Tweegee: Ya know, for the kids. No, really. It’s a kid thing.

Showing off their new website at TC50 is Tweegee, a social network and portal for kids age 8-14. Bright colors and graphics are designed to grab the attention of tweens. Beyond social networking, kids have the ability to share content and interact with other kids. A series of multiplayer games are also incorporated, giving the kids something to actually do. Additionally, kids can create their own pages to share and create a buzz as to what is important to them. In fact a couple of kids were on even on hand to tell the audience that that they liked everything about the website “soooo much”.

As Tweegee puts it: is a pioneering destination site that empowers Tweens to express themselves creatively and safely in an innovative and customized online environment.

The online platform is designed with kids in mind, and as such integrates a fair amount of safety, giving the kids a safe environment for them to use the features or to send web-based email to their friends. Rules exist from everything regarding privacy to curtailing bullying.