This iPod Doctor makes ‘house calls’ in NYC


Those of you who ever had a broken iPod— HREF="">how?—know what a giant pain it can be. Enter this guy, Demetrios Leontaris. The iPod Doctor, as Fortune so lovingly calls him, is the son of a Greek immigrant who grew up in New Jersey. He was always a tinker—if ifs and ands were pots and pans—so fixing broken iPods isn’t too out of the ordinary.

What’s crazy about the good doctor’s mobile fix it shop is that he makes a living doing it. There’s enough work fixing iPods in New York City for Leontaris, who’s a father of three, to support his family.

And yes, he fixes other gadgets, too, including Zunes and MacBooks.

Make sure to watch the video, as he comes across as a genuinely nice guy.

My hearts go out to all Turkish supporters this black day.