• Video: Fujitsu Shows Next-Generation Color E-Paper

    Electronic paper has come a long way, but displaying content in color in a way that makes sense (refresh rate, resolution etc.) is still a problem. One of the bigger companies working on color e-papers is Fujitsu whose FLEPia is among the most advanced devices out there. The FLEPia went through several iterations since its launch in 2007, and now Fujitsu has showcased the latest version last… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic Shows Android-Powered E-Book Reader/Tablet Hybrid

    Panasonic is prepping an Android 2.2-powered e-book reader/tablet hybrid [JP] that’s specifically designed for the Japanese market. The device will offer e-books through a store set up by Rakuten, the country’s biggest e-commerce company, with the initial line-up including a total of at least 10,000 titles. Read More

  • Toshiba Develops Next-Gen CMOS Sensor For Smartphones

    Smartphone cameras have drastically improved in quality in recent years, but they’re still not good enough for you? Then Toshiba’s announcement [PDF] of a new CMOS image sensor, specifically designed for cell phones and other mobile devices, from today should be good news for you. Read More

  • Capcom Announces Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

    Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) is 15 years old, can you believe it? To commemorate the series’ 15th anniversary, Capcom announced [JP] the so-called Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box for the Japanese market today. Read More

  • Sony To Kill The MiniDisc Walkman In September

    After discontinuing the production of cassette Walkmans last year, Sony is now about to kill another one of their original inventions: the MiniDisc Walkman. And as Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting today, Sony plans to pull the plug on the production as early as this September – obviously because nobody is buying MiniDisc Walkmans anymore. Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Car Navigation System Specifically Designed For Electric Vehicles

    First an Augmented Reality-based car navigation system, now a model that’s specifically designed for electric vehicles: Pioneer has today announced [JP] the AVIC-ZH09-MEV, which doubles as a multimedia entertainment system and comes with a number of functions that are supposed to make the lives of EV drivers easier. According to Pioneer, it’s the first car navigation system of… Read More

  • Via Android 2.1: Panasonic Adds Web Browsing To Their Japanese Mini TVs

    Japan is probably one of the biggest markets for portable TVs in the world, but because the digital standard used in those devices (1Seg) has only been adopted by Japan and a few South American countries so far, I usually don’t cover new models coming out. But Panasonic’s SV-ME970, announced [JP] today, is different: it has Android 2.1 on board and lets users surf the web. Read More

  • Thanko Sells Underwater Video Camera Goggles

    Have you ever wanted to shoot video while you were out diving in the ocean? But using a waterproof video camera isn’t for you? Then you should consider Thanko‘s newest product, underwater video camera goggles [JP], which is waterproof to a depth of 5m. Read More

  • NEC Develops Next-Gen Household Power Storage System

    NEC is ready to use some of the expertise it gained by developing lithium-ion batteries for Nissan’s electric vehicles in recent years for home use: according to a report in Japanese business daily The Nikkei that was published today, that new 6kwh household power storage system will only cost around $12,300 – which is about 50% cheaper than comparable systems on sale today. Read More

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