Netflix to include more EVs in its TV shows and movies as part of new partnership with GM

Netflix and General Motors announced today that the streaming service will join the automaker’s “Everybody In” campaign that aims to accelerate mass adoption of electric vehicles. As

Netflix gives Premium members more download devices and spatial audio on 700+ titles

Today, Netflix announced that Premium members can now download content on more devices and use spatial audio for more than 700 titles. Both upgraded features are available at no extra cost. Premium su

Netflix lists rules and exemptions to prevent account sharing outside household

Netflix is now detailing how it aims to maintain password sharing within a household while cracking down on outside usage. The company aims to curtail account sharing this year by asking people to pay

Netflix’s ‘Kids Mystery Box’ feature now available on Android devices

After eight months, Netflix’s Kids Mystery Box feature has officially rolled out to Android devices today. Android users worldwide can now discover new children’s shows and TV characters by cl

‘One Piece’ live-action series set to arrive on Netflix this year

Netflix announced today that its “One Piece” live-action series would be available to stream sometime in 2023. The company tweeted the announcement alongside a new poster of the upcoming series. T

Valiant Hearts mobile game sequel is set to launch on Netflix Games on January 31

The mobile game Valiant Hearts: Coming Home by Ubisoft will launch exclusively on Netflix Games on January 31. The game was previously announced in September 2022, and yesterday Netflix and Ubisoft an

Netflix’s ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ is among the most nominated Oscar films

Netflix received 15 Oscar nominations this year, putting the streaming service ahead of most other media companies. Warner Bros. was close behind with 13 nominations, and Disney+ earned 12. Combined w

Netflix teams up with Bumble so users can bond over popular TV shows

Bumble is putting the phrase “Netflix and Chill?” to the test with the launch of a weekly in-app Netflix-themed question game called “Netflix Nights In” that asks users questions about a popul

Alphabet makes cuts, Twitter bans third-party clients, and Netflix’s Reed Hastings steps down

Howdy, folks! Happy Friday. While our fearless Week in Review leader Greg enjoys parental leave, I’m filling in, curating the latest on the tech news front. It was a roller coaster of a week onc

Netflix says it’s open to adding free streaming ‘FAST’ channels to grow its ads business

Netflix reported its Q4 2022 financial results yesterday, topping 230 million global subscribers, up from 223.09 million, thanks to the addition of 7.7 million subs. During the earnings call, Netflix

Netflix founder Reed Hastings steps down as co-CEO

Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings announced Thursday that he would step down after more than two decades at the company. While news of his departure comes as a shock, Hastings noted that Netfli

Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ is set to arrive on Netflix in December

“Rebel Moon,” Netflix’s highly anticipated space fantasy epic, is coming to the streamer on December 22, 2023, the company announced today, alongside a sizzle reel of over a dozen titles that ar

Netflix refreshes its iPhone app with a more fluid design

It’s not just quality content that makes a streaming service stand out amongst its competitors. Improving the user experience is still an integral part of the fight to reduce churn. On Monday, Netfl

Netflix gets livestreaming rights to SAG Awards in 2024

Netflix will continue its foray into livestreaming with a new multi-year partnership with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Beginning in 2024, the award ceremony will be broadcast live on the stre

Despite challenges, Netflix says its ad tier is doing well

In November, Netflix unveiled its long-anticipated ad-supported tier, which offers customers in select markets, including the U.S., the ability to offset the cost of a Netflix subscription by allowing

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ gets a second season

After surpassing 1.02 billion total hours viewed in the third week of its debut, Netflix’s “Wednesday” has been renewed for a second season, the company announced today. The series originally pr

Netflix vs. Hulu: Which offers better value?

As streaming services continue to hike their prices, cord-cutters have found it harder to manage their growing subscription bills. Hulu was the most recent to announce a price increase, along with Dis

Netflix branches out into fitness content with upcoming launch of Nike Training Club classes

Netflix is officially branching out into fitness content, as the company announced today that it’s going to start streaming Nike Training Club classes next week. The streaming service will relea

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ is the second most popular English-language series, with 1.02B hours viewed

The latest hit Netflix series “Wednesday,” the “Addams Family” spin-off directed by Tim Burton, has reached a milestone that only “Stranger Things” season four and “Squid Game” managed

Netflix rolls out two more mobile games, will release a Vikings: Valhalla game next year

Netflix has announced that it’s adding two more games to its service today, bringing the total number of games on the platform to 48. The streaming service has also teased some upcoming games, i
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