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Threading the needle: A peek at Paul Judge’s plans for SoftBank’s Open Opportunity Fund

We sat down with Judge to discuss his new appointment and the fund’s potential role in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

Digital Nomads need insurance too with Sarah Sandnes from SafetyWing

Welcome back to Found, where we get stories behind the startups. This week, Becca and Dom are joined by Sarah Sandnes, co-founder of SafetyWing.

Hear from top Atlanta VCs at TechCrunch Live’s Atlanta event

It’s hard to believe there’s less than a month before TechCrunch (virtually) touches down in Atlanta for our latest TC Live event on June 7th at 2PM EDT. We have a slate of amazing programming pla

SoftBank launches new fund to raise and invest $150 million in Black and Latino-led startups

The new fund hopes to deploy the $150 million within three years, and has appointed Paul Judge as its managing partner.

Greenwood’s Ryan Glover to speak on the economics of building a Black business at TechCrunch Live’s Atlanta event

TechCrunch Live is excited to announce a fireside chat with Ryan Glover, co-founder of Greenwood Bank, as part of our virtual TechCrunch Live: Atlanta event on June 7. Glover will sit down with me, Do

Motherhood, mentorship and management with Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan from Samooha

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, the co-founder and CEO at Samooha, a startup creating the in

Without Black representation in climate tech, ‘the planet will burn’

The lack of funding and dearth of DEI data suggests that the venture community writ large is overlooking a vast amount of untapped potential.

VC funding of women climate tech founders is abysmal. Here’s how it could improve

Women founders have received just 6.9% of venture dollars in climate tech in Q1, according to Crunchbase, which is down from 8.9% in 2022.

Boxed wine can be bougie with Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher from Juliet

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week we welcome Dominic Madori-Davis to the show as the new cohost of Found! The team is also joined by Allison Luvera and Lau

Apply now to pitch at TechCrunch Live’s Atlanta pitch-off!

Hey Atlanta founders! Apply now to pitch at TechCrunch Live’s Atlanta event. Next month, TechCrunch Live is shining a spotlight on the Atlanta tech ecosystem once again, in a special (but virtua

Four investors explain why AI ethics can’t be an afterthought

Some onus lies on investors to make sure these new technologies are being built by founders with ethics in mind.

TechCrunch Live is (virtually) going to Atlanta and you’re invited!

Atlanta-area startups: Apply now to the pitch off to win a spot in the Battlefield 200.

It’s never too late to align product-market fit metrics with your company’s values

It's a perennial question for early-stage startups: how does one find product-market fit (PMF)?

At 0.69% in Q1, the dip in funding for Black founders ‘no longer evokes an emotional response’

The data set shows that in Q1 2023, Black founders raised an estimated $312 million out of the around $45 billion Crunchbase totaled for the quarter.

Threading the needle: 5 questions for National Grid Partners’ Lisa Lambert

Environmental and social concerns should be top of mind right now for any smart investor, says National Grid Partners founder Lisa Lambert.

Creative platform EVEN raises $2.2M seed round to help artists sell directly to fans

Rodriguez said he was inspired to launch the company as a way to help, specifically Black and brown artists, retain equity in their creative work.

At just 2.1% of all VC investment, funding for women remains ‘meh’ in Q1 2023

No matter what the year brings, the percentage of funding to women has been stagnant for so long that to harp on about it feels rather fruitless.

MassMutual launches $100M fund to invest in diverse founders

It’s close to finishing the deployment of its first MM Catalyst Fund of $50 million, which launched two years ago and has so far invested in 16 businesses throughout the state.

Arts Help launches $6M fundraise to build digital climate library and ESG certification program

The lack of access to proper climate information has become imperative as the Earth’s temperature swells.

Threading the needle: 5 questions with investor Lauren Maillian

Maillian talks about power in the industry, the changing landscape for Black women and Latinas, and what her next act will be.
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