• Crunch Report | Boomerang Joins The Subscription Games

    It’s the 500th episode of Crunch Report. Boomerang joins the subscription games, Lincoln tries to boost sales with chauffers and Justin Kan’s new legal startup AtriumLTS. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Boomerang launches a $5 per month cartoon streaming service

    Boomerang launches a $5 per month cartoon streaming service

    Time Warner’s Turner and Warner Bros. have joined the now-crowded market of subscription-based streaming services with the launch of Boomerang, a $5 per month service that streams both classic cartoons and current series. Boomerang’s catalog will offer shows from Warner Bros.’ Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes and MGM animation library of over 5,000 titles, which includes new… Read More

  • Hugh MacLeod Comes Back With More Drawings Of The Second Day Of Disrupt

    Hugh MacLeod Comes Back With More Drawings Of The Second Day Of Disrupt

    Yesterday, famous cartoonist Hugh MacLeod started drawing all the action taking place at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. We present you the second batch of drawings. In these cartoons, you will see overheard conversations, a quote from Michael Arrington, what it feels like to be an entrepreneur at TechCrunch Disrupt and general thoughts about our industry. Check back tomorrow for… Read More

  • Hugh MacLeod Illustrates The Action Of The First Day Of Disrupt

    Hugh MacLeod Illustrates The Action Of The First Day Of Disrupt

    Famous cartoonist Hugh MacLeod will be capturing the essence of TechCrunch Disrupt by putting what is happening on stage into drawings. As MacLeod is interested in startup culture, it is a great match for the conference. In this first batch of drawings, you will see some interesting quotes from Jack Dorsey and general cartoons of disruptors taking the stage. We cannot wait to see what drawings… Read More

  • Magajin: Like deviantART For Manga With Social Translation Built In

    Say you’re looking for a picture of a cute demon or a violent little girl? And you want to talk to other people about those selfsame pictures? Where, besides the Heavy Metal Con circa 1988, can you go? Magajin [Warning: Sort of NSFW sometimes] is, in short, a sharing service for Manga lovers with a twist. Artists can upload their drawings and leave comments. The comments can be in… Read More

  • Medicated Morty is considerably calmer in the wake of the Circuit City liquidation

    Now that there’s little hope of finding a bricks and mortar deal any more, Crazy Morty has become a bit more responsible in regards to his mental heath and is seeing a professional. He has a number of things to offer at very reasonable prices and he hopes you will join him in his journey back to wellness. Read More

  • Clever tech cartoons of 2008

    Wired has a great little line-up of some favorite tech cartoons of 2008. Considering I saw some old guy texting on the highway in Ohio yesterday for almost a straight hour, weaving from side to side as he messaged his gerontologist or whatever, I think this cartoon is particularly apt. Read More

  • All Aboard the ROFLCOPTER: Bill Gates using Chrome

    Here’s a cartoon from’s Joy of Tech series. Enjoy. The Joy of Tech [] Read More

  • ReBoot returning in trilogy of feature-length films Back in 1994, I still watched Saturday morning cartoons. These days, I’m too hungover to do so and… Read More

  • Why turn everyone in your mom's 1968 high school yearbook into cartoons? Because it's there, man

    This isn’t really gadget related, no, but I appeal to everyone’s geekish and nerdly enthusiasm for a project such as “Excelsior 1968” wherein Robot Johnny’s John Martz quite simply turned over 1,000 students in his mom’s 1968 yearbook into cartoons. He’s selling the finished product for seven dollars. You can see every single page on Flickr if… Read More

  • Voltron episodes come to Xbox 360

    I was really more of a Transformers fan, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my Voltron on. They were giant transforming robots after all, even if they were lions. Fans of the ’80s show can now download episodes from the Xbox Live Marketplace to watch on their TVs. They’re in standard definition, but they’re cheap: only 160 MS points, which is about $2. Read More

  • Homestar Runner, Strong Bad WiiWare games soon

    Nice. I like it. If you’ve been aimlessly drifting about the world wide web for any substantial period of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across (and spent several hours on) — a fantastical world made of wonderful Flash cartoons starring hilarious characters. In June, we’ll see the first of five episodic WiiWare games from the “Strong… Read More

  • Family Guy 'Cleveland' spin-off in the works?

    Wow. Apparently Seth MacFarlane and company are working on a spin-off from Family Guy tentatively titled Cleveland, starring the slow-talking walking stereotype Cleveland Brown. It’s unclear whether the series would be set in Quahog and/or if Loretta, Cleveland, and Cleveland Jr. would continue to show up on Family Guy as part of the storyline. I’d hope they’d still be part… Read More

  • Funny five-minute South Park-ish gadget movie

    This five-minute animated cartoon is, for all intents and purposes, a South Park episode waiting to happen. Hell, if Trey Parker and Matt Stone were so inclined, they could just order this thing up and plop it down on Comedy Central without changing much at all. Very well done by the good people at the site. Everyone gets equal ribbing in this one; Nokia, Apple, and Microsoft. Read More

  • Women can't fly ships!

    Ignoring the crazy animation and gimpy storyline, feel free to fast forward for a bit of olde time 60s sexism. via BB Read More

  • Bender's Big Score comes out today

    Hooray! Futurama makes its triumphant return today. Be sure to go out and grab a copy of Bender’s Big Score for yourself. It won’t be much longer until the series gets back on its feet before we see new episodes next year on Comedy Central. Reruns of the cult favorite will switch from Cartoon Network to Comedy Central on 1/1/08. Oh, and the new episodes will be in HD. Stoked. Read More

  • Funny: 'Mr. C's 7 Signs That Your Kid May Be A Hacker'

    Parents, does your child display any of the traits from the following sequence of amusing cartoon drawings? If so, he or she might be a hacker. Nothing wrong with being a hacker, per se. Let’s just use those powers for good, not evil. The bigger issue here might be the patchy chin-beard consisting of two lone strands of hair. Shave ’em off, my man. Mr. C’s 7 Signs That Your… Read More

  • Futurama Makes Its Triumphant Return November 27

    I know this is neither gear or gadget, but it’s sweet nerd news and let’s face it, you people are nerds. Mark November 27 on your calendar and clear out your entire schedule because Futurama is making a return to the small screen. It won’t be joining Family Guy on FOX, though. Comedy Central will be its new home and the first four episodes will actually be released on DVD… Read More

  • Details On The Simpsons Video Game

    The boys over at Kotaku got a chance to spend quite a bit of time with the new Simpsons game that’s due out this summer from Electronic Arts. Aside from an awesome party with hilarious parodies of current video games (“Grand Theft Scratchy”, “Bartman Begins”), they say the game is very well done and includes plenty of creative input from the show’s… Read More

  • 80s Cartoons Ruled!!!

    Peep this for a blast from the past. This video totally sums up my childhood. The only intro’s missing are Voltron, Thundercats and TMNT. Enjoy… you deserve it! Read More