TomTom feels that only “Pros” need customer-focused features

TomTom released their PRO line yesterday, designed for pro on the go. The TomTom PRO 4000 ($330) and 8000 ($460) are the first to hit the market. Here is what bugs me about these two: the hardware is the same as the non-pro models, but the customer service (and software) is not.

PRO Features:
– A whopping 2 year warranty
– Menu lock option so you’re not tempted to mess with it while driving (this should be on all TomTom devices)
– Heavy duty sleeve for those of you suffering from dropsy
– Free map update in the first 12 months
– Accesses to a PRO only customer service line
– PIN lock to protect your information when other people use it

Some of these new “features” seem like items that all TomTom units should come with standard. Why the different treatment TomTom? Are us Joe-Lunchbox types not good ‘nough?

Anyway, the only difference between the two is the 8000 has premium features like IQ Routes, Voice Address Input, and Bluetooth hands-free calling. I’d advise you to get the cheap one and then complain until you get the good service.

via Navigadget