Paul Sawers

Paul Sawers is a senior writer based in London, focused largely on the world of UK And European startups. However, he also writes about other subjects that he’s passionate about, such as the business of open source software.

Prior to TechCrunch, Paul gained more than a decade’s experience covering consumer and enterprise technologies for VentureBeat and The Next Web.

The Latest from Paul Sawers

Cultured meat firm resurrects woolly mammoth in lab-grown meatball

Truth, as the saying goes, is often stranger than fiction. The very notion of resurrecting the long-extinct woolly mammoth was the stuff of fantasy not that long ago, but scientists are already workin

‘High conviction, low volume’: Playfair launches $70M pre-seed fund for European startups

London-based VC firm Playfair Capital targets super-young startups that have yet to make much of a ripple in their respective industries.

Activist investor Elliott ditches director nomination plans for Salesforce

Activist investor Elliott Investment Management won't be proceeding with plans to nominate directors to Salesforce's board. is like Reddit meets Stack Overflow

If Reddit and Stack Overflow were ever to create an offspring, it might look a little something like, perhaps with a little bit of Hacker News somewhere in the genetic makeup too. Founded ou

IPRally, a patent search engine powered by explainable AI, raises $10.8M

IPRally, a Finnish startup building a knowledge graph-based patent search engine, has raised €10 million ($10.8 million) in a Series A round of funding. Founded in 2018, IPRally is one of a number o

Amazon confirms another round of layoffs, impacting 9,000 people in AWS, Twitch and other units

Amazon has announced yet another substantial round of layoffs, as the internet giant today revealed that a further 9,000 people are set to lose their jobs. In a memo published by CEO Andy Jassy this m

Tavus taps generative AI to power personalized videos with voice and face cloning

Tavus enables companies to create "unique" videos tailored to a specific individual, based entirely on a single initial recording.

The UK joins other countries in banning TikTok from government devices

The U.K. has become the latest jurisdiction to ban social video app TikTok from government devices, confirming reports that surfaced earlier this week. The ban follows a security review ordered by U.K

Yandex and 4 other Russian tech firms to be delisted from Nasdaq and NYSE

Five Russia-affiliated internet companies are to be formally delisted from U.S. stock exchanges, a year after trading was halted in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The most prominent o

UK Spring Budget: Government trumpets improved tax relief scheme for ‘R&D-intensive SMEs’

U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt went a small way toward addressing concerns over proposed research and development (R&D) tax credit cuts for small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

GitHub releases blueprint for budding open source program offices

GitHub has published its own internal guides and tools on how to go about setting up an open source program office (OSPO). The new GitHub-OSPO repository on GitHub (where else?) is aimed at businesses

Medwing, a recruitment marketplace for Europe’s healthcare workforce, raises $47M

Medwing, a European startup building a recruitment marketplace for healthcare workers, has raised €44 million ($47 million) in a Series C round of funding. Founded out of Berlin in 2017, Medwing tar

Mark Zuckerberg says engineers who joined Meta in-person perform better than those who joined remotely

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook parent Meta, has pointed to internal data analysis that suggests engineers who initially joined the company in an in-person capacity performed better th

Cvent to go private again in $4.6B Blackstone deal

Meetings and events management software provider Cvent is to be taken private yet again, as part of a $4.6 billion transaction involving two of the biggest players in the private equity sphere. Today&

Meta to cut another 10,000 jobs and cancel ‘low priority projects’

Meta plans to cut its workforce by another 10,000 people and withdraw around 5,000 open roles that it had yet to fill, company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday, confirming recent rumors

Copy that: RightHub wants to be the command center for intellectual property management

An entrepreneur might have the best idea since sliced bread, but if they’re unable to protect it with the relevant patents, trademarks or copyrights, there’s a good chance they won’t

Qualtrics accepts $12.5B all-cash acquisition offer to go private

Qualtrics, the software company behind an experience management platform used by thousands of companies such as Uber, Coca-Cola and Pfizer, has accepted a $12.5 billion all-cash offer from private equ

UK closes ‘Jedi Blue’ antitrust collusion case against Google and Meta

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) won’t be pursuing an anticompetition collusion case against Google and Facebook’s parent Meta, following a similar decision made by

GitHub to require 2FA for all contributors starting from March 13

GitHub is set to require two-factor authentication (2FA) for all developers who contribute code to any project on the platform, a move designed to bolster the software supply chain. The Microsoft-owne

With Project Clover, TikTok touts new EU data privacy and security efforts

TikTok is doubling down on its European charm offensive today as it looks to counter a rising tide of political discontent with the popular short-form video-hosting platform. A new program called Proj
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