Pebble Time Pre-Orders Kick Off At Best Buy And

The Pebble Time has already been percolating out to backers of the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, but now anyone can pre-order the wearable. In the U.S., pre-orders are routing through Best Buy, ahead of ship dates staring in early July, and in-store retail availability at the electronics giant starting in mid-July. For the rest of the world, is your pre-order destination, with shipments beginning in early July.

Pebble Time is one of two new versions of the smartwatch running the latest OS and boasting a color screen, with Pebble Time Steel shipping to Kickstarter backers a bit later on, and pre-orders for that device launching later, as well. The Pebble Time uses a new interaction paradigm based on a timeline of events, letting you peek ahead at what’s coming up, and look back at what has already happened at any time during the day.

The Pebble Time works with both iOS and Android devices, though it’ll offer more to users of the latter platform, as we noted in our full-length review. It’s retailing for $200 U.S. at retail launch, with black, white and red color options for the band and case.

Pebble is launching this second-generation hardware into a wearable market that has seen many changes since its first product debuted; both Apple Watch and Android Wear are now available to retail customers. The Kickstarter campaign showed that at the very least, Pebble’s core audience still strongly supports the company, but it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the consumer market reacts.