South Park’s Good Times in HD

While I’m never going to complain about South Park, the animated series does seem to be an odd choice for an HD download on the Xbox Live service. While typically hilarious, it isn’t exactly like the show is known for the most stunning graphics, but today fans will get to download a true classic of an episode, and possibly one of the best looking ones too. The fun-packed “Good Times With Weapons,” features the characters depicted in anime style graphics as they pretend to be the Four Ninjas. Of course any male reading this can relate to playing with throwing stars, and worrying about what your parents will do if they found out! The episode will be free for two weeks, and to help promote the Microsoft game console, Best Buy is offering a free HD DVD of the episode to anyone buying an Xbox 360 or HD DVD add-on drive from March 20th to April 3rd. Xbox Live and Comedy Central are also adding the recent uncensored episodes from season 11 on March 13th! In the words of Cartman… “holy s***!”