Case with keyboard turns iPad into a mini notebook

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The iPad’s international release is just weeks away and it divides opinion. There are those that love it, and those that remain to be convinced.

But it’s clear you’ll need a case to keep it protected. So so why not get a case with a keyboard?

That’s the concept behind the ClamCase which features a bluetooth keyboard, an iPad case, and a stand in a simple design. It is set to come out after the Summer and no price has been announced yet.

But come on, a keyboard which turns the iPad into a mini notebook? When you can buy a mini notebook for about the same price – which will have a camera, multi-tasking etc etc? This is getting slightly ridiculous…

(Hat-tip @Orli, BuzzBeast)

  • Raul Riera

    Although a great idea for some… I don’t know how I feel about adding 4X to my iPad width…

  • Dean Turney

    This makes me laugh. The ClamCase highlights what for me, as a copywriter, is one of theiPad’s major shortcomings – no keyboard. You’re right though – why would I buy an iPad and ClamCase, when I can just buy a mini notebook?

    • Harry

      This product is stupid, and as a copyrighter it’s unlikley an ipad is remotely useful to you. But describing the lack of a keyboard for the ipad as a ‘major shortcoming’ is like describing the lack of wheels a major shortcoming of a boat… duh!?

      • Dean Turney

        Harry – yes, I think boats should have wheels.
        By the way, while an iPad isn’t much use to a copywriter, it might help a copyrighter ;-)

  • pk de cville

    There are some good reasons to choose a netbook over a clamcase, but here’s why you’d choose clamcase:

    – 2 lbs, great screen, smooth, fast web access, reliability, touchscreen, vast app choice, great design, usability, porn control, dependable support and service, no malware, just works


  • Noha

    Your reasons for choosing the clamcase barely highlight anything unique about it. I mean…smooth, fast web access? Is that something most notebooks don’t have? And “just works” is such an Apple attitude, even when the the concept is absolutely ridiculous.

    • pk de cville

      ‘Just works’ is about ease of use. I don’t know another computer or handset company that has that sensibility associated with its products.

      There’s nothing extraordinary about the iPad except its initial sales volume, My guess is that there are some people who are unnerved by that, but overall, nothing extraordinary.

      Reasons for buying it are immaterial, but user experience after sale is, and I hear that many owners are having “buyer’s aha!” after purchase.

      No use arguing with sales; people are buying iPads for whatever moves them, while they’re slowing down with netbooks.

  • Pat Phelan

    finally got my one the way I like it Mike

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  • Rombo

    And if you jailbreak the iPad you can use BTstack and add a bluetooth mouse to it as well.
    Wasn’t the iPad supposed to be an upgrade to the netbook?

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  • bob

    This is a great idea because…. All the mini notebooks are basically PC. I have a daughter who needs a laptop for school. Since I’m a Mac guy I can help her with any Mac related issues. I’m an idiot with PC. I bought her an iPad for school because it was cheaper than a iBook. Now with the Clam Case she won’t have to use a separate keyboard and a flimsy iPad stand. This is Perfect! Come on guys don’t be so hard on this.

  • iPad case

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