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EcoCart drives $14.5M of new funding into its sustainable shopping experience

The software company performs product lifecycle audits for its customers to help them calculate, analyze and offset their carbon emissions. 

How expensive is Elon’s Twitter buy?

Here's what happens if you force a company to accept your bid, and then later have to close the deal after the stock market has sold off. 

Amazon adds free movie trailers, lifestyle content, sports highlights and more to Fire TV

Amazon announced yesterday that Fire TV users in the U.S. can now watch thousands of hours of free, ad-supported content across sports news, cooking and travel, as well as movie and TV trailers from I

Mobileye IPO warns of potential potholes in the road to autonomous driving

Ahead of its IPO, Mobileye notes it has benefited from its first-mover advantage but now faces a proliferating number of rivals worldwide.

Amazon kills its interactive, video-calling device, Amazon Glow, launched last year

Just over a year after its debut, Amazon is discontinuing its interactive, video-calling device for kids and families, the Amazon Glow. First introduced at Amazon’s annual hardware event last ye

US hospital chain CommonSpirit Health says ‘IT security issue’ is disrupting services

CommonSpirit, the second-largest nonprofit hospital chain in the U.S., has confirmed a cybersecurity incident that is disrupting medical services across the country. In a brief statement, Chicago-base

Sendy conducts second round of layoffs, 20% of its remaining staff affected

Months after Sendy laid off 10% of its workforce, the Kenyan logistics startup is at it again, sending more staff home while announcing the decision to wind down its Supply service. Sendy confirmed to

Facebook is rolling out new ways to customize what you see in your feed

Facebook is rolling out new ways for users to customize their feed, the social network announced on Wednesday. Beginning today, you will start to see new “Show more” or “Show less&#8

What’s next for creator-focused startups now that the venture boom is over?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single to

Mvmnt is driving freight brokerage into digital age

In the United States, much of commerce relies on moving goods to market on trucks. The way it works is a manufacturer calls a shipping broker with instructions like “I need to get a load of beer

Dear Sophie: Any tips for negotiating visa and green card sponsorship?

I’ll receive my bachelor’s degree in computer science in December and will apply for OPT. Do you have any tips for negotiating visa and green card sponsorship?

Spotify acquires content moderation tech company Kinzen to address platform safety issues

Spotify this morning announced it’s acquiring Dublin, Ireland-based content moderation tech company Kinzen, which had been working in partnership with the streamer since 2020. Deal terms were no

My cup boileth over: Now kettles have Wi-Fi too, apparently

If you’ve been swimming in the toasty waters of high-end pour-over kettles, you’ve no doubt come across Fellow, and its Stagg EKG kettle. The company uses power-pulsing technology to keep

Apollo launches GraphOS, its end-to-end supergraph platform

GraphQL company Apollo today announced the launch of GraphOS, a new end-to-end platform that is meant to help businesses build, connect and scale what the company calls “supergraphs.” For

The changing cloud landscape: From observability to optimization

Optimization is the next big thing in cloud management, because organizations will continue to look for ways to cut costs, and optimization tooling offers a clear solution.

NetWalker ransomware affiliate sentenced to 20 years in prison

A former Canadian government employee has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in a ransomware scheme that netted him more than $21 million. Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins, a 34-year-old fro

Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon refutes reports about his funds getting frozen

Do Kwon refuted claims that his crypto funds had been frozen after media reports said South Korean prosecutors had escalated actions against the entrepreneur whose blockchain collapsed and wiped inves

Google makes good on its $1B plan to support Africa’s digital economy, but there is a long way to go

It’s one year into Google’s five-year, $1 billion plan to boost digital services across Africa, and on the heels of its latest investment — announcing South Africa as its first clou

Google picks South Africa for its first cloud region in Africa

Tech giant Google has today announced the launch of a cloud region in South Africa, its first in the continent, playing catch-up to other top providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azu

Whistleblow while you work: This startup wants to make it easier to report corporate wrongdoings

From Edward Snowden’s government surveillance revelations through the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal and Twitter’s recent security pitfalls, whistleblowers have b
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