Hot Lunch Bag: Thanko's USB-powered lunch box warmers

Tokyo-based crazy USB gadget maker Thanko has done it again. The company today announced [JP] not one but two “Hot Lunch Bags”, special cases that are supposed to warm up lunch boxes you brought to the office from home via USB. Thanko offered a first version of the “Hot Lunch Bag” back in winter 2008.

The company claims the heater that’s built into the bags makes it possible to constantly keep your food warm at 60 degrees Celsius. Their first updated version of the device, dubbed Super Slim, is sized at 235×130×65mm and weighs 80g. Weighing 105g, the other model, “Compact”, is sized at 210×110×120mm.

Thanko already started selling the Hot Lunch Bags in their Japanese online shop (for $25 each). If you’re interested but don’t live in this country, I suggest contacting import/export specialist (and Thanko partner) Geek Stuff 4 U.