• Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer

    Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer

    Before Apple’s Lightning cable, I never even dreamed of a life where input/output cables could be reversible. Now, however, it’s hard to go back to standard and micro USB, because I got so lazy. Soon enough, however, USB is getting a new reversible standard called “Type-C” which is around the size of microUSB, and which replaces USB 3 cables entirely, on both sides. We… Read More

  • Review: Squier By Fender Strat Guitar With USB Connection

    Review: Squier By Fender Strat Guitar With USB Connection

    The Squier Strat by Fender (or Squier by Fender Strat or however they want to name this thing) is one of the first guitars with a built-in digital signal processor. The guitar plugs right into any computer or 30-pin iOS device (Lightning cables are not yet available) so you can play directly into any sound editor including GarageBand and Logic Pro. It’s a $200 guitar that’s… Read More

  • Meet Phorce, A Smart Bag That Charges Your Gadgets And Provides Power Management Via Bluetooth

    Meet Phorce, A Smart Bag That Charges Your Gadgets And Provides Power Management Via Bluetooth

    I like gadgets, and almost out of necessity I also like bags. The Phorce, a new project hitting Kickstarter today, knows that there are many out there like me, and wants to provide a bag-based charging solution to help you keep your gadgets protected and topped off, with the added benefit of additional power management options communicated via Bluetooth to an iPhone app. Read More

  • New USB Spec Calls For Up To 100W Of Power, Thinks “Thunderbolt” Is A Cute Name

    New USB Spec Calls For Up To 100W Of Power, Thinks “Thunderbolt” Is A Cute Name

    I’m sure many of our readers have come across a situation where they’d have liked USB to carry a bit more power to their devices. Your phone or iPod, charging ever-so-slowly, or perhaps an external drive that only works on “powered” USB ports — or must be plugged into a wall socket. A wall socket, in this day and age! I ask you! Fortunately, the SuperSpeed USB… Read More

  • USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    This is a bit silly, but OK. Tokyo-based accessory maker Thanko has developed a very special gadget that’s supposed to help you fight the summer heat: a necktie clip [JP] that’s attached to a mini fan, which is powered via USB. Read More

  • Thanko Sells Underwater Video Camera Goggles

    Have you ever wanted to shoot video while you were out diving in the ocean? But using a waterproof video camera isn’t for you? Then you should consider Thanko‘s newest product, underwater video camera goggles [JP], which is waterproof to a depth of 5m. Read More

  • BG-BL01: Panasonic's Portable Solar Light Doubles As A USB Charger

    We will see more of these devices coming in the next few years, I am sure: Panasonic today announced [JP] the BG-BL01, a portable and solar-powered LED light that doubles as a charger for USB gadgets. The device is sized at just 152×104×24mm, weighs 150g, can house two AA batteries and is splash proof. Read More

  • Hot Cool Box: Thanko's USB Mini Fridge Doubles As Heater

    Do you like your beverages cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Are you one of those computer users who think it’s too cumbersome to walk to the fridge whenever you’re in need for a drink? Then the so-called USB Hot Cool Box [JP] from Thanko might be the right thing for you. Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling The USB Butt Cooler Cushion (Ver. 2)

    Temperatures neared the 40 degree Celsius mark around Tokyo over the weekend – reason enough for Thanko to start selling the so-called USB Hinyari Cushion Ver. 2 [JP], which essentially is a USB-powered cooler/cushion for your butt. The Tokyo-based crap gadget maker has offered a very similar item last summer, and apparently that cushion sold well enough to be updated this year. Read More

  • Hitachi Releases G-Connect Wireless Storage For iPad

    It’s nice to have a few hundred gigabytes in your bag and when the first guys to the wireless hard drive party, Seagate, released the Satellite, they piqued my interest by allowing those gigabytes to be streamed onto iOS devices as well as almost any laptop or cellphone. Now, however, Hitachi seems to have hit the sweet spot with their wireless drive with built-in access point and… Read More

  • This Is A Piranha Plant USB Keychain For Today's Stylish Man

    As an adult man, you have many responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is to look great. How can you look great? By carrying a USB key with exposed traces shaped to look like a Piranha Plant, that’s how. And how much does this magical product cost? $9.99. Just cheap enough for today’s man to look really classy and not force said man to skip lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet. Read More

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