People’s Liberation Army As Mobile Wallpaper

mypictr_160x1604.jpgWe can only guess what Chairman Mao would think, but he’d probably not be amused. The Xinhau News Agency is reporting that subscribers to China Unicom don’t have to settle for butterflies and kittens for their mobile wallpaper. Instead, they can rely on images from the Korean War, while also being offered downloads that include clips of the Korean War and military anthems. This is all part of this year’s celebration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army. Where does the time go when you’re oppressing a nation? The service costs about a $1 a month, proving that capitalism will always win the good fight! Take that commies!

Also, the images aren’t limited to Chinese military either. The company is offering more than 300,000 pictures of weapons and military figures in its database along with clips of movies such as the D-Day invasion and the Battle for Berlin at the end of World War II. Additionally, customers can even get military news sent directly from the Chinese Red Army’s own newspaper… not that you should believe everything you read.

[Via Mobile Entertainment]