• “This Is It” commemorative hard drive

    Nothing like a commemorative hard disk to remember one of the greatest pop stars of all time. At least, that’s exactly what Samsung was thinking when they thought up this one. Now when people ask you what that gaudy gold contraption on your desk is, you’ll have an answer other than censored from last night. Read More

  • Buffalo announces two Sony-licensed external HDDs for the PS3

    We covered a slick new external HDD presented by Buffalo Japan just a few days ago, and now the same company announced [JP] the same HD-AV2.0TU2 (pictured above) was “officially licensed” by Sony as a PS3-compatible hard disc. The HDD is joined by another model, the HD-CL500U2/SC, which also received the green light from big S. Read More

  • Buffalo Japan sells very pretty external HDD

    If you ever wanted to watch movies stored on your computer (you know, the ones you legally downloaded from the web earlier) in style, Buffalo might have the right device for you. Their HD-AV2.0TU2 [JP], an external HDD, is currently Japan-only, but the company sells a good number of external storage solutions in other countries, for example the US, too (which means this new HDD might… Read More

  • Toshiba announces world's first 1.8-inch HDD with 320GB Capacity

    Just in September this year, Toshiba proudly announced a 1.8-inch HDD with 160GB capacity, which was pretty impressive already (their new SSDs aren’t too shabby either). But today, not even two months later, Toshiba unveiled another 1.8-inch HDD with 320GB capacity [press release in English]. Read More

  • Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 NAS

    With the dollar to terabyte ratio decreasing every day, there’s no excuse for not having adequate digital storage space. The new Iomega ix2-200 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) unit makes adding storage to your home or business network about as easy as it can get. Its a very powerful, versatile unit that is quite nearly plug-and-play. Let’s take a closer look shall we? Read More

  • VHS lives: JVC announces VHS/DVD/Blu-ray recorder for Japan

    It seems VHS will never die, and this is generally welcome, as a lot of good movies aren’t still available on optical discs. In summer 2008, Panasonic released a VHS/Blu-ray combo, followed by Sharp’s Aquos BD-HDV22 that was pretty much the same thing. And today, over one year later, JVC anounced the DR-BH250 [JP], which is a VHS recorder, Blu-Ray Recorder and 250GB HDD rolled… Read More

  • Toshiba announces 1.8-inch HDD with 160GB capacity

    Just eight days have passed since Toshiba announced its new 2.5-inch HDD that boasts a 640 GB capacity, and today the same company announced another “record-breaking” HDD in Tokyo. Their new 1.8-inch PATA [press release in English] holds 160GB of data, which is the highest capacity in the industry. Read More

  • Samsung follows Toshiba with a 640GB 2.5-inch HDD

    Toshiba introduced a 2.5-inch HDD with 640 GB capacity just a few days ago, and now Samsung follows up with the Spinpoint, an internal HDD with the same capacity. Samsung says the new drive is specifically made for high-end laptops. Read More

  • Toshiba unleashes 640GB 2.5-inch HDD

    Toshiba Japan today announced a new 2.5-inch HDD whose 640GB capacity is the highest in its class. The MK6465GSX [JP] is just 9.5mm thick and weighs 102g. It’s the high-end product of Toshiba’s new MK series of HDDs, which also includes models with 160/250/320 and 500GB capacity. Read More

  • Sony Japan announces 5 new Blu-ray recorder/HDD combos

    The flood of video recording devices coming out of Japan doesn’t want to end. Today Sony unveiled five Blu-ray recorders with built-in HDDs [JP] for the Japanese market, and one of them has a 2 TB HDD. Sony says they tried to focus especially on usability and design with these machines. Read More

  • 10 times bigger: Toshiba and Hitachi shake hands to bring us next-gen HDDs

    Neither one of the companies involved have confirmed this officially so far, but the Nikkei, Japan’s biggest business publication is usually very reliable: According to that source, Hitachi and Toshiba are joining forces to take the leadership in the field of next-generation HDDs that have 10 times the memory capacity of models today. Read More

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