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Anna Heim

Freelance Reporter

Anna is a freelance reporter at TechCrunch, exploring SaaS and more. Former LATAM & Media Editor at The Next Web, startup founder and Sciences Po Paris alum.

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MWC: Ethiopian fintech eQub digitizes peer-to-peer credit

Ethiopian startup eQub won the fintech pitching battle at 4YFN 2024, the startup event of Mobile World Congress.

With liquidity rare, VCs may get creative to return investor cash

Welcome to the very last issue of The Exchange! With TechCrunch+ sunsetting this month, The Exchange column and its newsletter are also coming to an end. Thank you for reading, emailing, tweeting, and

Y Combinator wants 100 times more MRI scans

Leveraging resources such as virtual data rooms and shared labs makes it easier for biotech startups to grow. This is good news: We need more companies attacking cancer from novel angles.

Earlybird Health closes twice-larger second fund, will write bigger checks

Germany-based Earlybird Health announced the final closing of its second fund of €173 million (around $185 million). This is more than twice the size of Earlybird's first healthcare-focused fund.

Safety by design

Tech's ability to reinvent the wheel can mean ignoring truths that others have learned. But new founders are sometimes figuring it out for themselves faster than predecessors.

Why Latin American SaaS startups are different from their US peers

Many of Latin America's SaaS businesses outperform others at efficiency metrics, but capital scarcity also puts a limit to innovation, although AI could change that.

Is building an ecosystem the way forward for construction tech startups in LatAm?

Argentine construction tech startup Nuqlea recently raised a $750,000 extension round led by construction-focused VC firm Foundamental.

Why there’s no clear winning pricing strategy in B2B SaaS

New data from Maxio indicates that both consumption and subscription pricing have their advantages when it comes to growth, but not at the same time.

Can AI do ugly?

Some thoughts on AI aesthetics, the challenge of uninsurability, and how to pitch a biotech startup to non-experts.

Yes, the tech layoff surge you are feeling is real

January has thus far seen 23,670 known tech layoffs, sourced from 85 known reductions, and hitting tech shops big and small.

Luko’s acquisition won’t make everyone happy, but the insurtech will live on

Allianz Direct, a digital-first German subsidiary of the insurance giant, has acquired the French home insurance business of ailing insurtech Luko for €4.3 million (around $4.65 million).

As the Mac turns 40, a tip of the hat to Mr. Macintosh

Steve Jobs once commissioned Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon to come up with an illustrated character that would "live" in every Mac machine and surprise the owner: Mr. Macintosh, aka Mac Man.

VCs are not done betting on fintech

Which startups are drawing the most praise from venture folks? A new list compiled by GGV US provides some hints.

It’s a good time to invest in early-stage edtech, investors say

It would be shortsighted to overlook edtech amid the present downturn, especially now that AI is disrupting nearly every industry out there.

The two faces of AI

We all make mistakes. But sometimes we forget that technology does, too — especially when it comes to AI, which is still in its early days in many respects.

Private equity could be the last resort for startups struggling to exit

Startups are in a difficult spot. But the good news is that some untraveled and overgrown exit paths have a chance of opening up this year.

Consumer tech is bound for a comeback among unicorns, but maybe not just yet

Cowboy Ventures predicts that "given the hard shift to enterprise," we can "hope and expect more exciting consumer unicorns will be born in coming years."

Insurtech Getsafe acquires a student loan platform to meet its future clients upstream

This is Getsafe's second acquisition in a few months, after it nabbed the German portfolio of ailing French insurtech company Luko.

The mobile regulatory landscape is changing at an inconvenient time for Apple

With the tech world fighting to win the AI race while smartphone sales slow and regulations chip away at its legacy revenue streams, Apple has its work cut out for it.

Age tech at CES was much more than gadgets

CES was definitely worth watching closely, if only just for the rise of age tech.
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