Netflix For Android App Leaked. Too Bad It Barely Works.

So close! A build of the upcoming Netflix app for Android has leaked, but there’s a small problem: it doesn’t really work. What are you gonna do?

The app, which doesn’t have an official release date (nearest I can tell), seems to have been dumped from an LG Revolution. People running other Android-based phones have been able to get it to run, but not actually work, if you appreciate the difference. It won’t stream videos—which is kinda the whole point—but you may be able to view what titles are on your queue. You may also be able to browse the store.

It looks like you’ll need Android version 2.2 or higher to run the app, which is bad news for owners of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless, considering how much Samsung and/or VZW have dragged their heels bringing official Froyo support to the phone.