• From The Archives: Watch Yammer’s First Public Demo And Launch At TC50

    From The Archives: Watch Yammer’s First Public Demo And Launch At TC50

    Way back in 2008, Yammer made its first public appearance at the TechCrunch TC50 conference. David Sacks, who introduced himself as the CEO of Geni, not Yammer, gave an 8 minute demo of the new product. He finished the demo by flipping the switch and officially launched Yammer to customers. Less than 4 years later, Yammer appears close to a $1.4 billion exit and purchase by Microsoft. Read More

  • TC50 Finalist SeatGeek Closes $1 Million Series A Round, Partners With Nielsen

    Exclusive – SeatGeek, one of the finalists of TechCrunch50 2009, has raised $1 million in Series A funding led by Founder Collective and joined by NYC Seed. The funding brings SeatGeek’s total investment to over $1.5 million, and it intends to use the new capital to hire more engineers and business developers. Read More

  • TC50 Finalist DataXu Scores $11 Million More For Online Ad Bidding Platform

    Boston-based DataXu, provider of a real-time online ad bidding and optimization system, has secured $11 million in Series B funding to add to the $7.8 million in financing it raised in an earlier round (April 2009). The company, which was a finalist at last year’s edition of the TechCrunch50 conference and startup launchpad, raised the additional capital from Menlo Ventures and prior… Read More

  • Story Something Quietly Opens Up, Turns Your Kids Into Heroes

    I don’t have kids (yet), but I’d be all over this if I did … and if I were a native English speaker: TC50 finalist Story Something is cautiously opening up to the masses during the holidays – intentionally. While the service is still ‘most definitely in beta’ according to co-founder and CEO Jim Rose, it gives you a pretty good idea of what the… Read More

  • Fasten your seatbelts

    When Cnet blows the whistle on social media, via Sean Parker of Napster fame, it’s time to break out the wallet and double down on that very same “immature” social media. We’re standing at the gaping maw of the biggest gold rush in many cycles, and the refs have just called a TV time out to allow us to regroup. Certainly we’ve seen altogether way too much… Read More

  • TC50: Clixtr Launches Location-Aware Photo Sharing For The iPhone

    We’ve all been there: the classic group photo, with twelve friends side by side doing their best to look as happy as humanly possible. The first shot is easy — but wait, the guy next to you has their own camera, so it’s time for another one. And then another. Soon muscle fatigue kicks in, and those happy smiles fade into grimaces as everyone wonders why isn’t an… Read More

  • TC50: Simply Add A Social Network To Any Site With Stribe

    The idea of adding a social network to any site is a compelling one. Currently, most sites do this by creating their own networks using service like Facebook Groups and Ning. But those obviously aren’t actually your own site, they are other sites set up under your site’s name. Stribe’s goal is to move the network back onto your site. The service, opening to the public today… Read More

  • TC50: Radiusly Aims To Put Twitter In A More Professional Setting

    While Facebook continues to grow, and some companies are getting more comfortable with using it for things like Pages, LinkedIn still fills the gap for users who want a more professional setting for social networking. A new service launching in public beta today at TechCrunch50, Radiusly, wants to take the idea of Twitter and put it in more of a professional setting, as well. But unlike… Read More

  • TC50: Lissn Is A Broader Twitter Meets A Simpler Google Wave

    A lot of people use Twitter to have conversations with others, but that’s not really what it was built for. Initially, Twitter was just supposed to be a place to update what you are doing; the @reply only came around because people started using it to direct a conversation at another user. Now conversations are one of the most interesting things about Twitter, and a new startup launching… Read More

  • TC50: Threadsy, A Communications Stream To Rule Them All

    Email. Twitter. Instant Messaging. Facebook. Those are just four of the most popular ways to communicate online. And actually, the average 23-year-old has 6 different accounts that they check for messages each day. Maintaining and keeping up with that is either basically impossible, or flat-out impossible. That’s where Threadsy comes in. Launching its large beta today at TechCrunch50 as… Read More

  • TC50: Hark! Launches A Plugin To Bring Real-Time Sharing To Your Browser

    Hark, a new startup that’s launching today at TechCrunch50, is looking to help friends share media and webpages with each other with as little friction as possible. The company offers a browser plugin that makes it easy to share links with friends, as well as interact though an integrated chat room. The company says that there are plenty of link sharing apps, but when it comes to sharing… Read More

  • TC50: Find The Perfect Scene, Every Time. AnyClip Is A Search Engine For Movie Clips

    Darth Vader’s fatherly coming out. Tinanic’s King of the World moment. There Will Be Blood’s sobering lecture on milkshakes. Whether you want to poke fun at something, embellish a love note, or just prove a point, there’s probably a movie scene out there that can help you do it. People reference scenes all the time in their daily lives, and on the web it’s… Read More

  • TC50: Is A Time Machine For The Web

    One of the best things about the web — its constantly evolving, easily modifiable nature — can also be one of its most frustrating faults. Because usually when a website modifies its content, any changes overwrite what came before it, sometimes without leaving a trace of the old content., a new site launching today at TechCrunch50, is looking to solve this problem… Read More

  • TC50: Insttant Harnesses Twitter To Create A Real-Time News And Analysis Engine

    Twitter has established itself as the best place to find real time information, but anyone who has tried using its native search engine at has probably found that it leaves a lot to be desired — aside from the day’s ‘top trends’, Twitter does very little to help surface results that are worthwhile. TC50 finalist Instattant may have the answer. … Read More

  • TC50: Everyday Investors Can Help Startups "IPO" On The Sprowtt Marketplace

    TechCrunch 50 startup Sprowtt has a radical, yet potentially compelling idea launching today—the startup lets ordinary startups and small businesses conduct a “Sprowtt IPO,” which is basically similar to the traditional IPO process. Via Sprowtt, anyone can participate in the funding of companies. Potential investors log on to the site, set up a profile with detailed financial… Read More

  • TC50: Glide Health Lets Docs And Patients Access Health Records Across Mobile And Desktop Platforms

    The online medical records space is growing fast; with Microsoft, Google and others trying their hand at products that could eventually become the go-to platform for accessing health records online. TechCrunch50 startup Glide Health, which was spun off from Transmedia, is hoping to give these tech giants a run for their money with its web, desktop and mobile apps that provide a centralized… Read More

  • TC50: Have You Considered Tele-Psychiatry? Schedule A Session With BreakThrough

    Mental illness is a more common affliction in society than most people think. But, many people are embarrassed to admit and confront their mental illness. According to TechCrunch50 startup BreakThrough, one in four American adults have a mental illness but two-thirds of Americans don’t get proper treatment. BreakThrough hopes to provide an easy and private way to connect mental… Read More

  • TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    Now more than ever, personal finance education and help is crucial to anyone’s financial health., a former TechCrunch 40 company who won the top prize at the conference, has grown incredibly since its launch and was recently acquired by Intuit for $170 million. TechCrunch50 startup LearnVest is serving a different purpose when it comes to online finances; the startup focuses… Read More

  • TC50: Cocodot Is The Stylish, Prettier, More Social Evite

    Online event planning and invitation platform Evite was on the forefront of innovation—ten years ago. TechCrunch50 startup Cocodot is hoping to be the Evite of this generation of web technology, serving a style-conscious, eco-friendly event platform that people and brands can use to create an online presence for celebrations. Cocodot’s platform, which is targeted towards women, is… Read More

  • TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    For any business, from a startup to a large company, mundane, yet time-intensive tasks like transcribing video or removing spam comments from blogs, can be a waste of employee time. TechCrunch50 startup CrowdFlower CrowdFlower provides Labor as a Service (LaaS) by letting clients access an always-on, scalable workforce. Unlike traditional methods of outsourcing and hiring, CrowdFlower’s… Read More

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