After Netflix says no, other app makers debate a Vision Pro launch

YouTube is following in Netflix’s footsteps as it decides not to release a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro’s upcoming launch. Like Netflix subscribers, viewers will have to go to the web br

Netflix confirms it won’t have a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro

Netflix isn’t planning on releasing a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro, nor will the company modify its iPad version to run on the headset. Instead, users will have to resort to the web versio

Netflix Games gains traction with installs up 180% year-over-year in 2023, thanks to GTA and others

Just over two years ago, Netflix announced it would enter a new business: gaming. Amid a mobile gaming market dominated by free-to-play and ad-supported business models, Netflix’s plan was to ma

Netflix considers adding in-app purchases and ads to games, report says

For two years, Netflix subscribers have been able to download tons of mobile games, all included for free with their subscription. Netflix has developed more than 75 mobile games, boasting popular IPs

Orkes forks Conductor as Netflix abandons the open source project

Netflix today announced that it is discontinuing its support for Conductor, a popular orchestration engine for microservices the streaming giant open sourced in 2016. With more than 13,000 GitHub star

Netflix gets a major win with GTA: The Trilogy coming to its mobile games roster

With a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer on the horizon, Netflix just got its hands on Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition, the company announced today. GTA: The Trilog

Netflix raises prices again after reporting strong subscriber growth

Netflix reported its third-quarter earnings and things are going great right now for the streaming giant. The company added nearly 9 million subscribers globally, which means that revenue is up. And y

Netflix’s cloud gaming service begins tests in US

Netflix is beginning to test its cloud gaming service in the U.S. after initially launching limited trials in Canada and the U.K. The service, an expansion on the company’s mobile gaming efforts

Netflix’s 6.5M India subscribers dwarfed by Prime Video and Disney, Bernstein says

Netflix has “not succeeded” in scaling up its business in India despite the global streaming giant consistently lowering the subscription costs in the country, analysts at AllianceBernstei

Indian music label Saregama in talks to acquire Pocket Aces in video push

Saregama is in talks to acquire Pocket Aces as the oldest Indian music label eyes ramping up its video ambitions.

Netflix debuts ‘Rebel Moon’ teaser, Zack Snyder’s two-part sci-fi epic

Netflix released the official teaser trailer for “Rebel Moon,” a space fantasy film directed by “Justice League” filmmaker Zack Snyder, arriving on the streaming service on December 22. Notabl

Netflix says its DVD-by-mail customers get to keep their final shipment of discs

Netflix has one final surprise for customers of its 25-year-old DVD-by-mail business (yes, it still exists!) ahead of its September 29th shutdown. They get to keep their last shipment of DVDs without

Netflix announces interactive story game for ‘Love Is Blind’ fans

Netflix just announced a new mobile game that many “Love Is Blind” fans will want to know about. Netflix Stories is an upcoming interactive fiction story game designed to let viewers experience th

Nailing subscriptions in India

A look at subscriptions in India from two angles: the consumer market and B2B SaaS.

Netflix inks deal with Ambani’s Jio to expand India presence

Netflix has inked a “first-of-its-kind” deal with Jio Platforms, India’s largest telecom operator, to bundle the streaming service with the carrier’s two pay-as-you-go plans as

Netflix’s ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ anime debuts teaser trailer and premiere date

Netflix released the official teaser trailer for the highly anticipated anime series “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off,” based on the popular “Scott Pilgrim” comic book series. “Scott Pilgrim Takes O

Netflix begins testing its games on TVs and computers in Canada and UK

Netflix announced today it will begin testing its games across more devices, including TVs and computers, in addition to mobile phones, where its games already run today. The tests will begin today in

Netflix launches a game controller app for playing games on your TV

After last fall signaling its intentions to expand into cloud gaming, Netflix today launched a new app that will soon allow subscribers to play games on their TV. The app, dubbed “Netflix Game C

Netflix is making it easier to rate its movies and shows on mobile

Netflix updated its “Thumbs Up” feature to allow subscribers using the mobile app to like or dislike shows and movies in the middle of watching them. Instead of having to go back to a TV show or m

It’s not just Netflix’s $900K AI jobs, it’s the hypocrisy

The discovery of an AI product manager role at Netflix with a pay ceiling of $900,000 sent critics of the company and entertainment industry wild yesterday. That isn’t the only such listing, and
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