Instagram launches a new hub to help users resolve account access issues

Instagram is introducing and expanding a number of features to help users keep their accounts secure, the company announced on Thursday. Most notably, the social network is launching a new “hacked” hub where users can report and resolve account access issues. If you’re unable to log into your account, you can enter on your mobile phone or desktop browser to access the new hub.

Next, users will be able to select if they think they have been hacked, forgot their password, lost access to two-factor authentication or if their account has been disabled. From there, users will be able to follow a series of steps to regain access to their account. If a user has multiple accounts associated with their information, they will be able to choose which account needs support.

In addition to the roll out of this hub, Instagram is expanding access to a feature that is designed to give users multiple ways to get their account back if they lose access. Earlier this year, Instagram began testing a way for people to ask their friends to confirm their identity in order to help regain access to their account. Now, this option is available to everyone. If you are locked out of your account, you can choose two of your Instagram friends to verify your identity and get back into your account.

Instagram's security feature

Image Credits: Instagram

Instagram is also testing new ways to help prevent hacking on its platform before it actually happens. The company already removes accounts that its automated systems determine to be malicious, and is now taking this measure a step further.

“Because bad actors often don’t immediately use accounts maliciously, we’re now testing sending warnings if an account that we suspect may be impersonating someone requests to follow you,” the company wrote in a blog post. “In the coming months, we’ll also send warnings if an account that may be impersonating a business sends you a Direct Message (DM).”

The company is also going to start displaying the blue verified badge for verified accounts in more places across the platform to make it easier for users to quickly determine if the account they’re interacting with is legitimate. You can now see verified blue badges in Stories and DMs. Instagram will also start featuring them in the Feed in the future.