“This Is It” commemorative hard drive

Nothing like a commemorative hard disk to remember one of the greatest pop stars of all time. At least, that’s exactly what Samsung was thinking when they thought up this one. Now when people ask you what that gaudy gold contraption on your desk is, you’ll have an answer other than censored from last night.

Under the hood, you get a S2 Portable HXMU050DA, with 500 GB capacity on USB 2.0. Oh, and a DRM locked copy of This Is It. Don’t worry, you’ll also get a little voucher with the activation code you need to watch it. Heaven help you if you want to burn it to a DVD to watch anywhere other than on your computer.

I’m not completely sure if this is designed as an “Oh, here’s a free copy of this movie with your hard drive purchase” sort of thing, or a “Hey, I really want a copy of this movie. Might as well get a hard drive with it!” Either way, units will start moving on February 24th for $123 a pop.