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Wireless power company Emrod beams 550 W across an Airbus warehouse

The European Space Agency and Airbus teamed up with New Zealand-based startup Emrod to demonstrate a wireless power transfer system last week.

The biological theory that explains why investors are bullish on fusion

Investors are betting large amounts of money on fusion. Here's why they're so confident the technology has banished the ghosts of its past.

Moxion nails $100M Series B to replace noxious diesel generators with silent batteries

Moxion has a deal with Sunbelt Rentals to provide battery generators for construction sites, film locations, concert venues and more.

Click to install: Kopperfield’s $5M seed round seeks to speed EV charger adoption

Kopperfield hopes to make installing a charger as easy for homeowners as ordering new furniture.

Here are the industries ripe for innovation under the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act all but ensures that climate tech for buildings is likely to emerge as one of the sectors to watch in the coming years.

Want a glimpse at the Apple Watch Series 9? Look no further than the Ultra

Apple's familiar playbook suggests that the Ultra won't be the last new variant of the company's smartwatch line.

Materials startup Novoloop brings its upcycled outsole to On’s new running shoe

The partnership will help scale production of upcycled TPU, bringing the promising material into the mainstream.

The 5 most interesting startups in this IndieBio cohort

The startups in this IndieBio cohort are health-forward, with nine focusing on the health of the planet and four tackling challenges in human health.

Arcadia wants to bring carbon transparency to ESG claims with Salesforce partnership

Arcadia today announced a partnership with Salesforce to add carbon accounting to the cloud company’s Net Zero Cloud offering. 

Ideon Technologies digs up $16M Series A to use particle physics to find critical minerals

The startup’s technology promises to significantly slash some of the the time and expense of mineral exploration while also allowing mining companies to be more targeted in their extraction efforts.

Plant-based leather pushes Allbirds’ new silhouette into classier territory

The company is bringing its sustainability-informed ethos to a new style, the Pacer.

Multifamily housing has missed the solar boom. PearlX wants to fix that with $70M Series B

Energy startup hopes to bring the financial and climate benefits of solar and storage to renters.

I’ve missed this feature since OmniWeb was shuttered — Safari 16 just brought it back

Sidebar tabs aren’t a new idea, but they've been sorely lacking among modern browsers.

Our Next Energy debuts exotic new battery made from cheap, abundant metal

ONE's clever battery management system allowed the company to explore chemistries that had been otherwise ignored.

Climate tech is a hot investment in 2022 — next five years could be even hotter

There are a lot of different bets to place in the climate tech sector, but a few stand out for their early-stage potential and favorable tailwinds.

Odyssey Energy Solutions continues quest to electrify developing economies with $5.3M seed

The startup's platform enables the planning, financing, building and operating of distributed renewable energy projects in developing economies.

Smart vent startup Flair nabs $7.6M Series A to decarbonize buildings

Flair offers smart vents and thermostats that can balance heating and cooling across a home, potentially slashing energy use.

Can battery recycling help end US reliance on China?

China has long been the leader in battery supply and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act seeks to end reliance on the East Asian country and turn the U.S. into a battery powerhouse.

EV battery leases could be a boon for manufacturers, a bust for consumers

Startup automaker VinFast is planning to lease its EVs' batteries, a trial that other manufacturers are undoubtedly watching closely.

Electrification is poised to turn school buses into money-making arbitrage assets

A recent test hints at buses' massive potential to stabilize a grid that’s increasingly threatened by extreme weather.
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