Amina Tech’s SoundUnseen Plaster-In-Wall Speakers

Amina Tech’s SoundUnseen Plaster-In-Wall Speakers are high-powered vibration element flat speakers that can be plastered entirely into a wall or a ceiling, and can produce a high definition sound without any interference. The speakers not only get rid of visible wiring and room clutter, but they pack on an interesting design that makes location and listening position of the speakers very flexible.

“The speakers are designed with lightweight composite material that vibrates the same way an acoustic instrument would, allowing the speaker to recreate the diffuse source of sound energy in a less directional manner and more evenly than a conventional speaker.”

Regardless of what type of room you’re in or where the speakers are set up, they can recreate a surround sound or stereophonic sound field set up. The speakers carry a self containted engine which allow the speakers to set up tiny powerful vibrations that can transfer through any surface covering. The vibration causes air molecules to vibrate and excites them further way, sending a crystal clean sound wave into the room.

No pricing yet, stay tuned.

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