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Elon Musk takes Twitter out of the EU’s Disinformation Code of Practice

Twitter has withdrawn from the European Union’s Code of Practice on online disinformation, per the bloc’s internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton. In a tweet last night — which

To avert more UK antitrust woes, Meta to limit how it uses ad data to boost Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s parent Meta has given key assurances to U.K. antitrust regulators as it looks to counter concerns over how it uses advertising data to benefit its own products. The news comes in the

Sam Altman’s big European tour

Fresh from telling US lawmakers he’s a fan of regulation and laws are needed to mitigate the risks around artificial intelligence — and, indeed, calling for an international regulatory bod

Top Indian tech advocacy group replaces Big Tech execs following criticism

The Internet and Mobile Association of India, an influential tech industry body, has appointed Dream Sports co-founder and chief executive Harsh Jain as the new chairperson of the association, bucking

Ask Sophie: What are my options if a company rescinds my OPT job offer?

I'm an international student graduating this month, but the company I was supposed to start working for on OPT has rescinded my job offer.

Google to work with Europe on stop-gap ‘AI Pact’

Google’s Sundar Pichai has agreed to work with lawmakers in Europe on what’s being referred to as an “AI Pact” — seemingly a stop-gap set of voluntary rules or standards

TikTok’s lead privacy regulator in Europe takes heat from MEPs

MEPs in the European Parliament had the opportunity of a rare in-person appearance by Ireland’s data protection commissioner, Helen Dixon, to criticize the bloc’s lead privacy regulator fo

The Shein-Reliance India alliance could offer inspiration for Chinese startups

Shein is partnering with Reliance to re-enter India, a strategy which, if proven viable, could set an example for startups grappling with the China backlash amid rising geopolitical tensions. The Chin

OpenAI leaders propose international regulatory body for AI

AI is developing rapidly enough and the dangers it may pose are clear enough that OpenAI’s leadership believes that the world needs an international regulatory body akin to that governing nuclea

China bans Micron chips in key infrastructure over ‘national security’ risks

China has banned some sales of Micron products after launching a probe into the American memory chip giant for cybersecurity risks in early April. The decision is widely seen as part of the tit-for-ta

The government can’t seize your data — but it can buy it

Congress needs to ban the government from buying up sensitive geolocation data entirely — not just preventing its seizure.

Procedural justice can address generative AI’s trust/legitimacy problem

Companies building AI platforms can engage society in the process and earn — not demand — trust and legitimacy.

Apple retail still has a diversity problem, union says

The higher you climb up the corporate ladder at Apple, the whiter it gets. That’s according to data analyzed by the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the union that’s helping retail workers

Beijing calls on cloud providers to support AI firms

As large language models from Western tech firms show the potential to disrupt everything from marketing to teaching to coding, China is rushing to cultivate its home-grown AI pioneers by stepping up

Micron to invest $3.6B in Japan for next-gen memory chips

Micron Technology said it will invest up to 500 billion yen ($3.6 billion) in Japan for the next few years with support from the Japanese government to up its game in next-generation memory chips. 

Time’s up for Elizabeth Holmes

After years of high-profile court proceedings, Elizabeth Holmes could actually be headed to prison. For real this time. The former Theranos founder and CEO was found guilty of defrauding investors las

Google pushes ahead with in-app billing policy in India, insists watchdog compliance

Google said on Wednesday that its Google Play’s payments policy is compliant with the Indian watchdog’s order and it is moving ahead with plans to enforce the policy in the South Asian mar

Europe greenlights Microsoft’s $68.7B Activision acquisition

The European Commission (EC) has given the go-ahead to Microsoft’s proposed $68.7 billion bid for gaming giant Activision. The news comes a few weeks after the U.K. emerged as the first jurisdic

US tech policy must keep pace with AI innovation

Today, leaders of technology businesses and the United States government are coming together to map out a unified vision for responsible AI.

An open letter to tech workers about careers in public service

Tech workers who have been laid off possess a lot of highly skilled talent that's poised to take steps in new directions.
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