Startup founders must overcome information overload

One of a founder's biggest early challenges is figuring out how to sift through all the advice they receive.

Extension rounds help some startups play offense during COVID-19

The venture capital world is constantly changing, and its evolution can sometimes flip pieces of conventional wisdom on their heads. For example, a recent flurry of extension rounds from Silicon Valle

Gartner: 2020 device shipments to grow 0.9% to 2.16B thanks to 5G, before 2 further years of decline

The analysts at Gartner have published their annual global device forecast, and while 2020 looks like it may be partly sunny, get ready for more showers and poor weather ahead. The analysts predict t

Gartner: 301M Smartphones Sold In Q3 As Xiaomi Muscles Into The Top 5 At Samsung’s Expense

Smartphones now account for 66% of all mobile phones worldwide and are on track to see 2014 sales of 1.2 billion units in 2014. But while Android appears to have “won” the so-called platf

Gartner: Device Shipments Break 2.4B Units In 2014, Tablets To Overtake PC Sales In 2015

The gradual decline of the PC industry, spurred on by the rapid rise of mobile computing, continues apace. Today the analysts at Gartner have published their latest forecasts for global PC, tablet, &

LeanData Raises $5.1M In Series A From Shasta Ventures To Help Customers Make Sense Of Salesforce Data

Marketeers are often struggling to sift through available customer databases and identify customer leads that can be converted into revenue opportunities. While large enterprises treat this as a big d

Nielsen: Internet Display Advertising Grew 32% In 2013, But It’s Still Only 4.5% Of Spend Vs. TV At 57.6%

<a target="_blank" href="">Nielsen</a> put out its latest figures on the state of the advertising market this morning, and Internet advertising continues to be the fastest-growin

Gartner: 2.5B PCs, Tablets And Mobiles Will Be Shipped In 2014, 1.1B Of Them On Android

As the worlds of communication and technology increasingly become mobile-first, the traditional desktop PC continues to go the way of the dodo bird. The analysts at Gartner are today <a target="_blank

Gartner: 456M Phones Sold In Q3, 55% Of Them Smartphones; Android At 82% Share, Samsung A Flat Leader

<a href="">Last year</a>, Strategy Analytics made the prediction that we may h

Akamai: Half Of All Internet Connections Now At 4Mbps+, Safari Remains Most Used Mobile Browser

The ITU has <a href="">recently published</a> figure

Despite Google’s Gains, iPhone Still Edges Out Android Devices In App And Overall Smartphone Usage, Says Forrester

Android has decisively overtaken iOS as the world's most popular smartphone platform, both in terms of <a href="">existing dev

Forrester: $2.1 Trillion Will Go Into IT Spend In 2013; Apps And The U.S. Lead The Charge

<a target="_blank" href="">Forrester Research</a> has now released its annual look at the state of IT spend globally, and the analysts project that there will be $2.06 trillion

Device Shipments Up 6% To 2.4B In 2013, Driven By Android Smartphones, Tablets Amid More PC Decline

Gartner today has <a target="_blank" href="">released</a> its latest figures charting its overall predictions for how IT devices -- from PCs to mobile handset

Apple Bagged 57% Of $12.5B In Smartphone Profits In Q1; Android 43% – Samsung 95% Share Of That, “More Than Google”

Apple continues to lead both as the single-most profitable smartphone maker, and by default the most profitable platform, taking 57% of $12.5 billion in smartphone operating profits in Q1, according t

Nearly 75% Of All Smartphones Sold In Q1 Were Android, With Samsung At 30%; Mobile Sales Overall Nearly Flat: Gartner

<a target="_blank" href="">Gartner</a> has just released its <a target="_blank" href="">Q1 figures for mobile handset sales</a>, and the

Mobile Ad Revenues Will Top $11.4 Billion In 2013, Up 19% On 2012. India, China And Display Fuelling The Boost

The growing popularity of free mobile content -- largely in the form of apps -- is having a big impact on mobile advertising, the route that many developers and publishers are taking to monetize that

LTE Phone Shipments Will Triple To 275M Units In 2013, With Amazon + Mozilla Among Those Waiting In The Wings To Pounce

We are far from global ubiquity for LTE and other 4G networks, but carriers in markets that have implemented the faster mobile data standard are seeing a boom in growth. Figures out today from <a targ

Nomophobia Attacks! Lookout Says 74% Of Users Panic Over Phone Loss; 58% Of Us Can’t Stay Away From Mobiles For More Than An Hour

The swing to smartphones and more immersive experiences using apps is having a major knock-on effect with how mobile handsets now figure in our lives. The <a target="_blank" href="https://www.mylookou

Gartner: Apple’s iPhone Stole The Smartphone Show In Q4, 2011

We’ve seen handset makers like HTC, LG and Nokia all warning of declines in smartphone sales. But if there is a slowdown affecting some, it’s not because people are not buying smartphones; it’s

How to Make Your Startup Go Viral The Pinterest Way

On Thanksgiving, Pinterest’s co-founder <a href="">Ben Silbermann</a> sent an email to his entire user base saying thanks. It was fitting, as Pinterest was born two years ag
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