TechCrunch Editorial and Events Calendar

In the course of a year, TechCrunch hosts events around the globe that combine digital media and live activations, as well as many media-only specials centered on momentous tech events. TechCrunch’s editorial calendar offers marketers an unsurpassed platform to reach tech audiences in-person, online, and around the globe.


Disrupt Berlin

Disrupt is the world’s top startup event geared to help entrepreneurs gain insight and visibility

  • December 4-5, 2017
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Onsite and digital opportunities available


& Roadblocks

  • Average Daily Unique Visitors: 100k-150k
  • Run-of-Site: weekly or monthly
  • Homepage or Run-of-Site Roadblocks: daily
  • Standard: 728x90, 300x600, 300x250, 320x50
  • Premium: portrait, billboard, half page, anchor
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web

Content Hub Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship Details: 100% SOV of display media on a particular content hub for 1 month
  • Hubs: Developer, Enterprise, Gadgets, Mobile, Startups
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web, Facebook Instant Articles
  • Standard: 728x90, 300x600, 300x250, 320x50
  • Premium: portrait, billboard, half page, anchor

The Daily Crunch Newsletter

  • Active Subscribers: 200k+
  • Average Daily Open Rate: 26%
  • Sent Monday-Sunday at 12pm ET / 9am PT
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web


Crunch Report Sponsorship

Crunch Report is a fast-paced rundown of the 5 most notable TechCrunch stories of the day
  • Average Monthly View Videos: 1.65M (on-platform and off-platform)
  • Airs Monday-Friday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
  • Sponsorship Details: exclusive brand integration in every episode for 1 month, plus 100% SOV of display media on the show hub
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web


Custom-Built Native Content

Create an authentic brand experience and demonstrate thought leadership in the tech space by creating custom, native content that lives on

  • Sponsorship Details: develop 3+ pieces of viewable or video content, and drive traffic to it via promotional units and social amplification
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web

Gadget or Membership Giveaway

Promote a gadget, membership, or service to TechCrunch readers
  • Sponsorship Details: An article is written about your gadget/service, where readers can sign up to win; the article is promoted in a fixed native unit on the TechCrunch homepage and via the TC Brand Studio Facebook channel
  • Cross-Platform: desktop, mobile web



TechCrunch's new venture capital focused podcast, helping everyone understand the dollars behind the hype
  • Frequency: every Friday (4 episodes per month)
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Average Listens per Episode: 10,000 and growing
  • Sponsorship Details: 2 in-show mentions per epiosde, plus supporting display media

Spoken Edition

TC Spoken Edition airs two daily podcasts—The Daily Crunch and TechCrunch Startups—that feature two of the day's most popular TechCrunch stories

  • Frequency: Monday-Friday (40 episodes per month)
  • Average Episode Length: 2-9 minutes
  • Average Listens per Episode: 2,000 and growing
  • Sponsorship Details: 1 in-show mention per epiosde, plus supporting display media

2018 Calendar

Event Sponsorship Opportunities Coming Soon!

TechCrunch expands event portfolio with TC Sessions

TechCrunch recently announced a new event type, called TC Sessions, which are single day events structured to go deep on a single important topic and bring together, both on stage and in the audience, an expert roundtable of founders, investors, researchers, students, and corporates....

TechCrunch makes a huge splash at CES

This past January, TechCrunch staged its 4th annual Hardware Battlefield, a startup competition focused on hardware startups, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas....

Introducing TC Brand Studio

Today, we’re launching TC Brand Studio. We created TC Brand Studio because our advertisers and partner brands wanted more ways to reach the tech community in more places online....

Welcome to the TC Activations Blog

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