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  • Hot Lunch Bag: Thanko's USB-powered lunch box warmers

    Tokyo-based crazy USB gadget maker Thanko has done it again. The company today announced [JP] not one but two “Hot Lunch Bags”, special cases that are supposed to warm up lunch boxes you brought to the office from home via USB. Thanko offered a first version of the “Hot Lunch Bag” back in winter 2008. Read More

  • Hot lunch bag: Thanko now sells USB lunch box warmers

    More USB silliness from Japan-based gadget company Thanko. This time the company, which brought us things like heated USB keyboards and slippers, offers the so-called hot lunch bag [JP], a USB-powered device that’s designed like a bag and supposed to keep your food warm. It measures 140x200x90mm and will keep at 60 degrees Celsius all day. Hopefully Thanko will list this fantastic piece… Read More