More photos of the Lenovo ultraportable, apparently called ‘Pocket Yoga’

Pocket Yoga? Okay. Hopefully that’s just a working codename for that VAIO P-like Lenovo computer that popped up last week. More images have surfaced over on Flickr along with the “Pocket Yoga” moniker. One photo, in particular, shows the Pocket Yoga being written on with a stylus, so it seems we’re looking at a touchscreen here.

Here are some more photos:


Sort of fits in your pocket. Sort of. It reminds me of my 7th grade shop teacher’s gigantic wallet that must have given him chronic back problems.


Writing on the screen. Very nice. It’ll also likely make this machine very expensive.


An overhead shot of the keyboard. Looks like the pointer stick is in the upper right-hand corner. Can’t quite tell where the mouse buttons are located, though.


And finally, a look at some dainty hands typing.

Other than these images, other details are non-existent. The screen on the device doesn’t even give any hints as to what operating system would be used.

Lenovo Pocket Yoga [Flickr via Electronista]