Smartwatch Market Could Be A Third The Size Of The Netbook Market This Year (Maybe)

It's almost like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft have actually launched smartwatches. Except of course they haven't. But who cares! Analyst house ABI Research has been stroking its collective bea

Gartner Says Q4 PC Shipments Down 5% To 90.3M Units, HP Edges Out Lenovo, And Windows 8 Fizzles As Multiscreen Theory Fails To Materialize

If the huge profusion of mobile handsets, phablets and tablets on display at <a href="">CES</a> weren't enough of an indicator, we now have some numbers from <a target="

Remember Netbooks? Yeah, Lenovo Has Stopped Selling Them Online

Wow. Netbooks. That's a blast from the past. It's like listening to a Maroon 5 song again and going "Wait, is that from that short period when they were ostensibly good or was it from the muddy period

Asus: Netbooks Outsold Tablets Nearly 3 To 1 In 2011, Big Things In Store For 2012

Netbooks are still big business for Asustek. So much so that the hotness from 2009 outsold Asus tablets in 2011. Per numbers released at the company's global sales meeting (and <a href="http://www.dig

Finally, A Solar Powered Netbook Comes To The US

It seems like when I’m outside the US, all I see is solar-powered netbooks. Solar powered netbooks here, solar powered netbooks there. Cafes brimming with them, streets littered with them, babie

ViewSonic President: Tablets Are Replacing Netbooks. Us: Duh.

<img src=""> Alan Chang, president of the up-and-coming <a HREF="">ViewSonic</a>, recent

Why Can't Anyone Make A Popular Tablet?

<img src="" />I've been thinking a lot about the popularity of tablets and the problems manufacturers face coming up against the <a

Triple-Booting Maestro S Tablet/Netbook Includes Keyboard, Case, Kitchen Sink

<img src="" />Although the trend here in the US is towards a streamlined, single-input (i.e. finger) tablets like the iPad and

Hercules Makes A Couple Pint-Sized eCafe Netbooks Available

<img src="" />Although the <a href="">netbook </a>craze has pretty much passed over, it's easy to

Asus Eee Pad Transformer: Is It A Tablet, A Netbook? Both?

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Asus</a> has made its Eee Pad Transformer official. Never hear

Rumor: Asus To Launch $200 Chrome Netbook

<img src="" />The <a href="">netbook</a> market has more or less dried up; the little things might

LifeTouch Note: NEC Rolls Out Android Netbook

<img src="" /> First a <a href="">LifeTouch</a>-branded Android tablet, now a n

Sony Vaio Y Series Netbook Drops To 11.6 Inches

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Netbooks</a>... they still make those? I thought <a HREF="http://www.cru

Acer Aspire One Netbooks Now Available With Dual-Core CPUs, Longer Battery Lifes

<img src=""><a href="">Acer</a> clearly didn't get the memo that <a href="

Let'snote J9: Panasonic's 10.1-Inch Notebook Has An 128GB SSD On Board

<img src="" /> <a href=""

Netbook Sales Are Crashing! Quick! Blame The iPad, Not The Lousy Netbooks!

<img src="">Well what do you know? <a href="">Netbook</a> growth is so low right now that in a r

Qualcomm CEO: "Netbooks are dead." Me: "Duh."

How sweet it is to have your madness vindicated. The niche that netbooks once controlled – namely the “cheap portable computer” market – is now being filled with tablets and ne

Onkyo presents super-cute Miffy netbook

<img src="" /> Here's your chance in case you want to surprise your daughter or little sister with a geeky present: Onky

Flood of netbook models to ebb as Asus and Acer clear out inventory

<img src="" />If you were waiting on buying a netbook because they keep putting out new ones with slightly tweaked specs, now might

Video: Toshiba's AC100 Tegra netbook runs on Android 2.1

<img src="" /> Hot on the heels of the <a href="
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