Why wait for the Nexus One Android OTA update when you can have it now?

Patience is a virtue, but as tech fanatics who lap up the latest in hardware and software, we’ve not enirely familiar with that concept. So when we heard that it could take up to a few days for the Nexus One Android OTA update, it was a little disheartening. We want it now! And thanks to some clever folks over at Android Forums, we can get it right this moment. It just takes some simple tinkering and you should be good to go.

All it takes is a quick download and some button pushes here and there, but nothing so complicated that your average fifth-grader couldn’t do it. Here’s how you update your Nexus One:

  1. Grab the update and download it from here, or here.
  2. Put the update onto your SD card and rename it update.zip
  3. Boot your device in recovery mode by holding down the trackball and power button at the same time
  4. Go to bootloader > recovery
  5. When you see the image of the droid with triangle, press the power button and volume up
  6. Apply sdcard:update.zip
  7. It should start updating
  8. Reboot the system and you’re done!

Simple enough, right? However, if you feel uncomfortable doing all this, it’s certainly worth waiting for the OTA update instead of bricking your phone. So proceed with caution and enjoy your new multi-touch capabilities!