Daily Crunch: Amazon says it’s ‘disappointed’ after Staten Island fulfillment center workers unionize

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A fine day to you, and welcome to Daily Crunch for Friday, April 1, 2022! It was a slow news day at TC Towers because we double-checked every PR pitch for April Fools’ Day silliness and every PR agency in the world advised their clients to set embargoes to literally any other day of the year.

Alex and Mary Ann held down the Equity fort this week in a particularly enjoyable episode covering – among other things – Instacart lowering its valuation. Now if you’ll forgive us, we’re just going to listen to Rick Astley on repeat. Trick’s on you, 900 people who were trying to fool us into clicking on those links. – Christine and Haje

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Startups and VC

A quiet news day today, but a few fun gems bubbled to the surface:

As a startup nerd with a particular penchant for the art of VC pitching, I’m psyched to attend Lotti Siniscalco’s Pitch Deck Teardown at TC Early Stage in a couple of weeks.

The how and why of raising OT security capital

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Operational technology, which allows critical infrastructure to operate 24/7, is one area facing significant cybersecurity risk, and with the U.S. government taking steps to mitigate the threat, security firms addressing this area stand to benefit the most, writes Matt Gatto, a managing director at Insight Partners.

In a guest post for TC+, he explains how recent attacks on critical infrastructure, pending regulation, and rising concerns over Russian cyberattacks are creating new opportunities in OT.

“It’s a good time for OT security providers to seek funding,” says Gatto. “The combination of increasing OT cyberattacks and the emergence of government regulations is fueling a funding frenzy.”

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The how and why of raising OT security capital

Big Tech Inc.

April’s Fools!

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I don’t know about y’all, but I’m on my very last nerve, and between elections, pandemics, invasions, and the drummer of my favorite band passing away recently, I’ve lost at least 95% of my sense of humor over the last couple of years. Still, tech startups try to prank the ever-loving bejesus out of us every year. Here are the top five least cringe April Fools’ Day jokes this year.

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