Spotify’s third-party billing option has now reached over 140 global markets

In its fourth-quarter earnings, Spotify announced today its User Choice Billing program has now expanded to more than 140 markets worldwide, allowing the streaming music service to reduce the commissi

Netflix’s ‘Kids Mystery Box’ feature now available on Android devices

After eight months, Netflix’s Kids Mystery Box feature has officially rolled out to Android devices today. Android users worldwide can now discover new children’s shows and TV characters by cl

Chrome for Android now lets you lock your incognito session

Chrome is rolling out an update for Android users that lets them lock their incognito sessions with a password code or biometric info when they exit the app. The feature has been available for iOS use

Google to make changes to Android business terms in India after antitrust blow

Google is revising its business agreements with phonemakers and other partners in India and making a series of other changes in the South Asian market to comply with the local antitrust watchdog&#8217

Niantic tries its hand at sports with NBA All-World

Niantic, the company behind the mega-hit Pokémon GO, has reached an inflection point. Whether because of pandemic fatigue or frustration over the limitations of today’s AR tech, the Google-spaw

Shadow acquires Android emulation startup Genymobile

Shadow is making its first acquisition as it announced that it would snatch up Genymobile, the company behind Genymotion. Shadow is better known for its cloud computing service that works particularly

Twitter puts more emphasis on the bookmark feature on iOS

After promising a feature that lets you easily bookmark tweets, Twitter is now rolling it out on iOS. The new design displays the bookmark button under the expanded tweet view. Making it easier to add

India’s top court rejects Google plea to block Android antitrust ruling in major blow

Google has been dealt a significant blow in one of its key overseas markets. India’s Supreme Court on Thursday declined to block an antitrust order that requires the Android-maker to make a seri

Twitter Blue is now available on Android at the same price as iOS

A day after launching an annual subscription for Twitter Blue, the social media company has extended the paid plan to users on Android. Individuals will have to pay $11 per month if they buy the Twitt

Google’s Clock app now lets you record your own alarm sound

Google’s clock app for Android has plenty of sound options to set as an alarm. If you don’t like the default tone, you can use a song or a podcast from Spotify or YouTube Music (only if yo

India’s antitrust order will stall Android’s progress in the country, Google warns

Google has warned that growth in the use of Android in India may stall due to an antitrust order issued by the Indian antitrust watchdog last year over the U.S. company’s domination in the count

Google’s Extension SDK aims to bring latest features to older Android versions

Fragmentation has been a longstanding complaint about the Android ecosystem. Often users miss out on features of the latest Android version because they are using older devices that are no longer upda

Support King, banned by FTC, linked to new phone spying operation

A year after it was banned by the Federal Trade Commission, a notorious phone surveillance company is back in all but name, a TechCrunch investigation has found. A groundbreaking FTC order in 2021 ban

Xnspy stalkerware spied on thousands of iPhones and Android devices

A little-known phone monitoring app called Xnspy has stolen data from tens of thousands of iPhones and Android devices, the majority whose owners are unaware that their data has been compromised. Xnsp

Google’s new Pixel update brings new features like clear calling and Google One VPN

Google’s latest “feature drop” for Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch brings features like a call quality enhancement function called “Clear Calling,” free access to Google

Google is testing end-to-end encryption for group chats in the Messages app

Google said today it is testing end-to-end encryption for RCS-based group chats on its Messages app — RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. The company noted that in the coming weeks it will b

Google’s Reading Mode app helps visually impaired people read long-form content

Along with its Android update for December, Google has launched a new app called Reading Mode today. It helps people with visual imparities and dyslexia read the content on the screen — especially

Android’s December update features include accessible reading mode and sharable car keys

Google is rolling out its Android feature updates for December across phones, watches and Google TV. These updates include an accessible reader mode, a new YouTube Search widget, shareable digital car

BeReal and AI art tool Dream by WOMBO top Google Play’s list of best apps in 2022

Just a couple of days after Apple announced the best apps of 2022 in its annual App Store Awards, Google Play has now shared its own “best of” list. The company published a list of winners

Google Play streamlines policies around kids’ apps as regulations tighten

Google Play today announced a series of changes to its programs and policies around apps designed for children. The company is describing the update as an expansion of its previously launched “T
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