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SVB’s commercial banking president: ‘Come on back, the water’s fine’

Four players in the banking industry spoke about what they are doing to offer startups and investors new alternatives in a post-SVB world.

Armed with First Republic alums, Citizens Bank unveils new startup-focused private bank

When Silicon Valley Bank imploded in March, Sam Heshmati wasn’t naive enough to think that First Republic Bank — where he had worked for more than a decade and helped launch their startup prac

Hey, stuck startups, reducing growth could make you less fundable

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SVB’s collapse drove 26K customers to Mercury in 4 months

When Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in March, a flurry of startups rushed to step in to help fill a gap in the startup and venture capital community. One of those startups, Mercury, in particular found

How one software engineer is turning Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse story into a musical

Mauricio Costa was inspired by stories about the bank's demise and is giving them a gospel and hip-hop treatment in a new musical.

Private lenders won’t fill the venture debt gap left by SVB

The collapse of SVB does bring new opportunities for venture debt lenders, but they aren't interested in SVB's early-stage strategy.

The new rules of venture debt are already being written

Venture debt, in many ways, used to be an afterthought. But in the post-SVB world, raising this kind of debt is going to look very different.

5 investors discuss what’s in store for venture debt following SVB’s collapse

VCs don't think venture debt is going away anytime soon, but five investors said getting it now will look different than before.

Fintech startup Brex was among the bidders for SVB’s early-stage and growth portfolios

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As another startup bank partner collapses, tech feels the gap

In the wake of FRB's collapse, founders and investors continue to wonder: Where is the best place to protect important assets?

Is First Republic just a victim of SVB’s collapse?

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This week Mary Ann, Natasha and Alex were especially chat

Silicon Valley Bank’s chief risk officer is out, months after taking the job

When Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse was first unfolding, a belated disclosure colored some of the chaos: The bank spent most of last year without a chief risk officer, and the one who left sold more

Why the startup sector should keep its eye on the SEC

Three key areas of proposed intervention by the SEC offer examples of why the venture community should be paying attention:

How a fintech company handled a fintech crisis

Spend management company Airbase found itself trying to access its own funds while also helping customers make payments through Silicon Valley Bank during the bank's collapse.

There’s trouble in Startup Nation

For Israeli entrepreneurs, the prospect of rising pressure on the country's credit rating made banking diversification a more pressing issue.

SVB collapse spared an already muted venture deal market

The past year has been tough for startups and investors, but at least Silicon Valley Bank's downfall isn't likely to make it materially tougher.

First Citizens is acquiring $72B in deposits and loans from Silicon Valley Bridge Bank

First Citizens has agreed to buy Silicon Valley Bank, the California lender whose collapse sent shockwaves through the financial sector.

Now is the time to invest in Black-owned banks

It's essential to consider this moment as an opportunity to start banking with some of the few Black-owned banks.

Emerging managers hope the new SVB offers the same support to new VCs

When it came to emerging managers, SVB went beyond just banking resources. These young VCs hope that support isn't lost.

Silicon Valley Bank’s crash is providing valuable lessons all over the world

This week, some of my colleagues took a deep dive into the effects on consumers, businesses, banks, investors, etc. — all over the world — showing just how connected the startup ecosystem really i
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