Android users gain nearly a dozen new features with latest update

Android users are poised to receive nearly a dozen new features in the latest release of the mobile operating system, including updates designed for smartphones, tablets, Wear OS smartwatches and even

Sunbird pauses its efforts to bring iMessage to Android amid security worries

Sunbird, which aims to bring iMessage to Android users, has halted development and pulled its app from the Play Store amid security issues raised this week. Earlier this week, the company sent a notif

Children’s tablet has malware and exposes kids’ data, researcher finds

In May this year, Alexis Hancock’s daughter got a children’s tablet for her birthday. Being a security researcher, Hancock was immediately worried. “I looked at it kind of sideways because I&#82

Android’s new real-time app scanning aims to combat malicious sideloaded apps

Android’s in-built security engine Google Play Protect has a new feature that conducts a real-time analysis of an Android app’s code and blocks it from installing the app if it’s con

Google Play’s policy update cracks down on ‘offensive’ AI apps, disruptive notifications

Google is taking aim at potentially problematic generative AI apps with a new policy, to be enforced starting early next year, that will require developers of Android applications published on its Pla

WhatsApp is launching passkey support on Android

WhatsApp is introducing support for passkeys on Android, the Meta-owned messaging service has announced. With this change, users will no longer have to deal with SMS two-factor authentication as they

Google Pixel 8 Pro: The camera’s still the thing

This is a camera upgrade. Full stop. If photos and video aren’t your primary concerns when it comes to buying a new smartphone, there’s virtually no reason to upgrade from the Pixel 7 Pro to the P

Hacked phone spyware shuts down… again

A short-lived spyware operation called Oospy, which emerged earlier this year after its predecessor Spyhide was hacked, is no longer operational and has shut down. Oospy appeared online in late July a

Google launches earthquake alerts on Android in India

Google has announced the launch of its earthquake alert system for Android devices in India. The system uses smartphone sensors such as accelerators, which can act as small seismometers to detect trem

India’s PhonePe launches app store with zero fee in challenge to Google

PhonePe launched the Indus Appstore Developer Platform on Saturday, promising zero platform fees and no commissions on in-app purchases as the Walmart-backed fintech races to win Android developers in

Reddit users on mobile can now translate posts into other languages

Reddit is giving users the ability to translate posts into other languages. There will be eight different languages available to start — including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, I

Google is changing Android branding with a 3D logo

Google is changing its mobile operating system’s branding by adopting “Android” with a capital A instead of all lowercase letters. The company is also updating the bug droid logo to

Google’s quarterly Android updates include Zoom and Webex support in cars

Google is introducing new on-the-fly updates for its Android apps, including a new Assistant widget, support for Zoom and Webex on Android Auto, and accessibility updates for the Lookup app. The new A

India warns of malware attacks targeting its Android users

India has warned its citizens of an advanced malware targeting Android users, capable of accessing sensitive data and allowing hackers control over infected devices. The Controller General of Defence

A Brazilian phone spyware was hacked and victims’ devices ‘deleted’ from server

A Portuguese-language spyware called WebDetetive has been used to compromise more than 76,000 Android phones in recent years across South America, largely in Brazil. WebDetetive is also the latest pho

YouTube tests a search feature where users hum to identify songs

YouTube announced a new experiment on Android devices that determines a song via humming — which seems like a major step up from Apple’s music recognition app Shazam. As noted on YouTube’s sup

OnePlus takes on the wet touchscreen problem

I got caught in the rain twice last week. That probably says more about my general lack of preparedness than anything, of course, but I was reminded both times how much is sucks attempting to use a we

Google’s Messages app will now use RCS by default and encrypt group chats

Google announced today it’s making its Messages by Google app more secure with improvements to RCS, or Rich Communication Services — a protocol aimed at replacing SMS that is more on par w

Google brings contextual search suggestions, trending searches and more to Chrome on mobile

Google wants you to search more, and to do that, it’s launching a number of updates to Chrome on mobile today that will, among other things, highlight potential search queries related to a page

Android will now warn about unknown Bluetooth trackers, like AirTag, traveling with you

Google today will begin to roll out a new safety feature, unknown tracker alerts, first announced at its developer event Google I/O this spring. The feature will allow Android users to be alerted auto
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