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Wisconsin has quietly become a hotbed of fusion power startups. Will it last?

In the last few years, the state has become a hotbed of fusion startups. But it faces myriad challenges that could knock it from its pedestal.

Ceibo unearths $30M Series B to extract more copper out of existing mines

This Chilean startup used the side door to break into the mining industry, which is slow to adopt new technologies.

Realta Fusion lights up with $9M seed for industrial heat led by Khosla Ventures

Decarbonizing industrial heat isn't easy, but a startup thinks it can harness the power of the sun to make it happen.

Three climate technologies every investor should have in their portfolio

There’s no way to create a definitive list of climate technologies to invest in, but here are three areas that deserve a closer look.

What’s getting funded in climate tech: Managing ESG data, supplying fusion startups and removing carbon

Here’s a quick rundown of three climate tech funding rounds that caught our attention.

Many startups fail in the ‘valley of death,’ so Collaborative Fund and Wyss Institute partnered to bridge it

Many new discoveries and technologies never make it out of the lab, let alone to market. Climate tech needs that to change.

Executives say they’re committed to ESG, but data shows otherwise

When it comes to the environment, execs talk a good game, but a recent survey suggests they are backing off from their commitments.

From seed to Series A in 7 months: Why and how Odyssey Energy Solutions moved quickly

The startup's platform helps launch, build and manage distributed renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

Without Black representation in climate tech, ‘the planet will burn’

The lack of funding and dearth of DEI data suggests that the venture community writ large is overlooking a vast amount of untapped potential.

Quilt raises $9M seed round to become the Nest of heat pumps

Despite heat pumps' growing appeal, not all consumers are sold on the idea. This startup hopes to change people's minds.

VC funding of women climate tech founders is abysmal. Here’s how it could improve

Women founders have received just 6.9% of venture dollars in climate tech in Q1, according to Crunchbase, which is down from 8.9% in 2022.

Despite a rocky start, climate tech is in a good position to tackle the rest of 2023

There are plenty of possible reasons why climate tech’s sudden stumble in Q1 2023 was merely a misstep and not the beginning of a downward spiral.

Bend is taking on Brex and Ramp with a green twist and a $2.5M seed round

Like many other credit cards, Bend offers rewards, though not the usual cash back or points-based fare. Instead, it offers carbon offsets.

Former NBA star Rick Fox’s startup gets $12M pre-seed for concrete that removes CO2

If the company can keep up the pace, it stands to put a significant dent in the carbon footprint of the concrete industry.

The era of software-defined battery startups is here

The battery industry is on the cusp of a radical change, and a $10M seed round raised by Chemix shows why.

Without a single euro changing hands, Irish nonprofit is helping to reinvent the grid

This Irish startup without a bank account gives surplus wind power to those in need.

How much does your company pollute? CarbonChain gets $10M Series A to help answer that

Hardly any companies comprehensively track their emissions, but new government regulations will require it.

Why a fast-growing climate tech startup raised its second Series B in 13 months

The Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t changed the company’s business model, but it has changed its business plans.

Climate tech VC firm closes $300M fund after LPs push for broader investment opportunities

Congruent Ventures new fund bucks the trend of venture pullback, suggesting continued confidence in climate tech.

Noya pivots to embrace modular direct air capture, lands $11M Series A

The Y Combinator alumnus quickly adapted its technology after the Inflation Reduction Act changed the economics of carbon capture.
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