Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps

Meta’s making several big moves today to promote its AI services across its platform. The company has upgraded its AI chatbot with its newest large language model, Llama 3, and it is now running

TikTok starts testing its Instagram competitor TikTok Notes in Canada and Australia

TikTok is rolling out its Instagram competitor, TikTok Notes, in select markets. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Canada and Australia, the company said. The compan

Meta’s Oversight Board probes explicit AI-generated images posted on Instagram and Facebook

The Oversight Board, Meta’s semi-independent policy council, is turning its attention to how the company’s social platforms are handling explicit, AI-generated images. Tuesday, it announce

After struggling with real-time trends, Threads tests a ‘recent’ filter for search results

Meta-owned social network Threads is finally testing a "Recent" filter to sort search results.

Meta to close Threads in Turkey to comply with injunction prohibiting data sharing with Instagram

Meta will "temporarily" shutter Threads in Turkey on April 29, in response to an injunction imposed by the country's competition authority.

Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram

Meta is pushing ahead with its efforts to make its generative AI-powered products available to more users. Apart from testing Meta AI chatbot with users in countries like India on WhatsApp, the compan

Meta will auto-blur nudity in Instagram DMs in latest teen safety step

Meta said on Thursday that it is testing new features on Instagram intended to help safeguard young people from unwanted nudity or sextortion scams. This includes a feature called “Nudity Protec

Hundreds of creators sign letter slamming Meta’s limit on political content

If you haven’t been seeing much political content on Instagram lately, there’s a reason for that. Since March, Instagram and Threads have instituted a new default setting that limits polit

Meta’s X competitor Threads invites developers to sign up for API access, publishes docs

After opening its developer API to select companies for testing in March, Meta’s Twitter/X competitor Threads is now introducing developer documentation and a sign-up sheet for interested partie

TikTok’s Instagram competitor likely to be named TikTok Notes

TikTok’s upcoming Instagram competitor app for sharing photos could be named TikTok Notes, according to screenshots posted by users. TikTok also confirmed the app was in development. Over the la

Meta explains why the NYC/NJ earthquake didn’t trend earlier in the day

Despite its similarities, Instagram Threads is no X. That's not to say people weren't discussing the earthquake on Threads — many were.

WhatsApp was down in Meta’s second big outage this year

For the second time in just over a month, Meta’s apps, including WhatsApp, and to some extent, Messenger and Instagram, faced outages and intermittent issues. While it’s rare for services

Instagram is developing ‘Blend,’ recommended Reels for you and a friend

Instagram is developing a “Blend” feature that creates a private feed of Reels recommended for you and a friend. The company told TechCrunch on Friday that the feature is an internal prototype and

TechCrunch Minute: You’re likely seeing less news and politics on Instagram. Here’s why

As the election cycle heats up, Instagram and Threads will be cooling down the amount of political content entering many users’ feeds. These changes, which limit the reach of political content f

How to turn off Instagram’s political content filter

It’s election season in the U.S., and Instagram has changed the way that it recommends political content. On both Instagram and the newer X competitor Threads, this change won’t impact wha

Instagram is working on a feature that would allow you to let others put a ‘Spin’ on your Reel

Instagram is working on a “Spins” feature for Reels, its short-form video TikTok clone, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The feature, which was first spotted by reverse engineer Alessa

Code suggests that TikTok could be building an app for photos

After rivaling music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music with TikTok Music, ByteDance might be looking at creating an Instagram competitor named TikTok Photos, code found in the TikTok ap

Threads now lets all users save drafts and take photos within the app

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is rolling out the ability for users to save a draft and take photos within the app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the features today, noting they

Bored? Go play this hidden game in your Instagram DMs

Instagram has quietly added a secret emoji game that you can access in your DMs. The goal of the game is simple: Use your finger to move the paddle at the bottom of your screen to keep your emoji aflo

Facebook, Instagram and Threads were all down in massive Meta outage on Super Tuesday

Reports are coming in that a number of Meta’s top social apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, are all experiencing an outage on Tuesday morning. When loading the apps or websites, u
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