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Anna Heim

Reporter, TC+

Reporter at TechCrunch+, exploring SaaS and more. Former LATAM & Media Editor at The Next Web, startup founder and Sciences Po Paris alum.

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Venture capital is opening the gates for defense tech

Anduril is symbolic of a trend in which defense tech and venture capital dollars are no longer antithetic.

Startups may have trouble finding their enterprise footing

According to a survey from Battery Ventures, the percentage of respondents that let their engineers self-select tools fell from 74% in Q3 2023 to 44% last quarter.

Travel wheelchair Revolve Air launches on Kickstarter

Revolve Air, a travel wheelchair that can fold to cabin luggage size, is now available for pre-orders on Kickstarter at a cost of $4,999.

Disability tech startups kill the cynic in me

"Accessibility is a human right," reads a sticker from the Howe Innovation Center. And for sure, it is great to see startups help companies make this a reality.

Libra’s co-creator had geopolitical motivations to build the digital currency

Concerns while building Libra weren't limited to China, though.

TechCrunch+ picks: 9 books set around San Francisco

San Francisco is in a constant state of reinvention, and the many books set in or based on the Bay Area help prove it.

The future of batteries needs more than venture capital

French battery maker Verkor secured more than €2 billion (around $2.1 billion) to build its Dunkirk gigafactory, which is set to be operational by 2025.

Is Instacart’s new IPO price range justified?

In its S-1, Instacart describes itself as a "grocery technology company." But does that warrant a tech valuation?

8 Latin American VCs share why they’re brimming with optimism about the region’s startups

We asked Latin American investors where they are placing their bets, when they think Brazil's IPO window might reopen, how to best pitch them, and more.

Rainbow or storm?

Some fintech companies are weathering the storm better than others and seeing an end in sight.

Signs of life in the technology M&A market

Today we’re looking at where deals are getting done from a geographic perspective.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 2023 Demo Day, Day 2

The word on everybody's lips was "AI," but there was a number of startups trying to make trucking, and the larger logistics world, work better and faster.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 2023 Demo Day, Day 1

What follows are our favorites from the first day’s pitches, listed in no particular order.

It doesn’t look like Y Combinator’s summer Demo Day batch will surprise us much

We don't want to shock your system this early on a holiday week, but there aren’t very many web3-focused startups in the upcoming demo day contingent.

Making the world a better place?

Managing returns efficiently is a necessity for online sellers; to keep their customers happy to retain them, but also because reducing their environmental impact becomes no longer optional.

All that fintech investment had a real impact on banking penetration in Latin America

When a group of startups works on a similar set of problems, they frequently bring about massive shifts in how day-to-day life is lived.

The IPO drought was worse than you thought

Even with a single-digit tally, the last three months of this year could be the most active quarter by the count of IPOs we do care about.

Looking for your next book? These 9 authors have reading recommendations for you

We asked authors whose work is closely tied to tech and startups this simple question: "What book have you read this summer that you think others might enjoy?"

Yes, in my backyard

Can startups help solve the U.S. housing crisis? BuildCasa thinks so. It raised a $3.5 million round of pre-seed funding to let California homeowners build new homes in their backyards.

OnlyFans’ profitability proves the creator economy boom was real enough

Quibbles aside, OnlyFans has proved that the creator economy is just as real (and profitable) as many founders and investors hoped.
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