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Want to buy an EV or heat pump? New coin will help you defray the costs

Fintech startup Future offers a debit card that incentivizes climate-friendly purchasing behavior, and today it’s introducing a way to let people sell their own carbon credits.

Battery darling Our Next Energy lands massive $300M Series B to build gigafactory

ONE’s move into at-scale manufacturing comes as the U.S. battery industry is newly emboldened by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Toyota’s surprise executive shakeup may disappoint investors

The 66-year-old Akio Toyoda may have resigned as president, but it appears likely that he'll still be in control.

Energy transition investments hit $1.1 trillion — with a T — last year

Global investments reached parity with fossil fuels and grew at a rate that suggests the Paris Agreement is within reach.

We flush valuable nutrients down the toilet. Wasted wants to save them

The company’s first order of business is to turn the waste from port-a-potties into fertilizers for farmers.

Climate tech roundup: Food waste, wastewater and the UK’s troubled battery industry

Waste and batteries were the theme this week in climate tech. Dive in to see what happened.

Britishvolt’s bankruptcy is the death knell for the UK’s battery industry

Britishvolt could have kept the U.K. competitive, but its failure comes a decade too late.

Noon Energy brings Mars tech down to Earth with carbon-oxygen battery system

Noon Energy sucked in $28 million Series A to store excess wind and solar energy using reversible fuel cells powered by carbon dioxide.

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers’ new startup is trash

Mill emerges from stealth as a sleek, climate-friendly solution for food waste that could slash half a ton of carbon emissions per household.

Climate tech roundup: From solar to CES, this week had something for everyone

Even without a milestone fusion announcement this week, plenty happened in the climate tech world that’s worth catching up on.

US solar manufacturing gets boost with $2.5B Georgia deal

The last time the U.S. pushed for more domestic solar production, it didn't turn out so well. Here's how this time is different.

Climate benefits of killing gas stoves aren’t what you think, but the health benefits are

A U.S. federal safety regulator is considering a ban on gas stoves. It'll improve respiratory health while yielding climate benefits.

Plant-based foods investor says her focus is more on teams than taste

Lisa Feria remains bullish on the plant-based foods sector despite headwinds. Here's what she’s telling her portfolio companies in these uncertain times.

Toyota stumbled as Hyundai was stealing the successful Prius playbook

Toyota seems to have misjudged consumer and regulator sentiment. And perhaps more important, it has lost control of the narrative.

Here’s what USV plans to do in 2023 with its $200M climate fund

With so much dry powder, what are Union Square Ventures' plans for deployment?

5 promising fusion startups that aren’t unicorns — yet

A range of new fusion power companies are racing to build the supply chain for what could become a $40 trillion industry.

Some good news from this year in tech

When you think of the biggest tech stories of the year, you probably think of something like Elon Musk buying Twitter, former crypto wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX filing for bankruptcy, all the

Six 🔥 climate tech trends to watch for in 2023

With more investors looking to dip their toes in climate tech, here’s where they’re likely to put their money to work next year.

Clean energy investments may close 2022 hitting new heights, setting stage for lofty 2023

This year has been all about energy — who has it, who doesn't and how much it costs. Investors took note.

Solid Power and BMW’s R&D deal offers a sneak peek into the battery industry’s future

The battery industry is starting to resemble the pharma industry in the way it tackles R&D risk, manufacturing and commercialization.
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