Haje Jan Kamps

Haje Jan Kamps is the director of portfolio at Bolt, a venture capital firm focused on hardware startups and enabling technologies. He was also a staff writer for TechCrunch.

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Atlassian CTO: We were late moving to the cloud, on the ball with AI

The goal of Atlassian's CTO, Rajeev Rajan, and that of the two CEOs is to create one of the top tech companies at the world.

Open Robotics’ ROS is safe despite Alphabet buying OSRC, says Intrinsic

The acquisition of Open Robotics received a mixed reception across the industry. “The aim of Intrinsic is to democratize the access to robotics,” says Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic.

Agility Robotics: Our robot won’t be armed or take your jobs

Agility Robotics will soon be able to make 10,000 bipedal humanoid robots per year and claims it is creating jobs rather than taking them from humans.

‘Nobody has lost their job because of what we do,’ says CEO of film industry AI tool

“Honestly, and I really can say this with a straight face, we create jobs. Because there’s so much shit to do to actually put these use cases into production, that a lot of our customers can&#

Bay Area baby belly beholding Battlefield bounty

This week, the TechCrunch team descended on San Francisco’s Moscone Center to celebrate one of the biggest to-dos in the startup world: TechCrunch Disrupt.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Transcend’s $20M Series B deck

$20 million doesn't lie, so let's see where Transcend, er, transcends and where it remains painfully mortal.

Banish cumulative graphs from your pitch deck

Investors want to see accelerating growth, and that is much harder to read on a cumulative graph.

PDS is coming to a cop car near you to stop you from drug-driving

According to a 2022 traffic safety study, 56% of drivers involved in serious injury or fatal crashes tested positive for at least one drug. In 2020, there were more than 5 million car accidents report

Don’t use builds, reveals or animations in your pitch deck

In a world of ever-advancing technologies, it can be tempting to embed your pitch deck with all the latest bells and whistles. But do they even work?

In Diagnostics launches a $30 test that aims to tell you if your liver is working

If you’re rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery, it would be helpful if the anesthesiology team could predict whether your body will react in the way they expect. In the majority of case

Not all companies need to be venture-scale

Companies often attempt to raise from VCs despite knowing they can’t possibly deliver venture-scale returns.

RoboFab is ready to build 10,000 humanoid robots per year

Today, Agility Robotics announced it's getting ready to crank up its RoboFab, which can build more than 10,000 Digits per year.

Erik Buell on the future of electric motorcycles

The future of mopeds and motorcycles is electric, Erik Buell says. He sees mopeds and motorcycles playing a greater role in transportation.

How angel investors lose their money, in 7 easy steps

Welcome to Startups Weekly. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. I know it’s perhaps unfair to assume that angels have the same approach to investors as professional, institutional pre

Pitch Deck Teardown: Learn.xyz’s $3M seed deck

There's a lot to love about this cute, animated pitch deck, except one thing.

If you’d bought Apple shares instead of iPhones, you’d now have $147,000

What would happen if, instead of buying the newest iPhone every time Apple launches one, you bought that same amount of Apple stock? There is a tweet floating around saying that if you had bought Appl

What’s missing from Guy Kawasaki’s 10-slide deck

A year ago, the average successful slide deck contained 19 slides. Today, the average slide deck contains 16 topics. So, should founders still be striving to shorten their decks even more?

The 7 best ways to lose money as an angel investor

Investing at the earliest stages of a company is a high-risk activity, even with perfect information and context.

This startup has 12 co-founders

For the most part, founding teams are small, tight and have a unified vision as to where they’re going.

iPhone 15 Pro Max gets 5x optical telephoto lens and other treats for photo lovers

At Apple’s event today, the phone maker showed off its new iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its flagship camera capabilities. Sure, Pixel owners might giggle to themselves, muttering something about how
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