, was found dead at UC Berkeley of an apparent drug overdose, according to h

Groover connects artists with tastemakers to help them find their audience

Groover offers a platform for independent musicians to connect with music curators and be able to better promote themselves.

Video game startups could be a bright spot for VC in 2024

Video game startups weren't immune to recent market pressures, but the industry heads into 2024 on better footing than some sectors.

I read comics on Apple’s Vision Pro . . . It was fine

Few joys in this cold world can match cracking open a new comic on a lazy Sunday morning. Nothing to do, nowhere to be — just you, a mug of coffee and some sequential art. Not much has fundamentally

Clarity raises $16M to fight deepfakes through detection

Fake porn of Taylor Swift. Photorealistic — but fictionalized — images of Gaza. The list of disconcerting deepfakes goes on, and — as deepfake-creating tools grow easier and cheaper

Spotify’s layoffs put an end to a musical encyclopedia, and fans are pissed

On a brutal December day, 17% of Spotify employees found out they had been laid off in the company’s third round of job cuts last year. Not long after, music fans around the world realized that the

Why a B2B startup is placing a bet on a $7M Super Bowl ad

Papaya Global bought a Super Bowl ad slot with the hope of the commercial driving brand recognition for the software company.

What’s next for STIRR, the free streaming service Thinking Media just acquired

Broadcasting company Sinclair recently sold off its free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service STIRR to Thinking Media, a startup that provides cloud-based streaming solutions for FAST and over-th

Microsoft brings new design-focused features to Copilot

Copilot, Microsoft’s family of AI-powered chatbots and assistants, is getting a few new upgrades timed with a flashy Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign. In a post on the official Microsoft blog, Yusuf

Streamer Plex launches its long-promised movie rentals store

Fresh on the heels of its $40 million fundraise, streaming media company Plex is today announcing its expansion into a new business: a movie rentals storefront. The addition, which will initially be o

Immersive gaming and fitness apps are the key to Vision Pro’s consumer appeal

The foundational vocabulary of any new medium is inherited from that of its predecessor. Take, for instance, the early days of television, when so many shows were effectively radio programs caught on

Decentralized social network Farcaster is trying to reach mass adoption through Web 2.0 techniques

More often than not, it’s rare for crypto-native users to have an easy, quick onboarding experience. Farcaster wants to change that.

Actually, it’s good for Spotify that Joe Rogan’s podcast is no longer exclusive

Spotify renewed its contract with podcaster Joe Rogan this weekend, but with a twist. After almost four years, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is no longer a Spotify-exclusive podcast. This mig

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek tells investors Apple’s DMA rules are a ‘farce,’ but says there are ‘future upsides’ too

Spotify, a notable Apple critic, unsurprisingly came out swinging after Apple announced how it was complying with the EU’s new regulation, the Digital Markets Act, or DMA, calling Apple’s

Spotify now the No. 2 audiobook provider, behind Audible, hints at Daylist inspired-suggestions to come

Late last year, Spotify began offering 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening to its Premium subscribers in select markets, including the U.S. Now the company says the new service is the second-large

Mogul wants to help musicians track unclaimed royalties

The complex world of royalties and rights management is a huge pain point for artists. With the rise in the number of record labels and streaming platforms around, it could be tricky for artists to tr
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