Substack helps writers turn blogs and newsletters into subscription businesses

Substack is looking to help writers make money in a way that CEO Chris Best described as “diametrically opposed to the broader Internet news model.” In other words, while large digital med

Revue makes email newsletters personal again

A few months ago I decided I wanted to start an email newsletter where I'd share links to everything I've written each week, reports from events I'd attended or had spoken at and other commentary and

The Bridge newsletter brings political news to Silicon Valley and tech news to D.C.

Tech and politics need a translator — at least according to Jamie Corley and Christyn Lansing, founders of The Bridge. Corley and Lansing have worked in both worlds — each of them, for example,

The New York Times invests in theSkimm

Big media companies are backing newsletter startup theSkimm. Following an $8 million round led by 21st Century Fox that was announced in June, theSkimm announced today that it has raised an additional

Inbox by Gmail now helps you track calendar events, save links and stay on top of newsletters

Google is launching an update to Inbox by Gmail today that adds three new features to the company’s Gmail-based next-gen email client for the web and mobile. Probably the most interesting of t

theSkimm expands beyond newsletters with Skimm Ahead, a subscription calendar service

Since launching in 2012, theSkimm has built up a big audience for its email newsletter — founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin told me they have more than 3.5 million active subscriptions, wit

RefreshBox Lets Anyone Create Newsletters Featuring The Week’s “Best Reads”

It's been said the death of email newsletters has been greatly exaggerated. Case in point, perhaps: a new startup called RefreshBox, which lets anyone easily curate their own weekly newsletter. The se

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With E-Mail Newsletters Right Now

E-mail newsletters are so hot right now. Some of the best known are by Ann Friedman, Alexis Madrigal, Dan Hon and Rusty Foster. There's a web ring for e-mail newsletters now, but really the best ne

CrunchBase Weekly And Crunch Daily Bring Top Headlines To Your Inbox

Do you have a burning desire to know which startups raised the most capital this week? Who made the biggest acquisitions? Who got bought or sold? Are you interested in finding out where top industry e Combines Your Favorite Email Subscriptions Into One, Lets You Kill The Rest

Suffering from inbox overload? Of course you are - everyone is. And now thanks to <a href="