• USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    This is a bit silly, but OK. Tokyo-based accessory maker Thanko has developed a very special gadget that’s supposed to help you fight the summer heat: a necktie clip [JP] that’s attached to a mini fan, which is powered via USB. Read More

  • Thanko Sells Underwater Video Camera Goggles

    Have you ever wanted to shoot video while you were out diving in the ocean? But using a waterproof video camera isn’t for you? Then you should consider Thanko‘s newest product, underwater video camera goggles [JP], which is waterproof to a depth of 5m. Read More

  • Hot Cool Box: Thanko's USB Mini Fridge Doubles As Heater

    Do you like your beverages cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Are you one of those computer users who think it’s too cumbersome to walk to the fridge whenever you’re in need for a drink? Then the so-called USB Hot Cool Box [JP] from Thanko might be the right thing for you. Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling The USB Butt Cooler Cushion (Ver. 2)

    Temperatures neared the 40 degree Celsius mark around Tokyo over the weekend – reason enough for Thanko to start selling the so-called USB Hinyari Cushion Ver. 2 [JP], which essentially is a USB-powered cooler/cushion for your butt. The Tokyo-based crap gadget maker has offered a very similar item last summer, and apparently that cushion sold well enough to be updated this year. Read More

  • Thanko Sells HD Video Camera Sunglasses

    Do you want to wear sunglasses while being able to shoot videos in a discreet way at the same time? Tokyo-based crazy gadget maker Thanko seems to think there are people who need their HD Video Camera Sunglasses [JP]. The device’s 5MP CMOS camera lets you take AVIs in 1,280×720 resolution at 30fps – handsfree. Read More

  • Fan + Umbrella = Fanbrella (Video)

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko has outdone itself yet again: the company has announced the so-called Fanbrella [JP] today, a combination of a fan and (you guessed it) an umbrella. Read More

  • The iPad Flexible Arm Lets You "Comfortably" Use Tablets In Bed

    This is either completely stupid or I am missing something major: Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko strikes again with the so-called “iPad Flexible Arm” [JP]. The idea here is to make it easier for owners to use tablets (both in a vertical and horizontal position) while lying in bed. Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Pen Shoots HD Video, Detects Motion

    Tokyo-based USB accessory maker Thanko has updated one of its coolest spy gadgets, the so-called Slim Video Pen HD [JP]. As the name suggests, it’s a pen that houses a micro camera to shoot video in HD, namely in 1,280×960 resolution (and at 30fps). Read More

  • Thanko's USB Video Necktie With Built-in Spy Camera

    It took them 1.5 years, but it’s out now: Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko finally released an update to their spy necktie [JP] with built-in micro camera. Just wear the tie (you’ll even get a fitting handkerchief and cufflinks) and press the button on the mini remote to start shooting video. Read More

  • MAME-CAM DX: Thanko's Micro HD Camera Weighs Just 14g

    Japan’s most famous maker of silly gadgets, Tokyo-based Thanko, today announced yet another micro camera, the MAME-CAM DX [JP]. The 8MP device weighs just 14g and can record video “in HD”, namely in 1,280×960 resolution and at 30fps (AVI). JPEGs can be shot with 3,264×2,448 resolution. Read More

  • Earphones + Alarm Clock = EARINALM

    What do you get when you combine earphones with an alarm clock? You get the EARINALM [JP], an invention from Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko. The idea here is to let the alarm wake you up when you fall asleep in the train listening to music, with your earphones on. Read More

  • MAME-CAM: Thanko's Cute Micro Camera

    Sometimes, just sometimes, Tokyo-based USB accessory maker Thanko announces gadgets that are not completely silly. Case in point: the so-called MAME-CAM that Thanko started listing [JP] today, a micro camera that looks cute, is fully functional and weighs just 11g. Read More

  • Thanko Sells USB-Powered Cat-Face Allergy Mask

    We haven’t covered anything coming from Tokyo-based crazy accessory maker Thanko in a while. But yesterday, the company started selling its newest super-silly USB gadget: an allergy mask [JP] that not only will make the wearer look like a “cat” (well, kind of) but also comes with a built-in mini fan (see picture below). Read More

  • Thanko's USB Ninja Gloves Warm Your Hands

    Are you suffering from cold hands while using your computer? You don’t think heated, USB-powered gloves are a dumb idea? Then Thanko’s so-called “Ninja Gloves” [JP] might be the right solution for you. Read More

  • Thanko Starts Selling Silly "Quiet Keyboard Cover"

    My last post on infamous crap gadget maker Thanko dates from September. But that doesn’t mean the Tokyo-based online store has stopped offering silly products. Take their newest idea, for example: the so-called “Quiet Keyboard Cover” [JP]. What does it do? It essentially not only protects your valuable keyboard from dust but also covers your hands. Read More

  • Video: Thanko's New Spy Watch Is Waterproof

    For reasons unknown, Tokyo-based accessory maker Thanko keeps churning out “spy” gadgets. This time we get a watch [JP] that looks quite bland from the outside but features a micro camera that can shoot both pictures and video. Another selling point is that it’s Thanko’s first spy watch that’s waterproof (IPX8 certification) – isn’t that great? Read More

  • Thanko's "USB Necktie Cooler 3"

    It took Thanko‘s star engineers over two years, but I bet the work was worth it: after showing you the USB Necktie Cooler 2 back in June 2008, the Tokyo-based USB gadget maker now presents, you guessed it, the USB Necktie Cooler 3 [JP]. The silliness just doesn’t stop, it seems. Read More

  • Thanko Sells USB Stapler

    The world’s most famous USB crap gadget maker strikes again. Tokyo-based Thanko is now offering a USB stapler [JP], which is actually just an electric stapler (it requires three AAA batteries to work) that doubles as a USB hub with four ports. That’s two problems solved with just one device. Read More

  • Bluetooth wristwatch with detachable LCD (which doubles as headset)

    Not everything Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko churns out is necessarily silly or utterly useless. The infamous company is now offering a Bluetooth wristwatch [JP] with a pretty clever concept: it allows you to detach the device’s LCD and use it as a wireless headset, for example in case you want to make calls or listen to music. Read More

  • Thanko's USB butt cooler cushion

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko is at it again. This time, the company is giving us the USB Seat Air [JP], which is nothing but a butt cooler cushion for office chairs. It’s the last Thanko product in a long line of gadgets that either cools off or heats up parts of your body. Read More

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