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Bringing down skyscrapers’ sky-high carbon footprint with Joselyn Lai from Bedrock

Jocelyn Lai appeared on TechCrunch’s Found to discuss her company and its hopes of driving down the cost of a proven technology to address the climate crisis.

Texture makes a bid to become the world’s go-to platform of the energy transition

The startup, founded by an Arcadia alumnus, seeks to become a common data collection and sharing platform for renewable power sources like wind, solar, and batteries.

General Galactic emerges from stealth to make methane from carbon dioxide

The stealthy new startup hopes a fully integrated approach, from direct air capture to electrolysis and methane generation, will let it drive prices down for so-called e-fuels.

Building owners are often in the dark about their carbon pollution — a new algorithm could shed light on it

NZero developed a new algorithm that helps building owners estimate their carbon pollution down to the hour.

Magnus Metal wants to revamp the 4,000-year-old way metal parts are made

The startup is developing a technology it claims is as fast and energy efficient as 3D printing at a cost that can compete with sand casting.

Trellis Climate aims to bridge the ‘commercial valley of death’ for climate tech

Climate nonprofit Prime Coalition is hoping to bridge the valley with a new program, Trellis Climate.

How Found Energy went from ‘self-cannibalizing robots’ to cleaning up heavy industry

The startup is decarbonizing heavy industry using aluminum as a fuel, an approach inspired by a future mission to Europa.

Bay Bridge Ventures is raising $200M for a new climate fund, filings show

Bay Bridge Ventures' fundraising efforts come at a time when venture investors appear to be increasingly bullish on climate tech.

SOSV founder says climate investing is a ‘war effort’ as firm closes $306M fund

SOSV’s new fund makes it one of the largest pools of deep tech venture capital to be raised in recent years.

Quilt rides heat pump heat wave with hefty $33M Series A

Quilt promises its heat pump will be a sleeker design that can be installed in more places around a room than competitors’ offerings.

Kode Labs makes a bid to become the Salesforce of commercial building automation

Kode's platform allows customers to control HVAC and lighting, monitor energy use, track carbon emissions and keep an eye on water consumption.

CleanFiber wants to turn millions of tons of cardboard boxes into insulation

The startup has raised $28 million to help fund a nationwide expansion of its cardboard-based cellulose building insulation.

Voltpost wants to bring curbside EV charging to a lamppost near you

The New York City-based startup has been working on a product that retrofits existing street lampposts to enable EV charging.

Tesla risks losing its lead without an inexpensive EV

Given flagging sales of the company’s existing product line, a mass-market electric vehicle would be a welcome shot in the arm.

New U.S. ‘green bank’ aims to steer over $160B in capital into climate tech

The EPA awarded $20 billion in grants to kickstart loans and equity investing in climate technologies across the country.

Ford delays new EVs once more, showing why legacy automakers need to adopt a startup mentality

Ford is unusual in that it performs best when thinking like a startup, something it appears to have taken to heart recently, EV delays notwithstanding.

The 18 most interesting startups from YC’s Demo Day show we’re in an AI bubble

From AI-generated music and grant applications to neat new fintech applications and even some healthtech work, there was something for everyone.

Alsym wants to ‘light up homes for a billion people’ with its new battery

The battery startup has raised $78 million to bring its alternative to lithium-ion cells to everything from scooters to steel mills.

MIT tool shows climate change could cost Texans a month and a half of outdoor time by 2080

Finally, something that makes climate change relatable.

New Summit is raising a new $100 million fund to back climate tech and underrepresented fund managers

The size of the new fund suggests that it is bullish that it can convince LPs to open their wallets based its impact-focused approach.
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