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VC funding to Black web3 founders popped last year, bucking trends

Funding for Black web3 founders has only increased, and the crypto winter proved the most fruitful year.

Spatial Labs, a web3 infrastructure and hardware company, closes $10M seed round

“We’re going to be responsible for catalyzing a completely new generation to be more conscious of their environment; more conscious of how they spend and how they buy," Sandu said.

Despite 2022’s headwinds, women’s health startups did better than ever before

TechCrunch conducted a vibe check to see where this sector stands, and found a prevailing sense of guarded optimism.

Debunking the myths of why venture investors don’t fund diverse startups

Without transparency, it’s difficult to determine exactly how disproportionate venture funding to women and people of color truly is.

Women-founded startups raised 1.9% of all VC funds in 2022, a drop from 2021

Last year, U.S. startups with all-women teams received 1.9% (or around $4.5 billion) out of around the $238.3 billion in venture capital allocated, according to the latest PitchBook data.

Web3 could help fashion become more sustainable

Fashion is one of the most polluting sectors in the world, accounting for up to 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide output. Can web3 help?

Funding for Black founders remains dismal — where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? Is the next step looking at alternative funding, or is it staying on the battleground, always ready to fight?

Black founders still raised just 1% of all VC funds in 2022

In total, U.S. Black founders raised an estimated $2.254 billion out of the $215 billion in U.S. venture capital allocated last year in 2022.

Lablaco seeks to help usher in the new era of web3 digitized retail

SPIN focuses on luxury consumers, though it’s not hard to ponder what an app such as this could do for a market in desperate need of a transfix, such as fast fashion.

Despite myriad flaws, US remains top spot for Black startup founders seeking VC dollars

Through the haze, the reality is that the heart of the American Dream is still beating.

All we are saying is give due diligence a chance in 2023

You should never be signing checks because all the cool kids are doing it — that is never a sound approach to doing most things in life, let alone investing millions of dollars.

3 Black investors share what they are prepping for come the new year

For 2023, it appears investors are focusing on trends that are relatively safer and likelier to bear fruit

3 Black investors talk about what they’re looking for in 2023

"I think a lot of the narrative that many investors put out there about investing in more Black founders was mostly just talk."

The #MyTechBestfriend fallout continues

There are now allegations against tech boot camp MyTechBestfriend of possible fraud, FBI involvement and, well, voodoo.

3 Black founders explain how they’re preparing for a tough 2023

Life as a startup founder is never dull. That’s doubly true for Black founders, who routinely struggle to raise funds, be noticed and get their fair share of attention.

3 Black founders predict little will change in VC in 2023

As the fundraising climate reverts to pre-pandemic levels, Black founders discuss how they're preparing for next year.

Proposed legislation would force US higher education endowments to reveal where they invest

Higher education institutions have been notoriously secretive about where and to whom they invest money, and, despite calls for change, many have refused transparency.

Women are rising through the ranks at VC firms, new survey shows

The next generation of women venture capitalists are rising through the leadership ranks — though there are some caveats.

Q&A: ‘Better Venture’ authors on why VC has failed to reinvent itself

"Better Venture" serves as a guide for those looking to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the venture space.

‘Co-warehouse’ company Saltbox closes $35M Series B

The news comes more than a year after Saltbox closed a $10.6 million Series A, bringing its total funding to $56 million.
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