Hackers used spyware made in Spain to target users in the UAE, Google says

In November 2022, Google revealed the existence of a then-unknown spyware vendor called Variston. Now, Google researchers say they have seen hackers use Variston’s tools in the United Arab Emirates.

Consumers are splurging on premium smartphones amid tough economic conditions, report says

Amid the declining smartphone market, premium devices are having their moment. These pricey devices made up more than half of the worldwide smartphone market’s revenue, according to a report by

Google flags apps made by popular Chinese e-commerce giant as malware

Several apps made by Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo were flagged as malicious and dangerous by Google.

Google warns users to take action to protect against remotely exploitable flaws in popular Android phones

Google’s security research unit is sounding the alarm on a set of vulnerabilities it found in certain Samsung chips included in dozens of Android models, wearables and vehicles, fearing the flaws co

Google introduces Open Health Stack for developers

Google announced a new open source program called Open Health Stack for developers to build health-related apps. These tools, unveiled at the company’s “The Check Up” special event t

Google’s Sameer Samat on ecosystems, regulation and competition

Android was, predictably, everywhere at Mobile World Congress. At a show where Apple has no public-facing presence, Google’s mobile operating system is almost entirely ubiquitous. As in past years,

Google announces new features for Android and Wear OS

Google has announced a slew of new features for Android, Chromebook and Wear OS that are designed to improve connectivity, productivity and accessibility. The announcement was timed to coincide with M

Google, complying with regulatory order, to support third-party billing in India from April 26

Google will start to support a third-party billing system for Google Play Store purchases in India on April 26 as the Android-maker begins complying with the local regulatory directions in the key ove

Stripe expands Tap to Pay to Android, turning NFC-enabled Android devices into payment terminals

Stripe, the payments and financial services upstart, made waves in the world of mobile commerce last year when it became Apple’s first payment partner for “Tap to Pay,” the iPhone gi

This Week in Apps: Twitter alternative winners and losers, BeReal declines, iOS web apps to get notifications

This week's theme seems to be a decline in growth for some much-buzzed-about apps, including a group of Twitter alternatives, AI photo apps and even the BeReal. Let's dive in.

Firefox for Android gets extension for listening to articles and hiding email addresses

Mozilla has added three new extensions for its Android web browser. Firefox only has a limit set of extensions on Android, and today’s new extensions add features and improve privacy. These exte

Google rolls out new features to make in-app browsers better on Android

In-app browsers are usually not the best way to consume content in an app. In fact, Android developers have been using the Chrome custom tabs features to fine-tune the experience. Now Google is rolli

Twitter will stop forcing its algorithmic timeline on iOS and Android

The circle of Twitter decisions is complete. The social network will finally stop forcing its algorithmic “For You” timeline to users on iOS and Android. Twitter said that the apps will re

Spotify’s third-party billing option has now reached over 140 global markets

In its fourth-quarter earnings, Spotify announced today its User Choice Billing program has now expanded to more than 140 markets worldwide, allowing the streaming music service to reduce the commissi

Netflix’s ‘Kids Mystery Box’ feature now available on Android devices

After eight months, Netflix’s Kids Mystery Box feature has officially rolled out to Android devices today. Android users worldwide can now discover new children’s shows and TV characters by cl

Chrome for Android now lets you lock your incognito session

Chrome is rolling out an update for Android users that lets them lock their incognito sessions with a password code or biometric info when they exit the app. The feature has been available for iOS use

Google to make changes to Android business terms in India after antitrust blow

Google is revising its business agreements with phonemakers and other partners in India and making a series of other changes in the South Asian market to comply with the local antitrust watchdog&#8217

Niantic tries its hand at sports with NBA All-World

Niantic, the company behind the mega-hit Pokémon GO, has reached an inflection point. Whether because of pandemic fatigue or frustration over the limitations of today’s AR tech, the Google-spaw

Shadow acquires Android emulation startup Genymobile

Shadow is making its first acquisition as it announced that it would snatch up Genymobile, the company behind Genymotion. Shadow is better known for its cloud computing service that works particularly

Twitter puts more emphasis on the bookmark feature on iOS

After promising a feature that lets you easily bookmark tweets, Twitter is now rolling it out on iOS. The new design displays the bookmark button under the expanded tweet view. Making it easier to add
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