Mapbox makes another acquisition to bolster its navigation toolkits

Mapbox, the SoftBank-backed developer of mapping applications that competes with Google Maps, TomTom and Here, has acquired the intellectual property and developers behind Mapzen's Valhalla project i

Bosch to create radar road “signature” maps for high accuracy self-driving

Bosch will be teaming up with TomTom to create a new kind of high-resolution localized maps that incorporate a “radar road signature” generated by Bosch, which can help position cars in th

TomTom acquires Autonomos to beef up in self-driving technology

Navigation and mapping company TomTom — which provides data to companies like Uber and Apple as well as for its own GPS systems — has made an acquisition to add more autonomous driving tec

A circular satnav designed to blend in with a scooter

Like Garmin, TomTom’s been getting pretty aggressive with its wearable strategy. No wonder, really — it’s a space that’s seen exponential growth over the past few years, as in-car GPS syst

TomTom’s got three new fitness trackers for IFA

If you used to make in-car navigation devices, odds are pretty good you make wearables now. That’s just the way things are. Now that everyone has turn-by-turn driving directions on their phone, thos

Uber taps Foursquare’s Places data so you never have to type an address again

Foursquare and Uber have today announced a global partnership that would use Foursquare’s location data to let users type in a venue name (instead of address) when setting their destination. Ube

Uber Adds TomTom Navigation Data To Its Driver App, Not Replacing Google Maps

On-demand transportation service Uber lost out on its joint bid for Nokia’s Here mapping unit, so it’s moving ahead with putting together its own navigation, mapping and location service

TomTom Is Applying Its GPS Technology To Self-Driving Cars And Fitness Watches

GPS device maker TomTom has moved beyond turn-by-turn directions into smartwatches and embedded car software that could be used for self-driving vehicles. The portable mapping device maker announced

The Netherlands: A Look At The World’s High-Tech Startup Capital

It’s a fascinating time to take stock of startup innovation in the Netherlands, a rare turning point where you can watch the hard work of the past give way to the immense promise of the future. Behi

TomTom Cardio GPS Watch Review: Put Your Heart Rate In The Driver’s Seat

I like running, perhaps to a fault, if only because while running you basically can’t pay attention to anything else once you get up to speed so long as you’re doing it right. So basically

TomTom Cardio Sport Watches Offer GPS And Heart Rate Tracking In One Light Package

TomTom only introduced its lineup of GPS fitness watches about six months ago, but it’s already iterating on the design with a big new feature addition. The new TomTom Cardio watches, which incl

Poor Sales In India Force Maps Provider Sygic To Release Navigation App For Free

App developers are struggling to make money in India because of low credit card penetration, according to Michael Stencl, CEO of maps provider <a target="_blank" href="">Sygic</

Digital Mapping Company TomTom Launches Location-Based Platform, Portal, SDK To Drive App Licensing Revenues

TomTom has launched a location-based services platform and developer portal. The company supplies maps to some big names in the mobile space, including Apple, but is aiming to make it easier for devel

Why You All So Kiasi?

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Scott Rafer is CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Lumatic</a>, a company that believes Cities are Humanity’s Future so they must be easier to love.</em>

TomTom Outs A $50 Android Navigation App, Forgets To Make It Compatible With Popular Phones

First, the good news: There is now a full-featured TomTom navigation Android app. It features live traffic data, multi-stop routing, and a gorgeous interface. But there is a bit of bad news, too. In f

TomTom Finally Acknowledges It’s Getting Out Of Devices; Shareholders Rejoice

Time was when a GPS device was the must-have item in any self-respecting gadget-lover's gear bag. But as years wore on and smartphones began to usurp the location functions, they've grown increasingly

TomTom Discovers Apps, Puts Twitter, Yelp And More In The Go Live 1535 M PND

Ladies and germs, this is the Go Live 1535 M, <a href="">which according

TomTom Traffic Stats: Know Your Traffic Patterns (If You're In Government)

<img src="" />Some infrastructure news for your Monday afternoon. Pretend this is Civlization V. <a HREF="

TomTom Releases GPS Units Redesigned Inside And Out

TomTom is back and ready to sell its next generation of PNDs. The 4.3-inch Go 2045 TM and 5-inch Go 2505 TM are built around a new system that was developed by regularly monitoring traffic information

App review: TomTom for iPhone

<img src="" /> For the last couple of months I've been using the TomTom USA navigation app for iPhone. The big difference be
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